Chapter 232: Reincarnation War

Just as Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist was starting the fourth segment of the Star Road, the Azure Water Sect’s Patriarch, Ouyang Wentian arrived at the Hundred Battle Region.

He went to seek out the Heaven Fiend Sect’s Patriarch, Li Xietian at first notice.

“Li Xietian, withdraw your arrest warrant for our gold class direct disciple, Li Fuchen. And I shall act as if nothing has happened.” Ouyang Wentian demanded.

Li Xietian sneered, “He killed my son, Li Wuxie and has to pay blood with blood. Ouyang Wentian, you better not interfere with this matter because you cannot afford the responsibility.”

“Did you personally witness Li Fuchen killing Li Wuxue?” Ouyang Wentian asked.

Li Xietian’s expression went sluggish before he laughed out grimly, “So what if I didn’t witness it? As long as there is a suspicion, I cannot let it go. Don’t you worry, I will not kill him on the spot. I will bring him back to the Heaven Fiend Sect and personally interrogate him. If he truly didn’t do it, I will naturally not even take a single hair on his body.”

Ouyang Wentian replied, “If he enters your Heaven Fiend Sect, even if he doesn’t die, he would still have to shed a layer of skin. Li Xietian, I don’t want to continue all this nonsense with you. If you didn’t personally witness Li Fuchen killing Li Wuxue, then withdraw the arrest warrant; otherwise, our Azure Water Sect will fight fire with fire. You put out an arrest warrant for our gold class direct disciple, we will also put out an arrest warrant for Heaven Fiend Sect’s gold class direct disciple. Unless your Heaven Fiend Sect’s gold class direct disciples aren’t going to venture out.”

Li Xietian’s eyes narrowed, “Ouyang Wentian, you are intentionally making things difficult for me. Do you understand the pain of losing a son?”

“If you knew something like this was going to happen, why did you let your son out? Wouldn’t it be better to keep him inside the Heaven Fiend Sect forever?”

Hearing as such, Li Xietian had this flash of resentment and killing intent in his heart.

Indeed, he shouldn’t have allowed Li Wuxue to venture out to temper himself. So what if he lacked some combat experience or lacked some fated encounters? With Li Wuxue’s talent, even if he cultivated as per normal, he would still progress to the Heaven Realm.

But remorse was useless. Li Wuxue was dead and remorse wasn’t going to revive him.

His only thought now was to find the murderer, yet Ouyang Wentian was asking him to not put out an arrest warrant for Li Fuchen. It meant obstructing his revenge and those who obstructed his revenge had to die.

“Ouyang Wentian, we have yet to exchange moves for ten years, I wonder if your current ability is worthy enough to rival against me. You should forget about leaving today unless you have some capabilities, we might be able to discuss this at lengths.” Li Xietian didn’t even try to conceal his killing intent.

Ouyang Wentian replied, “Bring it on then. I will return to you the same set of words.”

When it was a solo fight, when had his Azure Water Sect been afraid of the Heaven Fiend Sect.

“Hmph. Heaven Fiend Asura!” With a shout, Li Xietian immediately activated the 5 star secret technique, Heaven Fiend Asura.

He who was already a Reincarnation Realm martial artist had an even more imposing qi presence after activating the Heaven Fiend Asura. The ground in the nearby vicinity began to split apart and for a moment, even the air looked distorted. Endless violent gales swept everything away, the sands and pebbles on the surface as well as rocks the size of a millstone were also swept up into the air.

At the same time, a giant shadow void appeared above Li Xietian’s head.

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That shadow void was what represented the Heaven Fiend Asura.

“Sect Origin Swords.”

Ouyang Wentian bellowed and the air surrounding had this awe-inspiring sword qi as tens of thousands of sword qi appeared in the air, forming a forest of swords.


Li Xietian slammed a palm strike towards Ouyang Wentian. The shadow void of the Heaven Fiend Asura was sent towards Ouyang Wentian along with the palm strike.

A huge palm strike coordinating with a small palm strike, which gave feeling that it would cause the void to collapse.


With a point of his sword finger, a whole patch of sword qi was launched at the Heaven Fiend Asura’s shadow void.

Boom, boom, boom, boom,…

This intense battle between the two of them wasn’t something that could be interfered with any battle skills. It was a matchup of secret technique against secret technique. Whoever could hold out would survive, while the other would perish. There wasn’t any leeway for any superficial tricks or schemes.

One hour later, Ouyang Wentian had the upper hand.

