Chapter 280: Survival Rules of the Wolf

Ye Jian who was about to fall asleep due to the rocking carriage heard his words vaguely, and she laughed, “Even then, that would only be possible if there weren’t any communication barriers. I am completely … unable to understand the Tibetan language, so this communication exchange will be quite difficult.”

She couldn’t understand the Tibetan language, and the natives of Tibet, especially the Tibetans that are over 30 years old, couldn’t understand their language.

Previously, it was still better when they were nearer to the border, but now as they have entered deep into Tibetan territory, Mandarin ended up becoming another foreign language in the Tibetans’ ears. Ultimately, she had relied on Principal Chen to communicate with them.

“We’ll be staying here for around a week, little lass Jian. You continue memorizing the “Survival Rules of the Wolf” that I have taught you! As long as you fight with your inner wildness and have a competitive spirit, nothing is impossible to accomplish.”

The year when Principal Chen came here, it was during the time when there was turmoil at the borders between the two countries, and it was also when the livelihood of the natives was at the most unstable state. That was why the first requirement for soldiers who were deployed there was to learn standard Tibetan in under a month!

Learning the Tibetan language in one month, that was something a normal person would feel like it is definitely an impossible task! Some Han Chinese people had stayed in the area for more than a year, yet not even they could grasp it.

But for soldiers, there were no impossible missions. If they were ordered to learn and grasp the language in one month, regardless of how daunting it was, they must complete it.

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If they couldn’t? Simple, punishment in accordance with the military law!

Principle Chen learned the language in under a month, while Ye Jian was only in Tibet for a dozen or so days, and they will leave in another dozen more. Although he did not ask her to learn it, since Ye Jian herself mentioned that there was a language barrier, she would overcome it by herself.

In “Survival Rules of the Wolf”, one must first know their needs and gain the requisite skills or things for that need.

Sharpen your fangs and claws, and obtain superb survival skills as well as a strong physique through practice; those are the preconditions required to acquire something!

Communication is also a survival skill; since she realized the troubles it had brought her, then she would have to grasp their language and destroy the barrier in order to communicate with the Tibetans.

Ye Jian immediately realized then and there, there was a ready-made teacher by her side, but it had never crossed her mind!

“My house is in front, warm milk and fragrant beef jerky are available, along with mutton we can never finish. There’s no need to hold back if you’ve anything you want to eat!” The age of the herdsmen was similar to Principal Chen’s, but they look around 10 years older than him. This had lots to do with the local environment.

Principal Chen replied with a guffaw, “And the strongest alcohol!”

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His words instantly ignited the zeal of the herdsmen around him because he was the first Han Chinese person who they have met that traveled into no man’s land and spoke out his desire to drink the strongest alcohol!

It’s important to know that the most dangerous thing for Han Chinese people who live on the plains was altitude sickness, and that was also why drinking alcohol was absolutely prohibited.

The long waves of laughter from the carriage never stopped. It traveled who knows how many miles after being carried by the evening gust.

The temperature of no man’s land during July can be classified as neither hot nor cold. However, since it was the rainy season around this time, rain showers come and go during the day and also during the night.

Suddenly, the rain showered without warning. One moment ago, the stars were shining brightly overhead, the next, rain was pouring down from the heavens. For the Tibetans, this was nothing unusual, but for Ye Jian, although she had been here for so many days, she was yet to get acclimatized to this weird occurrence.

The rain splattered on the tents, causing the temperature to go down fast. Ye Jian put on thick clothes marked with Tibetan characteristics, and at that moment, the Han Chinese girl had transformed into a Tibetan girl.

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