Chapter 351: Kunlun Grand Ancestor!

“Stop!” Being besieged by Guang Xu three brothers, Guang Ning had been inflicted with grave injuries very quickly. Just when Guang Ning fell to the ground and Qing Xu was about to eliminate him to take revenge for Cheng Yu, an aged voice reminiscent out. Subsequently, an extremely terrifying pressure assaulted down from the sky, obstructing Qing Xu’s attack.

“Loose Immortal?” Sensing the person who had just arrived, it was a loose immortal mirage. However, this person was not Cultivator Guang Dao.

“Martial Uncle! Save me!” When Guang Ning saw the mirage, he was elated.

“Martial Uncle! Grand Ancestor!” It was at this moment, Kunlun disciples greeted the mirage politely.

“Martial Uncle? Grand Ancestor?” Qing Xu was shocked. Could this fellow be Ling Xiao? When Qing Xu was young, Ling Xiao name had already been famously known throughout the cultivation world.

However, he didn’t manage to pass the tribulation to become an immortal. Unexpectedly, he would bump into Ling Xiao today. This spells troubles.

“All of you these worthless disciples! Have you been managing Kunlun like this after I have handed it over to you? Who are those people? Has my Kunlun degenerated to the point of being everyone’s public enemy? There are actually so many people here to assault my Kunlun! What exactly is going on here?” Ling Xiao had secluded himself for hundred over years so as to prepare himself for another tribulation try.

Now that he had exited out from his seclusion, he saw all the mountain peaks were filled with other sect members. Furthermore, the other party had already assaulted their Yunxiao Peak. Even a few of his martial nephew had gotten injured with one of them almost dying. Could Kunlun had possibly done something wrong, becoming the cultivation world enemy?

Looking at this scene, Ling Xiao was instantly angered.

“Please calm your anger, Grand Ancestor. The situation is not as you thought out to be. Today, Kunlun had organized a crashing of sect gate challenge. These people are just audiences!” When they saw Ling Xiao had turned angry, all of Kunlun members kept quiet due to fear, not daring to even make any noises. As Kunlun Sect Master, Yuan Yangzi had no choice but to come forth to explain himself.

“Crashing of sect gate? Could they be the challengers? Perhaps because I had secluded myself for hundred over years, had the regulations of the cultivation world been changed? They actually allowed so many Great Ascension Realm experts to crash the sect gate?” When Ling Xiao heard that those people were just audiences and were not here to assault Kunlun, his complexion turned somewhat better.

But when he saw there were actually 7 Great Ascension Realm experts here, Ling Xiao voiced out his doubts. Although there had hardly been any Great Ascension Realm cultivators who would crash the sect gate, it didn’t mean that there were none. However, he had never once heard a group of Great Ascension Realm expert crashing the sect gate together. Is this even crashing of sect gate?! This was basically an invasion, attacking of the enemy!

“This……” Yuan Yangzi had no idea how to reply momentarily. Does he have to tell Ling Xiao that they had killed Qing Xu disciple, thus, causing them to assault Kunlun?

“I believe senior should be Senior Ling Xiao. I’m Limitless Palace Sect Master Qing Yuanzi. Today, we weren’t here to provoke Kunlun and not to attack Kunlun.” Qing Yuanzi stood out and spoke.

“Yang Zhen is your teacher?” Ling Xiao was able to tell they were from the Limitless Palace because they were all don in Limitless Palace gown. However, he doesn’t recognize any of those Limitless Palace juniors.

“Indeed, he’s my teacher!” Qing Yuanzi replied respectfully. After all, the other party was a rank higher than him in terms of seniority. More importantly, the other party was a loose immortal.

“En. Then you shall tell me what is going on here? No matter what the reason is, my Kunlun is still not weak to the point of being bullied around. Since you had already assault to my Yunxiao Peak, is Limitless Palace bullying my Kunlun because there were no experts around?” Ling Xiao threatened.

