Chapter 281: Androgynous Beauty

Although she was under the sun for the past dozen days, her inherent untannable complexion remained as white as shimmering petals of cherry blossoms. She put on the thick and gorgeous Tibetan chuba and was so beautiful that Yang Jin stared at her with eyes wide open.

She repeated the same words a few times, making Principal Chen laugh out loud, “Lass, Yang Jin says you are like a goddess who descended from heaven for a stroll; she says you look very beautiful.”

But, wasn’t she?

Her dark and slender eyebrows had no need to be drawn on, her lips were red without lipstick; her pupils were like the stars, her teeth were neat and white, and her palm-sized face had pretty features. She was naturally beautiful, akin to the beauty of the natural mountains and rivers without any intervention.

Whenever she smiled, it was like the blossoming of a rich and colorful peony flower; it was bright yet not flirtatious.

Ye Jian who had put on the folkish chuba did, indeed, look more beautiful than usual.

The thing that made others unable to shift their gazes away from her was her aura. She stood handsomely in place and carried a calming presence; however, she still had the beauty of a girl which resulted in a strong yet soft aura – an androgynous beauty.

Yang Jin smiled. She pulled Ye Jian’s hand and made her sit on the floor carpeted with pure sky-colored wool. The dexterous girl started braiding Ye Jian’s hair, then she took out a headdress that had a Tibetan characteristic for Ye Jian to put on.

Ye Jian had once seen on the news that the objects Tibetans hang on their shoulders and wear on their heads… all had a great history which cannot be measured by money alone.

When she saw Yang Jin take out the pretty headdress made of agate, Ye Jian immediately pointed to another one made of leather, meaning that she liked the other one more.

Yang Jin smiled with her lips pursed and changed to take the leather one.

On another side, Principal Chen, who was drinking green barley wine, saw it and gave Ye Jian a discreet thumbs up. She knew the goods and knew that the agate headdress was something precious, thereby choosing the leather headdress.

After the rain, the night sky became clearer after being cleaned by water and the stars revealed themselves again. This allowed the few men who were sheltering from the rain to appear out from the rocks. They wiped away the rain that splattered on their faces and looked up at the night sky filled to the brim with stars before resuming their march.

“It seems we won’t find them tonight. This is going to be quite difficult.” Xia Jinyuan said in an indifferent tone. His figure under the night sky was like a drawn-out sword, carrying a cold edge that swept across the land, “Z7, check our coordinates.”

Codenamed Z7, Han Zheng took out his military compass. After a glance, he started calculating their current location, then very quickly found their accurate location from the military map.

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He laid a small map on top of his larger map and switched on the flashlight on his helmet before muttering, “There’s a river due east, they won’t go there. It’s a dead end. Our military depot is due south, so they won’t go there, too. There’s only one way, and that’s north! There’s a nomadic village due north, if I were them, I would choose to head toward the village for the night.”

“There’s still twenty kilometers, ETA would be three to four hours. These guys have good physiques, they’ll probably make it in around three hours. No man’s land, the only place to stay would be there. Also, we’re in snow wolves’ territory, so everyone, be careful.”

J5 took off his military boots and poured the water out from the inside. He laughed, “We mustn’t get there after they’ve left; we’ll have to make it before they do. Z7, check if there are any shortcuts. We’ll be taking one of them.”

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No one opposed his suggestion, but there was a very big problem, that is because after entering no man’s land, the so-called shortcuts weren’t as easy as the shortcuts on the flatlands!

The nights in no man’s land were filled with the unknown. There are unforeseeable dangers lurking everywhere, and the mighty mountains seen during the day would emanate the feeling of terror at night, the terror close to approaching death!

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