Chapter 350: War With Kunlun!

“This time, Limitless Palace is angered. Even those elders of Limitless Palace have started to make their moves!”

“Such an outstanding disciple got killed by Kunlun, how can they not be angered? Turns out, this is then the grand battle. This time, Kunlun is going to suffer from a calamity.”

“That’s right! Limitless Palace was a secluded sect. From their cultivation, you would be able to see the Limitless Palace elders possesses the same cultivation as the ancestor of Kunlun. If a war were to happen, Kunlun Sect Master wouldn’t even have the qualifications to join in. If Limitless Palace were to call their ancestor out, what kind of realm would that be? Could it be Crossing Tribulation Realm? Or even loose immortal? It’s already terrifying just by the thought of this.”

“That’s to say Kunlun had gotten themselves into big troubles?”

“Naturally. Look! They are about to fight it out. Truly anticipating!” A lot of them looked over to Yunxiao Peak excitedly. Limitless Palace Sect Master, as well as their elders, had already flown over.

“Yuan Yangzi! Your Kunlun actually dares to act so shamelessly. You had clearly lost the challenge yet you chose not to acknowledge it. You even dare to kill my Limitless Palace disciple. Today, you better hand over Cheng Yu’s wife. Otherwise, get ready to see your Kunlun be drowned in blood!” Qing Yuanzi brought along all the other Elders to the Yunxiao Peak as he spoke to Yuan Yangzi.

“Sect Master Qing Yuan! Cheng Yu assaulted our Yunxiao Main Hall. That’s a disrespect to our Kunlun Ancestors. We have the qualifications to kill him. As for whether we had kidnapped his wife, that’s just complete nonsense. You people are clearly insulting my Kunlun! Are your Limitless Palace also so unreasonable, using your strength to bully others?” Yuan Yangzi saw a lot of Great Ascension Realm expert had started exerting pressure on them. Immediately, he felt his heart trembling and somewhat unable to breathe. The other grand elder beside him had released his aura as he spoke.

Now that the situation had escalated to such a situation, their Kunlun would never acknowledge it. If everyone were to know that their Kunlun had really gone to the secular world to kidnap a hostage, they would certainly be criticized by everyone.

“Haha! Good! Guang Ning, that’s to say you people are never gonna admit your doing even for death! Then don’t blame us for making a move!” Qing Yuanzi laughed coldly. This Kunlun was truly too shameless. Even to this point, they still chose to deny all relations to it. Worst still, they actually pushed the blame back to them, saying they were the one creating trouble without any reason.

“Qing Yuanzi! You dare!” Guang Ning face had turned grim. The other party had too many experts with them and their side only had four Great Ascension Realm expert. However, the other side had seven of them. This was clearly not a match!

“Yin Yang Umbrella!” Qing Yuanzi didn’t continue quarreling with her. A black-white umbrella suddenly flew out. Once it opened up, it started revolving rapidly. A huge taiji diagram immediately appeared before everyone as it suppressed down.

Whoosh! When Guang Ning saw this, a scepter flew out as he blocked the Taiji diagram.

From this point on, it was the commencement of the war. The elders surrounding Qing Yuanzi had also started to find opponents to fight against. The other party had a lesser amount of people. Thus, there was not a need for them to bully them yet. Three of the elders stayed behind to continue exerting pressure, preparing to help out anytime.

Momentarily, Kunlun Yunxiao peak had turned into a big battlefield. Yuan Yangzi and others were terrified to death. Such level of battle was not something they could participate in.

A few Kunlun elders felt the atmosphere becoming too stifling. They looked at each other, preparing to leave the scene.

Bang! Just when they had walked for a few steps, a palm mirage shot over, giving them a fright.

“Dream on leaving! You guys better not move. Otherwise, don’t blame me for bullying my juniors.” Qing Yuanzi stared at the few of them before laughing coldly.

“Senior Qing Yuan, aren’t you people a bit too much!” Elder Qing voiced out his indignant.

“Haha! Too much? You should know it better than anybody else! You guys better not provoke me. Otherwise, I might really do something overboard!” Qing Yuanzi narrowed his eyes.

“You……” Elder Qing stared at the other party but was unable to find any words to reply. Because he was able to feel the killing intent in the other party eyes. The other party was a Middle Stage Great Ascension Realm expert while he had just advanced into the Unification Realm.

In the cultivation world, majority of them were just ordinary beings. Fighting against someone with higher cultivation realm was not doable by everyone. Especially like Cheng Yu who was able to fight against people multiple cultivation stage above him. Fortunately, he was dead. Otherwise, just how abnormal he was, they might no longer be able to kill them after a few years later.

“Qing Xu, are you really trying to wage war between the 2 sects?” When he saw his side belonged to the weaker side, so much that even their sect masters were within the control of the other party, Guang Ning was somewhat angered.

“You killed my disciple and you still wish to be let off so easily? Today, I’m going to let your Kunlun pay a huge price!” Qing Xu could not dispel the thoughts of his beloved disciple dying off so easily. He must obtain fairness for Cheng Yu.

As his teacher, never had there been a day he did the duty and responsibility of a teacher. Now that he had to bear witness of Cheng Yu death, he was still unable to do anything for him!

The only thing he was able to do now was to take revenge for Cheng Yu and also to save his wife.

“Junior Brothers, Kunlun is shameless and cunning. Since they had killed my disciple, there is not a need for us to talk reasons with them. Come over and help me subdue this fellow!” Qing Xu spoke over to the few Junior Brothers who were still exerting pressure.

