Chapter 11: Madly Stuffing Gold and Sliver

After dinner, Yu Fu returned to the Western Wing, sitting cross legged together with Lan Yao on the coach, whispering to one another.

“Princess, princ——“

“Sh! What princess, no princess, this place is Eastern Ling, you better not shout the wrong things!”

Yu Fu hurriedly interrupted Lan Yao’s words, stretching out her little head to look outside. Fortunately, Qi Ting said she was going to draw hot water for her bath and still haven’t returned yet.

Lan Yao lowered her head and let out an ‘oh’. Her round little face was very serious.

“Then Prin…….Miss, why did you follow Marquis Gu to the imperial capital then? The medicine god just wanted to let you head to the farming village at the foot of the mountain to hide for ten days to half a month. Once those scouts that came leave, you can return to the valley. Who knew that you’d actually get taken away by the Eastern Ling soldiers. After the medicine god heard, he was very angry!”

Using the word ‘angry’ completely wasn’t enough to describe Xun Chi’s fury.

At the time, he was clearly grinding his teeth and stamping his foot, nearly ruining his own white gown and long sleeves. And afterwards, pointed to the heavens and swore to the sun, saying he was going to poison that bunch of blind Eastern Ling soldiers to death.

(T/N: Just imagine Xun Chi as a salty and doting grandpa to Yu Fu——I think it’s rumored that he’s older than the grandfather of the current Emperor, so an ancient fossil.)

He’d secretly sent people to come get Yu Fu, but Yu Fu instead said she temporarily won’t go back and wanted to be Gu Huai Jiang’s daughter, taking a trip to Eastern Ling’s imperial capital.

After Xun Chi heard this news, he cried like he was mourning for his deceased parents, and after he finished crying, he hastily had Yao Lan sent to Eastern Ling.

He knew Yu Fu didn’t have the ability to take care of herself, so when she’d left the valley, he’d specially told her to take along many gold and silver. That way, her days will be a little better.

Yu Fu stuck out her tongue.

“It’s still not safe at the foot of the mountain. Those people have been investigating for this many years, yet wasn’t able to get any results. This time, they definitely won’t give up easily. I don’t want to involve master, so it’s best to hide far far away.”

Yao Lan nodded her head, half-understanding.

“So when Marquis Gu wanted to let people assume you’re his illegitimate daughter, you deliberately objected, also because you’re afraid of involving Marquis Gu?”

Yu Fu originally was playing with her little pigtails by her ears. Hearing these words, she turned her head and earnestly used her eyes to point to the decorations in the Western Wing.

“Look at how good the great general treats me! Although he’s repaying me for saving his life, I’m still unwilling to involve him, so it’s best to draw the lines clearly.”

Besides, even if she didn’t have the identity of Gu Huai Jiang’s illegitimate daughter, just based on those treasures and valuables she brought out from Immortals Valley, it was still more than enough for her to live her days.

Yao Lan somewhat heartachingly looked to Yu Fu.

She was still really young and her birth was noble, yet she understood how to think for others.

Really hard for one to not like her.

She suddenly smiled and took off her outer coat.

“Miss, don’t worry, if you don’t have enough, I still have more here!”

She removed her outer coat and shook it. The silver and gold ingots rolled out from the pockets and filled the couch, making Yu Fu dumbstruck at the sight.

“This much, could this also be………”

Yao Lan firmly nodded.

Aside from the medicine god Xun Chi, who else would be this high-handed, daring to stuff two little girls full of gold and silver?

“Miss, time to wash up.”

Qi Ting just happened to walk in at this time. She carried a large basin in her hands, and rolling hot steam emitted from the basin.

Upon seeing Yao Lan and Yu Fu sitting together on the couch, displeasure appeared in her eyes.

A girl from the wilderness actually daring to sit together with the master on the couch, really lacking in manners!

So what if she was a veteran servant by Yu Fu’s side?

