Chapter 114: They Get Along Just Fine When They Are Not Fighting

“Your Majesty, last night, you said that you plan to keep this child.  Was that said out of anger or did you really mean that?” asks Mo Qi Qi carefully, trying to avoid angering him.  Just because she has grown to love the child does not mean that Jun Qian Che will love the child as well.  After all, there are so many women in the harem.  If he wants a child, he can just pick someone at random to bear the child for him.  As for herself, although the child is an accident, it is also something that will not happen easily to her.

Jun Qian Che looks at her earnestly, “What do you think, Empress?”

Huh?  This piece of—-  He actually dares to return the question to her?  If she knows, she wouldn’t have asked him, wouldn’t she?  They don’t even know each other that well.  How should she answer him?  If she answers him too eagerly, would he think that she is eager for the child to be born so that she could use him to expand Mo Clan’s power?  Would that displease him enough and prompts him to order the killing of both her and the child?  No, she must act like she does not care.  Perhaps, it is the only way she could protect her child.

Mo Qi Qi gives him a blooming smile, “Chenqie does not dare to guess Your Majesty’s feelings.”

Zhen will not blame you, just speak your mind,” replies Jun Qian Che calmly.

Mo Qi Qi continues smiling, “Since it is so, chenqie will have to gather my courage and guess that it was only said out of anger.”

Jun Qian Che’s face is completely neutral.  She cannot read his expression as he say, “What makes you think so, Empress?”

Mo Qi Qi pretends to helplessly sigh, “It is because of Mo Clan, of course!  My father is Duke Zhen, my brother is a Great General.  We wield too much power over the military.  Everyone says that Mo Clan is too powerful and has made Your Majesty wary.  If this child is born, he or she will be Duke Zhen’s grandchild.  That is a thread of relationship that Your Majesty can never sever.  It will be better for Your Majesty to sever that tie before it can be fully formed.”

Jun Qian Che tries his best to suppress the anger blooming inside his heart; he is right, she is only here to abort the pregnancy.  How cruel is Mo Qi Qi; to be willing to kill a child just because she does not want to have anything to do with him.

“That is what you think it is, Empress?”

Mo Qi Qi nods, “Chenqie is not very smart and can only come to that conclusion.  If chenqie said wrong, please do not be angry and let’s take it as chenqie never said anything.”

“What about you?  Don’t you want to expand Mo Clan’s power even a little?  If the child is a prince, he might get to rule one day.  Hasn’t it always been your dream to become the Empress Dowager?  If the child is born, you are one step closer to your dream!” says Jun Qian Che in a neutral tone, making it hard for others to read him.

Mo Qi Qi can only laugh innocently, “Your Majesty sure knows how to joke with chenqieChenqie was just joking back then, why did you take it seriously?  Chenqie is still so young, chenqie does not want to become the Empress Dowager!  Chenqie only want to keep Your Majesty company till the end of time.”  She smiles at Jun Qian Che sweetly.

It does not matter whether she is being sincere or not, her words work on Jun Qian Che just the same.  He is very happy to hear all that.  “So you mean, you want to get rid of the child?” he persistently asks her.

Mo Qi Qi is stumped.  When did she say that?  She was only trying to flatter him, alright?  Huhu, gods up above, please send a celestial to help me out!  Talking to this bas*ard is too tiring!

“Your Majesty, chenqie did not say chenqie does not want this child.  Chenqie is your wife; you are chenqie’s sky, you get to decide everything, chenqie will listen to you!” Pooh, can you be even more gross, Mo Qi Qi?  Sweetheart, mommy is putting your life on your father’s palm.  Everything depends on him, now.

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Jun Qian Che glares at her coldly, “Listen to zhen, Mo Qi Qi.  Zhen does not care what your feeling for the child is, zhen does not care if you like him or hate him; since zhen decides that he will be born, nothing will change zhen’s mind.   Zhen already told you zhen wants this child, so you better get your acts together and give birth to him properly.  If you dare to pull anything behind everybody’s back, zhen will not spare you!”

Mo Qi Qi uses everything she has to suppress the joy that is threatening to break on her expression.  She looks at him innocently and aggrievedly, “Really, are you sure?  Is this your final decision?”

  “Monarchs do not give their words lightly!  Don’t let zhen repeat myself,” Jun Qian Che grits his teeth angrily.  Just look at that expression on her face.  Is she that reluctant to have children with him?

Mo Qi Qi immediately waves him off, “Alright, chenqie heard it clearly this time.”

Jun Qian Che studies her expression and spots the joy that she has been trying so hard to conceal.  He cannot believe his own eyes; did he see wrong?

Mo Qi Qi tries her best to look normal.  She does not want to appear too happy.  If he finds out what she really feels, he might change his mind.

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The tacit understanding between the two of them is completely non-existent.  The marriage still has a long way to go.

“Your Majesty, don’t you worry that Mo Clan will pose threat to the court if this child is born?” In the end, Mo Qi Qi cannot stop herself from asking the most curious question of them all.  What made Jun Qian Che decide to keep the child?

Jun Qian Che concentrates on the table in front of him while saying, “The child is zhen’s, zhen believe in zhen’s own decision.  Zhen will handle the court, there is no need to drag an innocent child into this.  You shouldn’t be worrying about this, Empress.  You should concentrate more on your health.”

Mo Qi Qi obediently nods, “Alright, chenqie understand.”

“Did you eat breakfast?” Jun Qian Che’s tone is casual, but the truth is, he is really worried about her.

She shakes her head, “No, I’m not really hungry.”

Jun Qian Che scolds her in frustration, “You are now pregnant, you shouldn’t skip meals!  Even if you are not hungry, the child inside you might be.  Zhen want zhen’s child to come into the world all round and healthy!”  The truth is, his heart aches more for the child’s mother.  She is very thin.  It is not good for her to be skipping meals.

Mo Qi Qi purses her little mouth, “Chenqie understand.  Chenqie will not be skipping meals from now on.  Chenqie will return to Feng Yang Palace to eat now.”  She gets up.

“Sit down!” Jun Qian Che stops her.

She looks at him in confusion, “Is there anything else?”

“Sit down and eat here.  Bring the Empress her eating utensils!” Jun Qian Che orders a servant.

The servant immediately brings a bowl and a pair of chopsticks over.

Jun Qian Che picks a dish for her and puts it inside her bowl, “Eat.”

Mo Qi Qi smiles at him happily, “Thank you, Your Majesty.”

Honestly, if only one of them does not speak so infuriatingly and the other less suspicious and jealous, the two of them actually looks really good together.

Mo Qi Qi eats a couple of mouthfuls before she is overcomed by nausea.  She covers her mouth.

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