He knew that just relying on his strength, it was impossible for him to eliminate a similar Middle Stage Great Ascension Realm expert alone. However, he still had to get revenge for Cheng Yu. Therefore, he ignored those righteous etiquettes. If he weren’t able to kill Guang Ning, it would be hard to appease his anger.

“You dare!” Guang Ning was alarmed. He had fought Qing Xu for so long and had never gained any battle advantage. Now that a few more Junior Brothers were to join in, would he still have an opportunity to strikes back?

“Good! I had long gotten impatient. All Junior Brothers, today we shall make a mess out of Kunlun.” Qing Yuanzi spoke in the excitement in Yunxiao Peak.

These old freaks hardly head out of the sect and would rarely fight. During young when they head out to train, they had never once fought with Kunlun.

Actually, not only them. Even the other Sect were also doing so. Just like Shushan and Kunlun, Tianshan and Cangling. They would often get into conflict with each other.

Regardless of how friendly both sect were, they were still 2 separate entities. It was normal for them to be in the alliance but still harbor different objectives.

When they were young, their elders were still around. Since their positions were low, the restriction placed on them were unofficially high. There were lots of things that they weren’t able to do even if they wish to.

Now, the elders had either ascended or in seclusion and they had become the elders of the sect. However, they were still unable to do what they wish to because they needed to think of the sect interest.

However, Kunlun had truly stepped above them for today’s matters. Their stilled heart had finally been ignited once more. Since Kunlun wishes for a battle, they should grant them the wish.

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Striking Kunlun was a responsibility of theirs now. The trio immediately went forward to welcome him, encircling Guang Ning in the process.

“Sword Mirage Taking Form!” With a helper, the pressure on Qing Xu had been alleviated by a lot. With a yell, he cloned himself numerous times before slashing back at Guang Ning.

Uh Huh! While facing 3 other Middle Stage Great Ascension Expert, Guang Ning got anxious. Being struck by Qing Xu sword, he groaned as he got injured.

“Layers of Sword Mirage!” The 3 Great Ascension Realm expert attacks were extremely astonishing. Immediately, Guang Ning was no longer able to resist their attack, receiving continual injuries.

“Qing Xu! You people are too shameless. You actually join hands to deal with me!” Guang Ning was struck to the point of vomiting blood as he groaned in wrath.

“So what if I’m being shameless? You, a Middle Stage Great Ascension Realm actually make a move to kill my disciple. Aren’t you being shameless as well? Today, I’m going to take revenge for my disciple!” Qing Xu howled.

“Limitless Black Sun Three Immortal Formation! Junior Brothers, I shall owe you guys a favor today. Assist me in killing him!” The killing intent Qing Xu had for Guang Ning were abnormally dense.

Guang Ning was alarmed. Was he going to die here today? Was he really wrong in killing Cheng Yu off? No matter what, when he saw the trio aura grew even more intense, Guang Ning was truly frightened.

Although the trio had hardly join hand together, they didn’t seem to feel unaccustomed to it. Under the unceasing attack of the trio, Guang Ning felt into a more and more precarious situation. It seemed like at any point in time, he might fall into extreme danger.

Yuan Yangzi and the others had long terrified to the point of turning pale. Guang Ning was one of their Kunlun few experts. If he were to die, the losses Kunlun going to suffer would be extraordinarily big.

At this very moment, he truly wished to head over to the back mountain to seek help. However, the two loose immortals he had, one wouldn’t be able to come out because he had just triggered the heavenly tribulation a few days ago while the other one had long gone into seclusion to prepare for another heavenly tribulation. The current Yuan Yangzi had gotten anxious to the point of an ant being in the hotpot.

The other few Great Ascension experts from Kunlun might not be any better. However, they only had one opponent. Thus, they were somewhat able to handle them. Only Guang Ning was the most tragic. He alone was facing three other Great Ascension expert.

Qing Yuanzi and Qing Xuanzi were both in satisfaction. Bullying a Middle Stage Great Ascension Realm was something they had never done before. However, they knew that their eldest senior brother had truly gotten angry. The care he had for Cheng Yu was something they were able to tell.

Although Guang Ning was being tragically beaten up, the trio didn’t show any signs of pitying him. It was because he truly deserved death. Regardless of whether he did kill Cheng Yu or not, they never had any favorable impression of Kunlun people.

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“Wa! So this is Middle Stage Great Ascension Realm expert! This aura, it would be able to dissipate us in a punch!” When they saw all the Great Ascension Realm had started fighting chaotically in the Yunxiao Peak, those who never once saw Great Ascension Realm expert making a move cried out in astonishment.

“Haha! Kunlun is truly lacking! In terms of experts, regardless of it being numbers or strength, they are completely not Limitless Palace opponent. No wonder Limitless Palace was able to surpass the ten great sects, becoming a secluded sect.” When they saw Kunlun people were all in the downwind, they sighed.

“That’s of course. Otherwise, why would they have Cheng Yu, such an outstanding disciple? However, the grand elder that killed Cheng Yu was truly tragic. He was actually being besieged by 3 similar realm experts. This fight….. Eh! In the future, it’s better for me to remain low-key!” When they saw how tragic Guang Ning was, a lot of them was excited while some lamented.

Pu! Guang Ning was once again sent flying off by a sword slash. He vomited a few mouths of blood before falling to the ground.

“Stop!” Just when Qing Xu was about to finish Guang Ning off to take revenge for Cheng Yu, an aged voice reminiscent out, stopping Qing Xu.

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