Chapter 10: Not Blood Related

Gu Huai Jiang and Yu Fu’s talk of something Immortals Valley, and something shifu8shifumaster/teacher, training, and whatnot made Qi An and Qi Ting both confused.

Wasn’t Yu Fu Guai Huai Jiang’s illegitimate daughter on the outside?

How did she also become the Immortals Valley God of Medicine’s disciple?

Rumor has it, that God of Medicine Xun Chi’s medical skills were superb, able to make white bones grow flesh and revive the dead.

Yu Fu was so young, how could she be his disciple?

The grandfather and grandchild pair glanced at one another, both not understanding the meaning behind this, and outside, clear rhythmic sounds of approaching footsteps already sounded.

This sound was very familiar. Only the military lineage born Gu Jiu Ge5Gu Jiu GeGu family second son and such was able to march this resolutely resoundingly.

Hearing from far away, it sounded like a piece of melody.

Yu Fu seemingly heard too, and stretched her head out to look outside.

Gu Jie Ge entered through hanging screen. His figure was tall and elegant, walking in slow and deliberate steps, with smile stuck on the corner of his mouth.

Gu Han Mo6Gu Han MoGu family third son still had a face covered in cold frost, just like as if he would never smile.

Yu Fu glanced towards the back, seeing Gu Wen Qing4Gu Wen QingGu family fourth son smilingly walking in, and immediately pounced over.

“Fourth brother!”

Gu Xiang2Gu XiangGu family fifth son and Gu Yi3Gu YiGu family sixth son who were walking behind Gu Wen Qing, upon seeing this, heartached like getting cut by a knife.

“Yu Fu, since you hugged fourth brother, do you want to give me a hug too? Look at my butt, it’s all because of you that I endured ten beatings with the military rod.”

Gu Yi said as he turned around and stuck out his butt. Gu Xiang hurriedly pushed his butt back down.

“Ah! Hurts!”

Gu Yi cried out and was just about to yell at Gu Xiang, asking why he pushed his butt, when he suddenly saw Gu Xiang giving him a look.

Then did he finally notice, Gu Huai Jiang looking at him very disapprovingly, very much with the intention of giving him another ten beatings with the rod.

He could only obediently stand still on the spot.

Yu Fu thought for a moment, then went up and gave Gu Xiang a hug. Gu Xiang who got hugged was overwhelmed by the sudden favor.

He quietly glanced at Gu Huai Jiang’s face, and seeing him not get angry, finally reached out and hugged Yu Fu back.

Unfortunately, Yu Fu was too short, her head only reaching his chest, so he could only hug up to Yu Fu’s neck.

Fu Yu got up and made a face at Gu Yi.

“Fourth brother took me to eat lunch, fifth brother gave me snacks. You dirtied by little flower bun, I’m not going to give you a hug!”

As she spoke, she even made pouting sounds, making even Gu Jiu Ge can’t help but laugh.

He suddenly felt somewhat regretful.

If he’d known, he would’ve taken Yu Fu to go eat, and not ask her who her mother was.

Now great, the one Yu Fu liked the most wasn’t him…….

This realization made Gu Jiu Ge very disheartened.

Gu Han Mo still had a cold face, but he flitted Gu Jiu Ge a glance and suddenly hooked the corner of his mouth.

“Among us six brothers of the Marquis Manor, it has always been second brother that’s most liked by girls, but Yu Fu likes fourth brother the most. Second brother must be very hurt.”

‘Life is hard enough as it is, don’t rub it in’, these words, could it be that Gu Han Mo didn’t understand?

The corner of Gu Jiu Ge’s brow twitched.

He was born good-looking and was used to winning the favors of girls. There has still never been a girl that didn’t fall for him.

Who knew that today, he would get laughed at by Gu Han Mo, this unapproachable ice face.

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He sarcastically retorted, “Third brother isn’t liked by girls anyways, this bit is still the same.”

Gu Han Mo’s cold face instantly turned awkward.