“Senior. Limitless Palace did not have such intentions. It was your Kunlun who had provoked us first. They captured my Martial Nephew wife and forced him to accept Kunlun’s crashing the sect gate challenge. Ultimately, my Martial Nephew had won the challenge but your Kunlun chose not to acknowledge their loss. Contrary, they killed my Martial Nephew. Senior, you are Kunlun senior, I request you to return Limitless Palace our justice!” Qing Yuanzi spoke.

“Is there such a matter?” Ling Xiao stared at Yuan Yangzi and yelled.

“Grand Ancestor… This…” When Yuan Yangzi saw Ling Xiao’s stern glare, his mind shuddered and somewhat panicked.

“Martial Uncle, this matter isn’t like what he said. Cheng Yu had not only humiliated my Kunlun, he even made a move to assault our Yunxiao Main Hall! I have the authority to kill him!” When Guang Ning saw Yuan Yangzi panicking, he quickly replied for him.
After all, it was he who killed Cheng Yu. If Ling Xiao were to truly believe Qing Yuanzi words and punish him, it would be troublesome.

“But you people had clearly lost yet you chose not to acknowledge the loss. You even captured his wife and chose not to release her. Contrary, you shame my disciple as someone who had cultivated in demonic arts. He was just in the Golden Core Realm yet you a Great Ascension Realm expert actually made a move against him! Don’t tell me you don’t dare to admit to these?” Qing Xu was no longer able to control his impulse.

If it wasn’t because Ling Xiao had made a move himself, Guang Ning would have long died and he would already have taken revenge for Cheng Yu. But now that Ling Xiao was around, it was no longer possible for him to get rid of Guang Ning. This caused him to be extremely angry.

“I……” Guang Ning wanted to rebuke but he had no idea how to. Killing Cheng Yu was due to his selfishness. After all, Cheng Yu was too abnormal. If such a person were to fully mature, it would only bring disaster to Kunlun.

“Is what they said real?” Ling Xiao yelled. Although he was a loose immortal, possessing terrifying strength, it was still impossible for him to make a move. If this were to be made known to the cultivation world, their Kunlun would no longer be able to maintain here any longer. Limitless Palace does not only have these few Great Ascension Realm, but they also had a few loose immortals around.

Besides, his current situation was special. He was about to go through his tribulation again. He couldn’t make a move randomly. Otherwise, he would have to wait for another hundred years. He didn’t wish to make Kunlun and Limitless Palace relationship into a mess. Otherwise, once he had ascended, Kunlun might be slaughtered at any point in time. Then, it would truly not be worth it.

“Grand Ancestor…… The matter isn’t like that!” Guang Ning voiced out, hoping to explain himself.

“You shut up! Yuan Yangzi, explain! You better speak with me in honesty. Is what they said real? Did you really kidnapped that person wife!” Ling Xiao shouted at Guang Ning before pointing at Yuan Yangzi and spoke.

“This… I… Grand Ancestor, this matter isn’t so simple!” Yuan Yangzi replied with fear.

“You only need to tell me if what they said is real!” Ling Xiao shouted out coldly.

“Yes!” Yuan Yangzi swept his gaze past everyone before looking back at Ling Xiao eyes. He clenched his teeth and replied.

“Good! Very good! Unexpectedly, my Kunlun had actually fostered out you these vile disciples. You actually dare to do such a disgraceful thing. Are you trying to let Kunlun be destroyed in your hands?” When Ling Xiao saw Yuan Yangzi had nodded in acknowledgment, he was furious!

“Please calm your anger, Grand Ancestor!” Kunlun members were all frightened to the point of kneeling to the ground.

Ling Xiao complexion was extremely ugly. Kunlun disciple actions had caused him to be extremely disappointed. But it was similarly so when he saw Limitless Palace people had actually fought their way into the Yunxiao Peak.

