Chapter 284: A Feisty Meeting

As she realized that there were strangers, who would probably hurt the shepherds, entering the village, it was also at that moment Ye Jian felt a sudden movement coming from her left flank. Her sharp reflexes caused her glare to freeze, and she tumbled towards the wet grass and dodged the hand that stretched from behind her.

Her reaction managed to shock J5. Isn’t this Tibetan girl too flexible!

“Show yourself!” Ye Jian rolled in the grass and then lay flat underneath a pile of mani stones. Her gaze was cold as she bellowed, “Who is it!”

Her first sentence came out unconsciously in Mandarin. The sentence that followed was in the Tibetan language that she had learned from Yang Jin. As soon as her voice flowed out, the five men hiding in the darkness stood there stunned for a moment.

That voice, it was very familiar!

Han Zheng used his mouth to shush his comrades, then said to Xia Jinyuan,  “Don’t you think she sounds very familiar? I think she sounds like your little fox. I’m not hallucinating, right? It really sounds like her.”

After a year had passed, her voice had become clearer and more powerful, but they weren’t so sure about it.

Shouldn’t Ye Jian be in Fujun town? How could she possibly even appear here? After thinking about it, they felt like it wasn’t too probable.

“I’m not too sure.” Xia Jinyuan couldn’t confirm it, so he made a hand gesture towards the five men, and all five of them started surrounding the pile of mani stones. No matter who it was, as long as they were an ordinary citizen, they would have to make sure that they were safe.

Ye Jian could feel that they were starting to surround her, and there was a hint of blood wafting from their bodies.

She was facing uphill, and downhill was the tent in question. Both of her sides were surrounded, in that case … she could only go up the mani heap, but remembering the Tibetans’ religious culture, Ye Jian gritted her teeth and decided to rush downhill towards the tent in question.

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If that happened, and the five special ops members from the Elite Platoon allowed Ye Jian, a fifteen-year-old lass to get away, then the five of them would start to doubt if they were really qualified members of the special forces.

Xia Jinyuan was the first to act. As soon as he saw a slender silhouette pop up from the shadows, he immediately tackled her. Both of his hands took hold of Ye Jian’s ankle and forcefully tripped her, causing the rushing Ye Jian to also fall onto the ground.

However, she did not fall without doing anything. Instead, she bent her arms and fell onto the wet grass in a very professional prone position.

What he grabbed was her right leg. As soon as Ye Jian started to fall, her left leg started kicking towards the ground.

After realizing that kicking wouldn’t free her, she used both of her arms to prop herself on the ground, then with a scissor-legged fighting style, she rotated her body forcefully and tried to counter-attack now with her face towards the sky.

But the opponent’s reaction also caused Ye Jian to be shocked. Her movements were swift, but her opponent’s actions were swifter. Before she was able to stand up, her ankle was grabbed again.

From a prone position to protect herself from the fall to kicking her legs, then turning over from a scissor-legged fighting style, the series of movements were smooth beyond speech. The professional ferocity emanating from her even shocked the five of them. Where did this Tibetan girl learn them?

Ye Jian kicked Xia Jinyuan’s shoulder. The force behind that kick was powerful. His shoulder was in so much pain that his muscles even twitched multiple times.

Z7 and J5 noticed the situation and quickly entered the battle, both of them attacked at the same time … and held Ye Jian from each shoulder, “Q King, suppress this little snow wolf, d*mn, Tibetan girls are certainly much fiercer and intense than Han Chinese girls. The amount of intensity, so fierce! So feisty.”

K7, who was responsible for keeping watch, swiftly said, “We’re not bad people, we’re soldiers from the military depot…”

A year had passed, and Ye Jian wasn’t the thin and weak lass she was a year ago. After the training that spanned two summer breaks and one winter break, her fitness and fighting prowess had improved far more than just one level after Principal Chen’s hellish training.

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Even if her shoulders were being held in place by two people, as long as her legs were able to move, she could still struggle.

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