Chapter 278: The People in That One Year

Sun Dongqing waved the notice letter in her hand and declared with an enormous smile plastered across her face, “In the end, our Ying Ying with consistent grades has managed to make it into Provincial High.”

“Mum, stop harping on it.” Ye Ying seemed displeased. She reached for the notice letter in her hand, folded it, and placed it back into the envelope before saying to Uncle Gen, “Grandpa Gen, my mum’s words may not sound pleasant, but she means well and is rather concerned over whether my elder sister was able to continue school.”

Uncle Gen looked at Ye Ying, who was starting to get conceited, but said boldly without any concern, “Not bad either, Provincial Capital High, just the school she wished for.”

“Provincial Capital High’s not bad. Although it isn’t as good as the one I got into, but it shouldn’t matter where my elder sister studies at with her intellect.” Ye Ying felt immense relief. She really didn’t want to be in the same school as Ye Jian!

It was because Ye Jian knew too many things about her. If word were to leak out in high school, her high school life would become the same as her middle school!

Upon hearing this, Sun Dongqing held back her happiness and pretended to seem concerned as she sighed, “At least she made it. Provincial Capital High is Provincial Capital High, she’ll just have to work a bit harder to get into a university in the future. At least now, I’ll be able to face that elder sister of mine and tell her about the news.”  

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To be able to brazenly claim all the credit, it was no surprise that Sun Dongqing was capable of doing that.

There was another boy from the village who got into the same school as Ye Jian. Upon hearing that he got into the same school as her, he ecstatically exclaimed, “That’s great, we can return to the village together in the future. It won’t be scary coming back to the village as a pair.”

“That’s true but too bad for my Ying Ying; she’ll have to stay in the school hostel for all the three years in high school.” No matter what others said, Sun Dongqing was always able to naturally bring the topic back to her daughter, and praise her a little while doing so.

There was a figure at the courtyard entrance. After listening quietly for a while, and seeing that the people in the courtyard were preparing to leave, he lowered his head to look at the high school notes in his hand. Soon after, he turned and left without the knowledge of anyone inside the courtyard.

Coincidentally, Ye Ying turned and seemed to have spotted a familiar figure pass by the courtyard entrance. She froze in her steps. There was a faint glimmer in her eyes as she wondered if she was mistaken.

However, that pause didn’t last long as she darted out in pursuit. When she was outside, there wasn’t anyone except for the sound of the bell from a passing bicycle.

The mailman who delivered the notices smiled and asked the boy behind him, “Weren’t you going to find a schoolmate? Not there?”

“Yep, not at home.” Gao Yiyang, who was supposed to have gone to Australia, can be considered a young adult. Although he had a cold expression, he still gave off a refined impression, “Uncle, you can just drop me at the car up ahead, there’s someone in the car waiting for me.”

Hey, to have a private car at such a young age … Looking at the make of the car, the mailman took a few more glimpses at it. This car … was an expensive one; long and large, and on it, there was a leopard? A tiger? It was simply unclear.

Gao Yiyang would be leaving for Australia in three days, and he brought along a pile of high school study materials. Upon hearing from Uncle Gen that Ye Jian wasn’t going to be back for around 10 more days, he knew he was never going to see Ye Jian this time.

Those eyes, which stared out of the car window, carried immense disappointment. At the same time, his indifferent expression caused the driver not to dare ask him anything.

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Gao Yiyang, bringing along with him immense regret as he left for the airplane in the capital, was possibly going to reside permanently in Australia. Or maybe, he could return to China to cultivate himself after completing his education. However, he knew well in his heart that in the future … he would never again see the persistent girl who was able to provide others the chance to survive in times of danger.

He would forever admire her, and she would forever remain in his heart.

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