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If he had not exited out from his seclusion today, it was unknown to how many Kunlun disciples would have been injured. Perhaps, if he were to exit out any later, Kunlun would no longer exist. Thinking of this, Ling Xiao got even more discontented with Limitless Palace.

But as Kunlun current supreme elder, he couldn’t simply just use his martial power to resolve this issue. He still had to consider for Kunlun future. Limitless Palace insider secrets were not something Kunlun could possibly know of. If they were to start a feud with Limitless Palace openly, it would not be beneficial to them at all.

Therefore, after all, sorts of consideration, he could only choose to resolve today’s contradiction. He didn’t wish for Kunlun to become the other sect stepping stone.

Limitless Palace people had also heaved a sigh of relief. If Ling Xiao were to act unreasonably, they might be confronted with a bitter struggle with Kunlun. Handling a loose immortal expert wouldn’t be simple at all.

Qing Yuanzi and Qing Xu had already crossed hand with loose immortals before. However, Guang Dao aura was not something that can be compared to Ling Xiao. Guang Dao was very powerful but Ling Xiao was his Martial Uncle. It was unknown to how many years had he stepped into the loose immortal realm. Was Ling Xiao someone Guang Dao could even be compared to?

“Release the person immediately!” Ling Xiao yelled.

“Yes, Martial Uncle!” Yuan Yangzi knew that the outcome had already been decided. Although he was unresigned, he had no other choice. Who asked the person who ordered him to be his Grand Ancestor? Even his Martial Uncle did not dare to utter a word, let alone them.

“Today’s matter shall end here. You people should also return back!” Ling Xiao spoke to the few Limitless Palace people.

“Senior! Doesn’t that mean that my disciple had died in vain?” When Qing Xu saw how Ling Xiao wanted to resolve this matter off so simply, he was somewhat unwilling.

“Than what do you want?” Ling Xiao stared at Qing Xu coldly as he replied. Ling Xiao chose to resolve it over words than utilizing Martial power. However, it didn’t mean that he was afraid of Limitless Palace. He was just thinking for the sake of Kunlun and did not wish to become someone else stepping stone.

“He has to be handed over to me! My disciple cannot die in vain!” Ling Xiao anger might be very terrifying but Qing Xu still didn’t wish to back off. Originally, Cheng Yu had already won. A beautiful finale had already been placed before him. Yet, it was actually destroyed by this fellow. A happy occasion had been turned into a mourning occasion. How could he possibly let Guang Ning off?

Ling Xiao swept his gaze past Guang Ning. Guang Ning was given a shock. His Martial Uncle actually chose to compromise. Don’t tell me he is really going to hand me over! If he were to give a nod, wouldn’t it be over for him?

“What if I were to disagree to it?” Ling Xiao spoke indifferently.

Hu! Guang Ning heaved a sigh of relief. This sentence of Ling Xiao was like pulling him out from a pit of fire. No matter what, he was still a Kunlun member. Although killing Cheng Yu was somewhat on an impulse, his motive was still for the sake of Kunlun.

“I will have to offend senior then!” Qing Xu replied. When it comes to Cheng Yu death, he had been blaming himself all along. It was because of his negligence, he didn’t manage to save Cheng Yu on time.

And as Cheng Yu’s teacher, he felt that he owe Cheng Yu a lot. He had never once done something that a teacher should do. Therefore, regardless of what, he had to get back justice for Cheng Yu and not let this matter off just because of a sentence from an expert.

“You sure?” Ling Xiao questioned.

“I’m sure!”

“You can give it a try then!”

“Senior brother!” When Qing Yuanzi saw Qing Xu intend to fight it out with Ling Xiao, he grew anxious.

“You need not say anymore. I have already decided. Yu’er death was so wronged. I can’t possibly let him die with a remaining grievance. I have to definitely kill this man!” Qing Xu stared at Guang Ning in resolutement.

Whoosh! After Qing Xu spoke, he released his aura fully. Suddenly, he charged at Guang Ning, launching an attack.

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