Chapter 282: A Chase Spanning Thousand Miles

There was a possibility of getting lost after taking a shortcut, or entering a dangerous place with falling rocks … These were just some of the possible situations that they might get themselves into.

Han Zheng looked at the map more closely and answered, “Let’s take the highway. We can’t take any shortcuts. Brothers, it’s still better to be cautious. Preferably, we’ll speed up and overtake them than try to take a shortcut.”

He was a living map; he had ingrained the satellite map into his mind. If there were any discrepancies, he would combine the map in his mind with the military map to make the most accurate decision.

Even so, they couldn’t take the shortcut because there was no possible way to defend against the unknown in the dark!

Light weapons are important for highland warfare in cold areas. This is to reduce the strain of weapons on the personnel. This was why, from the time they left and started tracking, their weapons were made of carbon fiber and stainless steel barrels, weighing no more than 178 kg when empty.

G3 swept his gun in an upwards motion, his voice was like gravel grinding against each other, “Let’s stop stalling. From the looks of it, they may have already hit the road.” He glanced back at K7, “Can you hold on? If you can’t, we’ll have J5 stay back and accompany you. The rest of us three will give chase.”

K7 was wounded and wasn’t suited for long distance tracking, but since the people they were tracking were under special circumstance, and their identities were also quite special, as the specialist in standard Tibetan among the five of them, asking questions and communicating wouldn’t be a problem with K7.

“Let’s go, if I can’t make it, then I’ll just take a break.” K7 waved his hand. In the darkness, his eyes burned with vigor, “There’s a total of seven people. They wounded six and killed three other soldiers, so there must be an ace among them.”

That was also why the Snowland troopers were deployed. To be able to kill three soldiers in a military depot and wound six others … that’s not something a normal person is capable of doing!

The country had strict training for soldiers stationed at the borders, one reason was they had to protect the borders, and the second was to ensure that they survive under all circumstances! Instead of sacrificing their lives!

Twenty kilometers of highland roads was harder than plateaus. There was a highway on no man’s land, but sharp rocks were everywhere. If they walked too urgently in their military boots, their leather soles might get penetrated, and when worse comes to worst, their feet would turn bloody.

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After chasing for around five kilometers, a few empty slugs and a few drops of blood were found near a boulder. Xia Jinyuan raised his hand, making the four others behind him to become alert. While crouching with one knee bent to rest on the ground, he picked up the empty slugs and took a look at them. He removed his glove and gently rubbed the blood smears away with his fingertips.

“556 NATO, same slugs as those found in the depot. Someone was hurt. They opened the bullet and took out nitrified gunpowder for cauterization and disinfection. They did not prepare medical supplies.”

He picked up the bullet in his hand. Xia Jinyuan’s gaze was like an eagle in the sky; sharp, cold and calm, “They’re dragging an injured person, they can’t be traveling too fast.”

“Let’s increase our pace. K7, if you don’t feel well, tell us!” G3 stowed away his carbon rifle, with the barrel pointing downwards, and he continued in a serious voice, “We have enough time to catch up. Z7, you stay with K7!”

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Xia Jinyuan and J5 gently nodded their heads. Their military boots stepped on the gravel, their slender and straight figures were as vigorous as the snow leopards in the highlands, and they began their chase while carrying a fierce aura!

The combat personnel of the Snowland troopers was not comprised of soldiers stationed in military depots. All of them had bloodied their hands. When they were deployed, it was natural for them to emit a fierce aura that would cause even wolves to withdraw.

K7’s injury was on his calf muscle. His stitches were removed not long ago, and he wasn’t suited for long distance pursuits like this, but to avenge his dead comrades, and to bring the killers to justice, no matter how much pain he was in, he had to continue onward.

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