Chapter 279: Training on the Snowfield Plateau

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The day Ye Jian knew she received the notice letter happened to be the day before Gao Yiyang left for Australia.

To him, she was of that much significance, but to Ye Jian … he was merely another schoolmate, not even considered as a friend.

The entire village knew that only Ye Ying was interested in Gao Yiyang, and on the day before he left, she even phoned him to try to salvage his impression of her, but only to receive Gao Yiyang’s cold attitude in return.

It was at this moment Ye Ying learned that not everyone could forgive her mistakes. Even if Gao Yiyang used to really like her before, he wouldn’t lower his standards and take the initiative to get to know her again.

Ye Ying, upon hanging up the phone, seemingly went mad with rage. She threw all her clothes in the cupboard onto the floor, the bed … No longer did she screech and rage as she did in the past, but instead became gloomy and vented her frustration through silent means.

“Ye Jian! Ye Jian!!” With every thrown piece of clothing, it symbolized her hate towards Ye Jian. Each piece was visualized as Ye Jian at her disposal for her to vent her anger.

After every instance of rage, she would calm down a lot. Coupled with the fact that Ye Zifan didn’t hesitate to spend large amounts of money to send her to the province to attend various forms of training to vastly improve her temperament, it allowed Ye Ying, who was about to become a first-year high school student, to appear as elegant as a water lotus.

While she was being nurtured into a person of high caliber in the South, Ye Jian was in the North engaging in dangerous and gruelling training.

Ye Jian never knew that one’s potential could be so endless, and even more so that after the summer break ended, her will would have been trained to be as hard as steel.

From the South to the North, after crossing a large half of the Motherland and arriving at the plateau with herds of wild horse, Ye Jian, who had been here for less than 10 days felt a sense of exhaustion that drained everything from her, both physically and emotionally.

Climbing onto the herder’s carriage, Ye Jian stumbled onto the thick hay, her entire body sprawled as she lay, so fatigued that she wasn’t even able to lift a finger.

Principal Chen elatedly interacted with the herders, his fluency in Tibetan dialect made it seem as though he had returned to his hometown.

The moment he entered the Tibetan area he seemed completely different, almost like … a local Tibetan!

Ye Jian couldn’t understand this ethnic language that made it seem as though she was living in heaven, and only knew she wanted to rest so much, but her mind remained extremely excited.

Because, in today’s confrontation, her gunning was faster than Principal Chen by about two seconds, hitting the target.

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This was just the first dynamic training, and she was already a faster marksperson than Principal Chen! No matter how fatigued she was, she was overjoyed.

The Tibetan territory in July was incredibly beautiful; lush green grass, snowy mountains, and the blue sky to go with it in the day. In the night, there was the starry sky with each star shining at its brightest; it was as though they were jewels that could be plucked straight out of the sky.

When it was getting dark, the herders started singing songs, their voices loud and high-spirited. Despite its simple tune that she couldn’t comprehend, she could still feel their enthusiasm towards life and hear their joy.

In order to avoid causing unnecessary trouble, Ye Jian and Principal Chen would disassemble and keep their rifles in their bags after training, and would only carry a handgun with 12 bullets. From the South to the North, not a single bullet was fired.

“Little lass Jian, we can sleep in tents tonight.” Ahead, Principal Chen, who seemed to forget all about her in his interaction with the herder, laughed and turned his head before going on, “You’ll be sleeping with Uncle Ci Zha’s daughter Yang Jin. You’re both about the same age, so you can interact with her.”

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