Chapter 105: News

Xiao Zi Xuan brought servants to Ling Luo’s study room and frowned when she saw the people guarding it: “The heir has not come out yet?”

“Greeting the heiress, the heir has not come out.”

“All of you can retreat, this heiress will come in.” Xiao Zi Xuan waved her hand to let them know to retreat.

The two guards looked at each other and blocked Xiao Zi Xuan: “Please forgive us, heiress, but the heir told us to not let anyone in.”

“Presumptuous!” Xiao Zi Xuan’s face became cold and the gaze she used to stare at the two guards carried anger.

In this family, aside from the Marquis and Marquess, who should she fear? Even the Marquess had to give her face because her father was King Xiao.

Ling Luo who was in the study heard the noise outside and disgust flashed across his eyes. He kept the picture and rose up.

“Why are you creating ruckus here?”

Once Xiao Zi Xuan heard Ling Luo’s voice, she felt wronged: “Husband, I only heard that there are new dishes in Heaven Fortune Pavilion so I wanted to call you out to taste them together.”

“I understand. Go wait for me outside. I will go once I change my clothes.” Ling Luo furrowed his brows, wanting to reject, but after seeing the anticipation in Xiao Zi Xuan’s eyes, he then conceded.

A smile finally bloomed on Xiao Zi Xuan’s face: “I know. I will wait for you outside.”

Ling Luo hummed and seeing Xiao Zi Xuan leaving, he then helplessly sighed. One step wrong and he could not go back anymore.

After going back to his room and changing his clothes, Ling Luo accompanied Xiao Zi Xuan to Heaven Fortune Pavilion.

Shopkeeper Qian saw Ling Luo and his face carried a smile: “Greeting Heir Ling and the Heiress.”

“Give us a quiet room.” Ling Luo faintly commanded.

“This way please.”

Ling Luo followed the servant upstairs and when Xiao Zi Xuan saw the people in the hall, she couldn’t help but frown.

Following Ling Luo to the room, Xiao Zi Xuan complained once they got there: “There is so many people in Heaven Fortune Pavilion and there are even some suspicious people!”

“Zi Xuan, don’t say things like this again. ”Ling Luo glanced at Xiao Zi Xuan and coldly admonished.

Others may not know, but how could he not know? The man behind this Heaven Fortune Pavilion was the royal family’s King Qi, Xiao Qi Tian.

The people who could dine here was also rich and influential. If she said this, then it will only attract trouble.

Xiao Zi Xuan wanted to refute but seeing Ling Luo’s unhappy gaze, she could only obediently nod her head: “I know.”


He then turned to servant and spoke.

“Give us your best dishes and a few jugs of wine.”

“Forgive me, heir. The apricot flower wine, plum blossom wine, pure brew wine, and green bamboo wine had been sold out.” the servant helplessly answered.

Ling Luo who was originally lazy, once he heard the servant’s words, widened his eyes: “Did you just say that the wines here had been sold out?”

The servant was feeling awkward and scratched his head. He was a bit afraid seeing Ling Luo like this while Ling Luo was hurrying him: “Speak.”

The servant was a smart one and gathering himself up, he said: “Plum blossom wine, apricot flower wine, pure brew wine, and the green bamboo wine are gone.”

Ling Luo sat on his chair. Plum blossom wine? It must be her. These wines must be the ones she brew.

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She was that outstanding. She would brew any wine she wanted.

She was a famous international wine master. Won’t the thing she got in contact with the most be wine?

Xiao Zi Xuan saw the change in expression of Ling Luo and her heart was unsettled: “Husband, what is it? Are you alright?”

The emotions that wanted to burst from Ling Luo, when hearing Xiao Zi Xuan’s words, were like doused by a bucket of cold water. The coldness traveled from head to toe. This kind of feeling made him feel uncomfortable.

“I am fine.” Ling Luo smiled and turned to the servant: “Are there any other wine?”

“Yes. There are a few jugs just ready.”

“Bring them all.”


Once the servant boy left, Ling Luo’s eyes were in a daze. Xiao Zi Xian who was beside him saw Ling Luo like this and her face turned dark and scary.

When had she saw Ling Luo like this before? Why did he change only because of the names of a few jugs of wine?

What was the relationship between him and the wine? One by one, questions appeared in her mind, making Xiao Zi Xuan confused.

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