Chapter 113: A Sudden Apology

“But you are not just the child’s father, you are also the Emperor!  You cannot only think about the child, you must also think about the kingdom!  The Mo clan are too powerful.  They are like a big tree, their branches have already slithered into the imperial palace.  Now, you are at the point at which you either cut it off or live it with for the rest of your life.  With this child around, they will be able to control the entire court.  It would be too late for you to regret it then!” Yang Shi Han is worried for the common people.

Jun Qian Che looks at her before calmly saying, “Is it really because you don’t want zhen to regret it or is there a personal reason behind your reasonings?  Zhen knows about the history between you and the Empress.  You just want to see her fall, isn’t it?”

Yang Shi Han avoids from looking into his eyes, “Chenqie is only thinking for Your Majesty and the common people!  This has nothing to do with personal grievance.  Even the Empress Dowager does not wish for this child to be born.  Older people are more experienced, you should listen to Imperial Aunt, Your Majesty!”

Zhen knows what should be done, zhen does not need you to teach zhenZhen has made zhen’s decision,” Jun Qian Che closes his eyes, no longer wish to speak of the matter.

Yang Shi Han also keeps quiet and concentrates fully on curing the poison.

The next day, Mo Qi Qi sits quietly in front of her vanity right after waking up, lost in her thoughts.  She looks at her reflection in the mirror, “Mo Qi Qi, Jun Qian Che already said that he wants this child, what are you still worried for?  Even a tiger will not eat it’s own cub, much less him.  After all, we are talking about taking a life.  It is easy for him to say he wants to get rid of it, but when the time comes for action, he still wouldn’t have the heart to.  Didn’t that happen to you too; you were so eager to get abortion, but then suddenly decided to protect the child at last minute.  After all, blood is thicker than water.  But Jun Qian Che’s temperament is not normal; what if he changes his mind and decides he wants to get rid of the child after all?  Aiya, how troublesome!  A while ago, I was stressing over how to get rid of the child, and now, I’m stressing over how to protect it!  Why is life so tiring?  Mo Qi Qi, if you are still that uneasy, why don’t you reaffirm it with Jun Qian Che?  That’s better than the guessing games that you engage by yourself here!”

She suddenly stands up while happily saying, “Right, I could test the water there over at Jun Qian Che’s palace!  Let’s see if he plans to stick to his words!  The court ought to have ended by now!”  Now that she has decided to go, she marches on fiercely.

Ban Xiang who has been waiting outside looks at her in confusion, “Where are you going, Your Ladyship?  Breakfast is ready, you can eat now.”

“Skipping breakfast for now.  I need to find His Majesty, there is a little matter at hand,” says Mo Qi Qi as she rushes out of Feng Yang Palace.

“Slow down, Your Ladyship!  Be careful when you walk,” reminds Ban Xiang in worry, though a joyful expression can be seen on her face.  “Their relationship is getting better and better.  Once the imperial child is born, it will get even better.  Even Yang Guifei wouldn’t be able to get between them!” she mumbles to herself happily.

Mo Qi Qi reaches Yu Jing Palace in record time.  She asks a guard if the Emperor is there.  He replies her saying that the Emperor has just returned from the morning court.

Mo Qi Qi sighs in relief and immediately walks in.  Jun Qian Che is busy everyday.  The moment after the morning court in which he takes his breakfast is the only free time he has in the entire day.  It is really not easy to meet this guy.  Now that she managed to catch him during his only free time, she must seize this chance to check him and his mood.

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She slips into Yu Jing Palace and only stops right when she is in front of Jun Qian Che’s resting chamber.  She takes a deep breath and adjusts her breathing.  Then, she fixes her clothes and her hair.  She must become the kind of woman he wants to see when she is in front of him.  Otherwise, he’d scold her again.  Once everything is in order, she makes her elegant entrance.

Jun Qian Che is sitting in front of a long table filled with delicacies when Mo Qi Qi walks in.

She curtsies in front of him respectfully, “Chenqie greets Your Majesty.”

Jun Qian Che is a little surprised to see her there.  He thought that after the ugly altercation yesterday, he wouldn’t look for her, and she in turn, would avoid appearing in front of him.  Especially since she would be angry and disappointed over his wanting to let their child live.  Then, why is she here?  Don’t tell him she is planning to persuade him to change his mind?

Jun Qian Che inevitably becomes angry again.  “Why are you here?” he snaps coldly.

Mo Qi Qi walks over to him and orders the servants to put a chair next to him.

The servants immediately fetch her a chair.

She sits down and calmly says, “All of you may go.  Bengong has something to discuss with His Majesty.”

“Yes,” the servants retreat in an orderly manner.

Jun Qian Che does not stop her.

After the servants have left, Jun Qian Che speaks first, “Why did you come to find zhen?”

Mo Qi Qi looks at the delicacies filling every inch of the table, “You are still eating breakfast.  Why don’t you eat first, we can talk later.” She tries her best to appease him.  If he is happy, the chance of their child surviving will be even bigger.

Now that she has said that, Jun Qian Che’s appetite for breakfast is gone, “Whatever it is you want to say, you can say it now.  Zhen will be busy after breakfast.  Zhen will have no time to listen to your words.”

Huh?  Mo Qi Qi looks at him awkwardly.  Can this man speak with more consideration towards others?  However, since he already put it that way….. “Since it is so, chenqie will say it now.  Your Majesty, chenqie accidentally angered you when you came to Feng Yang Palace last night, so now, chenqie is here to apologize.”

“Apologize?  Do you even know what you did wrong?” asks Jun Qian Che coldly.

Huh?  A question mark appears on top of Mo Qi Qi’s head.  She laughs awkwardly, “Hehe, no matter what it was that chenqie did wrong, since you are angry, it is only chenqie’s responsibility to apologize.”

Jun Qian Che glares at her angrily, “Since you did not even know what you did wrong, what is the point of apologizing?” scolds Jun Qian Che.  This woman….. Is she purposely acting dumb?

Mo Qi Qi pouts pitifully, “Don’t be angry, Your Majesty.  Chenqie knows that chenqie is bad at speaking.  Everytime chenqie speaks, you get angry.  But still, it’s not like chenqie did it on purpose.  Since you don’t like it, chenqie will change.  Chenqie will change everything that you are not happy with.  Chenqie will become a generous and virtuous Empress.”

Jun Qian Che does not want to listen to her anymore.  His voice gets even colder as he says, “That’s what you wanted to say?  Since you said everything you wanted to say, you can go.”

“There is something else that chenqie wants to talk about.  Chenqie wants to talk about our child,” says Mo Qi Qi.

Our child’?  Jun Qian Che’s heart unwittingly melts when he hears that.  Yes, that is indeed their child.  Although what happened that night was without her consent, the child is still biologically theirs.  Their blood is running inside the child’s vein.  The child is binding them together in ways that are beyond intimate.  The coldness in the air dissipates as he speaks, “What’s wrong with our child?”

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