No matter how powerful the Heaven Fiend Asura was, it couldn’t withstand the Sect Origin Sword’s tens of thousands of sword qi that was slicing and slashing violently.

In the entire East Unicorn Continent, the Sect Origin Swords was one of the top ten ranked 5 star secret techniques, while the Heaven Fiend Asura wasn’t even in the top ten.

The two of them had been fighting since their youth days and during then, both their abilities were about the same level.

But since the two of them cultivated their respective sect’s 5 star secret technique, Ouyang Wentian always had the upper hand, it wasn’t an exception this time either.

Had it not been for the higher headcount of martial experts in the Heaven Fiend Sect, the Heaven Fiend Sect would be one level inferior to the Azure Water Sect in terms of solo fights.

“The Sect Origin Swords is still as formidable.” Li Xietian struggled to contain his unwillingness to resign to this fate.

The Azure Water Sect’s Sect Origin Swords was known for being unsolvable. Unless the enemy had heaven defying defenses, otherwise, there was no way to resist against it.

“Li Xietian, my apologies. It is my win again.” Ouyang Wentian stated indifferently.

Li Xietian spoke indifferently, “Ouyang Wentian, aren’t you afraid our Heaven Fiend Sect will declare war against your Azure Water Sect? What I lost was a son. Is your Azure Water Sect going to cover up this matter?”

“I am going to repeat myself. You didn’t personally witness Li Fuchen killing your son. If your Heaven Fiend Sect wants a war, then start one! Even if my Azure Water Sect is eradicated, your Heaven Fiend Sect would also lose around 70% of your combat ability. When your Heaven Fiend Sect is only left with 30% of your combat ability, I believe you will look like a fat piece of meat for the Spirit Hidden Sect.”

If it was just the Heaven Fiend Sect, the Azure Water Sect didn’t need to have any fear. What the Azure Water Sect was afraid of, was Heaven Fiend Sect working together with Spirit Hidden Sect and Violent Saber Sect. Fortunately, none of them were stupid enough to be in an alliance where there were pros and cons.

There was a saying, ‘When the rabbit died, the fox grieves’, this saying had its logic.

(TL note: The saying means that when someone similar to you dies, you would also feel a sense of loss. In this case, it means that if the Heaven Fiend Sect was going to be in an alliance with the other sects, if even one of the sects was to fall, it would still be a huge blow to them)

“Hehe. Ouyang Wentian, there will be a day that I will eradicate your Azure Water Sect.” Li Xietian took a deep breath and spoke calmly, “I will withdraw the arrest warrant, but I cannot guarantee Li Fuchen’s safety. After all, this is the Hundred Battle region which had evil monsters and all kinds of people. There might be the possibility of him being killed by others or even dying from an accident.”

“Then you better not let me find out that it was the Heaven Fiend Sect that was the mastermind. Otherwise, your Heaven Fiend Sect’s gold class disciples would have to be cautious even when they move around.”

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Ouyang Wentian ignored the threat from the opposition.

After resolving the matters regarding Li Fuchen’s arrest warrant, Ouyang Wentian left the Hundred Battle region. But he secretly gave a message to the Secret Covert Faction that was scattered all over the Hundred Battle Region, asking them to look out for Li Fuchen’s information.


Star Road Hidden Domain, Fourth Segment of the Star Road.

Li Fuchen was drenched in sweat and looked more pale than normal.

‘There shouldn’t be any problem in pushing on.’

If Li Fuchen didn’t test the limits of his potential, he would never know where his limits lied, which he had already underestimated.

He might be drenched in sweat, but he wasn’t at his limit yet. It was just like a normal human perspiring from an intensive exercise as there was still quite a way before reaching his true limits.

Finally, Li Fuchen could see where the Star Road’s fourth stage was.

Adjusting his qi presence slightly, Li FUchen stepped onto the isolated island where the fourth stage was.

Before Li Fuchen was about to step onto the fourth stage, Han Feng was already teleported out of the Star Road Hidden Domain.

He wasn’t able to withstand the third stage’s Saber of Will. This was mainly due to the defect in his heart. If there wasn’t any defect in his heart, he had a 70% chance of resisting against the Saber of Will.

One hour after Han Feng was teleported out, Xiahou Shi was also teleported out of the Star Road Hidden Domain.

He was about halfway through the fourth segment of the Star Road.

From the history of the Star Road Hidden Domain, those that could come to the fourth stage on their first attempt, were normally those that could leave their names on the first group on the Monument of Names in the third stage. Xiahou Shi who was only in the second group, so he was still slightly lacking.

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