Chapter 283: A Meeting in Due Time

The wind from the snowy mountains passed by, bringing along with it a faint hint of blood. This caused the five people in pursuit to have a grave look on their faces.

Here, they weren’t even 10 kilometers away. If there was a thick smell of blood, then that meant something had happened to either the murderers or the herdsmen!

And all five of their guesses were leaning toward the latter!

“Stay on guard! K7, back! J5, cover us!” Xia Jinyuan’s cold voice transmitted through the mic. He graduated from the tactical command department. Hence, compared to G3 and the rest, he was a more professional and able commander. In the past year and some months, as an all-rounder, Xia Jinyuan could also be called as the squad leader of this squad of the Snowland troopers.

Possessing a keen sense towards danger, along with his tactical commanding and his troop placement, he perfectly fused professionalism together with practice. Besides the fact that his squad was assigned this primary objective to be completed, the military headquarters also gave them another task: to carry out some confidential actions in a military construction hidden in the depths of the snowy mountains.

And this time, the murderers they were targeting were a group of people from the military construction team with ill intentions. They killed sentries, and could be classified as an elite among mercenaries!

Mercenaries killing innocent people was a common occurrence. The same thing happened all the time in other countries as well.

They followed the trace of the bloody smell and saw a herdsman’s corpse on the sharp rocky beach. His Tibetan chuba was robbed from him, so were his accessories.

Mercenaries had considerable skills in anti-reconnaissance; not only did they take off the clothes of the herdsman, they even took his hat, shoes, belt knife, and flint and steel.

“Taking on the guise of a Tibetan, then there’s a hundred percent probability of them entering the village!” Xia Jinyuan opened his military backpack, then took out a medical bandage and gently placed it on the face of the herdsman. There was no way for them to bring him back into the village so it would have to wait … until they had taken care of the mercenaries.

On another side, K7 discovered white powder floating on a few drops of blood.

He scraped some off with his military dagger, then rubbed some on his fingertips, “Sterilized crystalline sulfonamide, check the herdsman for any wounds.”

Sterilized crystalized sulfonamide, aka anti-inflammatory powder, a prescription drug used to prevent a wound from being infected.

Since the mercenaries seem to have used gunpowder from the bullets to treat the wounds, there’s a great chance that they stole the anti-inflammatory powder from the herdsman.

After making sure that the herdsman had no wounds on him, everyone did not dilly-dally for too long. In two minutes, they resumed their night march. They spotted hay thrown on both sides of the road, and there was a wheel stuck in a puddle.

The mercenaries robbed a carriage, killed the herdsman, robbed him of all the inflammatory powder that he was bringing home, and then settled the wounded person down before tossing out the extra hay. From that, the soldiers were able to deduce … the injured person held a certain position, and the mercenaries were unable to give up the injured person.

The Tibetan village didn’t have a glimmer of light since it was midnight. Occasionally, the low howls of Tibetan mastiffs’ could be heard. It was because they were guarding the peace of the village.

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Ye Jian was awoken by the barking of the mastiffs. She could determine what they were trying to convey through their barking.

Now, the barking was fierce and unsettled, that was because strangers had entered the village.

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Yang Jin was sound asleep, snoring lightly. Ye Jian, sleeping near the entrance of the tent, fumbled around in the dark and put on the Tibetan clothes Yang Jin had given her earlier. She put on her shoes, picked up her gun, and quietly walked out her tent.

The village wasn’t large, and it was also a nomadic village. The majority of the Tibetan living places were tents, with each tent separated by similar distances. After making sure which direction the Tibetan mastiffs were barking from, Ye Jian gripped her pistol tightly and also kept the dagger Yang Jin had given her in the palm of her hand.

The sounds came from the furthest ahead tent, the tent closest to what was considered the entrance. Ye Jian could barely hear a woman sounding furious.

Principal Chen had said that Tibetan families were quite united and friendly, quarrels and squabbles were few. However, Ye Jian could faintly discern that in the furious sound, there was a hint of fear … Domestic violence?

That’s not right, if it were domestic violence, then the mastiffs wouldn’t have let out those fierce barks just now.

… Wait a second! Wait a second! The Tibetan mastiffs that were barking furiously just a moment ago had stopped!

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