Based on background and seniority, she, Qi Ting, was the first rank servant girl of Western Wing, alright! Others all needed to stand back!

“Yao Lan, since you’ve come to our Marquis Manor as a servant, then you should abide by our Marquis Manor’s rules. Our rules here are different from that something valley. Servant girls can’t sit on the couch together with their master, do you understand?”

Qi Ting wrung the handkerchief from the basin and handed it to Yu Fu,  as she casted sidelong glances at Yao Lan, her tone high and condescending.

Yu Fu placed the handkerchief to her face, but feeling it slightly scalding, she thus brought it down.

“Big sister Qi, Yao Lan only serves in my room. It’s fine as long as her etiquette is good outside. It doesn’t need to be that uptight here at my place. Not just Yao Lan, but big sister you too.”

Yu Fu persuaded with a smile, then placed the handkerchief to her face again.

She grew up in the Immortals Valley since she was small and didn’t pay close attention to rules. Towards Yao Lan, she didn’t regard her as a servant either.

But rather like a friend, playing together and studying together.

Towards Qi Ting, she also expressed this kindness, but the latter rather didn’t feel grateful, and even began lecturing Yu Fu.

“Miss Yu Fu, you grew up in the wilderness since small, and also isn’t of our marquis’s bloodline, presumably no one has taught you rules before, right? No worries, right now, marquis has taken you in to be his daughter and has also let me come serve you. I will slowly teach you the rules. Yao Lan naturally also have to abide by these rules too.”

The tone she spoke in was no longer that respectful as before.

Yao Lan heard the thorns in her words and discontentedly retorted, “What are you saying? Are you criticizing our miss is a mannerless countryside peasant? Don’t you know miss is…is……..”

She couldn’t expose Yu Fu’s true identity; she was so angry she couldn’t continue speaking.

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Yet Qi Ting became increasingly smug.

Wasn’t she merely some medicine god’s disciple, what’s so great about that?

In front of the imperial capital’s one and only Marquis Manor, she was still just a countryside girl.

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“How could I dare criticize miss? Miss is miss after all, I’m saying you lack manners. In the future, you can’t be this wanton.”

Qi Ting smugly lifted her chin.

“My father is someone in charge of the manor, and my grandfather is an old steward who’s served in the manor for decades. The rules in the manor, I understand better than anyone, so in the future, I will properly teach you and also Miss Yu Fu.”

She impatiently showed off her own status, wanting to let Yu Fu become aware of her special status.

After all, how much Gu Huai Jiang respects Qi An, this old steward, Fu Yu saw with her own eyes, so she should know her place.

Before Yu Fu could say anything, she suddenly heard outside the door a man’s mocking voice sounding.

“Since you understand the rules of the manor the most, then why don’t you tell me, showing off own’s status in front of the master is which rule?”

Qi Ting turned to look, seeing Gu Jiu Ge5Gu Jiu GeGu family second son walking in, scaring her to hurriedly kneel.

Yu Fu saw him wearing a loose spring garments, his head of beautiful hair casually tied up, appearing like he’d just finished bathing, carrying himself in a languid manner.

A pair of phoenix eyes narrowed and glanced at the three in the room, smiling but not smiling.

As he approached, a wave of faint flower fragrance washed over, precisely the smell of bath beans.

“Second brother.”

She properly greeted him, just she still was somewhat not used to the bow for Eastern Ling girls, so she only just straightly stood there, staring back at him with her head tilted.

That pair of glistening large eyes made he unable to hold back his smile.

Qi Ting kneeled on the ground and hurriedly explained, “Second young master misunderstood. This servant wasn’t showing off in front of Miss Yu Fu. It’s Yao Lan, this girl, that’s lacking in manners too much. This servant worried that she might make our Marquis Manor lose face, thus lectured her.”

Yao Lan’s round face flushed red, like a large apple.

She pointed to Qi Ting, “You clearly, seeing that Miss isn’t of the great general’s bloodline, thus look down on her. Yet you still don’t dare to admit!”

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