While these two brothers were whispering to one another here, on Yu Fu and Gu Yi’s side, the two were also intensely arguing. Yet, Gu Wei Qing and Gu Xiang who were in the middle carried a cheerful expression on their faces.

Getting hugged by Yu Fu was just like directly running into a lump of cloud, soft and fluffy.

Taking a bit, one would discover that it was actually sweet cotton candy.

If everyday they can get hugged by Yu Fu, how beautiful would life be!

No wonder Gu Yi wanted to live together with Yu Fu, and for this, even got punished by Gu Huai Jiang with the military rod.

“Alright, alright, all of you have a seat at the table. I have some important matters to announce to you all.”

Gu Huai Jiang smilingly watched Yu Fu and Gu Yi make noise, feeling this was precisely the kind of warm scene he and his wife had wanted in the past.

They only had sons at home, if there was a little daughter, the atmosphere definitely would’ve been completely different……….

Sure enough, the usual solemn meal time atmosphere, with Yu Fu present, instantly lightened up.

Everyone although all didn’t talk, their faces all carried a smile, waiting for Gu Huai Jiang to announce the important matters.

Gu Jiu Gu was more interested in Yu Fu’s mother’s current whereabouts.

If she really was Gu Huai Jiang’s outside mistress, then she should be brought back and given a yiniang title, so as to take care of his everyday life.

In the vast Eastern Ling, where was there a man like Gu Huai Jiang, who has reached the highest official position, widowed for many years, unwilling to remarry, and didn’t even have a single concubine?

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Gu Huai Jiang cleared his throat.

“I’ve already told you all today, from now on, Yu Fu will be your younger sister. In the future, she is the manor’s seventh miss, my foster daughter in name, do you all understand?”

Foster daughter in name, then what was she in actuality?

The part everyone wanted to hear the most, Gu Huai Jiang instead didn’t say.

Gu Xiang and Gu Yi were both still young in age, seeing Gu Huai Jiang seemingly not planning explaining Yu Fu’s origins, impatiently scratched their ears.

During the day, they’d asked Yu Fu once before too. Yu Fu only said she came from the Immortals Valley, and her mother got lost.

But to force Gu Huai Jiang to say it, they didn’t dare either, and could only cast their gazes towards Gu Jiu Ge.

Eldest brother wasn’t here, so he was the eldest among the young masters at the moment. If one has to ask, then it should be him asking.

Getting stared at by several burning gazes, Gu Jiu Ge had no choice but to look towards Gu Huai Jiang.

“Father, we all want to know, what is Yu Fu’s real identity? If she really is of father’s blood, asking father to please tell us clearly.”

Fu Yu’s eyes were currently staring at a pair of phoenix tail butterfly shrimp. Hearing Gu Jiu Ge’s words, she laughed out with a ‘pfft’.

She although didn’t say anything, the smiling expression in her eyes, everyone all understood.

Turns out she wasn’t really of Gu Huai Jiang’s blood.

Everyone all couldn’t help feeling somewhat disappointed

Gu Huai Jiang glanced at Yu Fu.

He originally wanted to give everyone a misconception, letting them feel that Yu Fu was his illegitimate daughter.

After all, a non-blood related foster daughter, and an actually blood-related foster daughter, were worlds apart.

He didn’t want others to slight Yu Fu because of this.

Gu Huai Jiang swept a glance at everyone, his gaze turning solemn.

“Yu Fu although isn’t of my blood, she is still my life-saver. She is the god of medicine Xun Chi’s disciple. This time at the borders, during a battle with Western Kun, I got struck with a poison arrow. It was Yu Fu who saved my life. Although there is no blood relations, but if I’m to find out that you all don’t treat her as a younger sister because of this, I absolutely won’t forgive easily!”

Everyone quickly lowered their heads responded with yes.

The smile on Gu Jiu Ge’s face grew stronger and glanced towards Gu Xiang and Gu Yi, seeing them both in high spirits too.

Actually, Yu Fu not being their actual biological younger sister seemed a little more fun.

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