Chapter 346: Finally Erupted!

After Yu Fu understood the ability of this Golden Pagoda, his heart was in shock but the suction force wasn’t very strong. Under much concentration, he was able to stabilize his own Nascent Soul.

“Ha!” Yu Fu lifted up his sword and slashed at the Soul Suppressing Pagoda.

Clang! The golden rays on the Soul Suppressing Pagoda instantly disappear. Followingly, it returned back to Cheng Yu body.

“His mother! As expected, this is not enough!” Cheng Yu held onto God’s Awakening tightly. Followingly, he drank another bottle of god water. If he continued spurting his blood, regardless of how much god water he has, it would still be useless.

Just a while before in the Heavenly Holy City, this god water was a sacred object. Only the most sincere believer would be able to obtain a bottle of god water to save their life.

However, it was unknown how many bottles had Cheng Yu drunk today. If the Holy City residences were still around and saw how Cheng Yu had drunk their sacred object so wastefully like water, they would truly be angered to death!

But what other choice does Cheng Yu has? This was a challenge. Although he could run, he still needed to stay within a radius. If he were to run out from Kunlun, that would be equivalent to surrendering.

Whether it was a win or loss, it was nothing to Cheng Yu. What he cares about was his own woman. If it wasn’t because his woman was on their hand, Cheng Yu would never agree to this unjust challenge.

Taking a beating was certainly unavoidable. What Cheng Yu could do now was to try his best to avoid all the fatal techniques of his opponent and try to recover as soon as possible. Otherwise, even with the Soul Suppressing Pagoda, he would never be able to defeat his opponent.

Therefore, Cheng Yu started running around on the battlefield. However, from time to time, he would be smack by Yu Fu. Practically, the whole battlefield had stains of Cheng Yu blood.

Your sister! This cannot continue on! Just after he had recovered, he was injured by his opponent again.

“You must be feeling extremely fulfilling when whacking me right!” Cheng Yu no wonder evades because he realized his initial starting point was already wrong.

Because he had placed all his hope on Soul Suppressor. Therefore, he had never once thought of fighting properly.

As a cultivator, artifacts were a mean of assistance. They mustn’t place all their hopes on the treasures. As a cultivator, if they wish to advance further, they needed to bring out their own uniqueness. Regardless of how strong his opponent was to be, he should be using all his strength to fight back his opponent.

And he shouldn’t be evading all his way. Where was his so-called earned legendary reputation? How was he going to continue mingling around in the cultivation world? Therefore, Cheng Yu finally found back his usual self. Since it was a battle, he had to fight it with all his effort heroically!

“Haha! Bullying someone weak really isn’t fun at all. However, I’m indeed enjoying bullying you!” When he saw Cheng Yu’s aura suddenly changed with his expression turning more resolute, Yu Fu was somewhat astonished. However, he didn’t take it seriously. In his opinion, Cheng Yu was already an arrow that was about to be broken.

“Very good! Just now, I had let you off for so long. Now, let’s start fighting honorably!” Cheng Yu’s eyes were filled with battle spirit and no longer possess any signs of cowering.

Declaration of war! This was a declaration of war!

Above Yunxiao Peak, a breeze brushed by, fluttering Cheng Yu’s robe. This moment, Cheng Yu’s strong body got even more firm and upright, just like an uncollapsible mountain.

When the audiences heard the world shaking declaration of war speech, everyone became excited. Originally when they saw how Cheng Yu got beaten so miserably, they thought the battle was over.

But unexpectedly, just when everyone thought Cheng Yu was about to give up, Cheng Yu seem as if he had become another person.

Perseverance! Unyielding! This was the Cheng Yu they looked up to!

“Fight! Fight! Fight!” Looking at how exciting it had become again, someone cheered Cheng Yu again.

“Fight! Fight! Fight……” Everyone was inspired by Cheng Yu as they raised their right hand to cheer.

At the Limitless Palace side, Qing Xu anxious face suddenly turned astonished before turning gratified after he saw Cheng Yu was filled with the battle spirit.
The Limitless Palace disciple had also started to wave flags and shout battle cries. This was someone from their Limitless Palace. They must give Cheng Yu some sort of moral support. Xin Yao looked down at the battlefield that was filled with blood and back to Cheng Yu who was filled with resolution. She looked absent-minded and no one has any idea of what she was thinking.

As for those Huaxian Valley females who were once an acquaintance of Cheng Yu as well as Tianshan Sect Tian Xue, they looked at Cheng Yu in amazement. Males that are imperious were most attractive.

Although Cheng Yu’s opponent was a Middle Stage Nascent Soul expert, in their eyes, Cheng Yu was already the victor; an unrivaled expert.

Only those Yunxiao Peak elders had their complexion filled with anger. This Cheng Yu is truly a troublesome opponent. Even after being beaten so miserably, not only did he not give up, he became even more resolute.

When Yu Fu saw Cheng Yu seem to have become another person, his heart was puzzled on where did Cheng Yu get all his confidence from. But he still didn’t take Cheng Yu seriously.

Strong experts are not generated just after being called unrivaled. In the end, everything boils down to a person strength!

“I have no idea where your confidence comes from! However, I hope you are ready to accept your death!” Yu Fu laughed before initiating an attack.

“Hmph! Isn’t you just a Middle Stage Nascent Soul Realm? Today! You shall be the first Middle Stage Nascent Soul Realm I kill!” Cheng Yu did not possess a single degree of fear as he rapidly retreated!

When he saw Cheng Yu continue evading, Yu Fu continued laughing coldly. When I saw you acting so aggressively, I thought how great of a technique you would use. Turn out it was like this.

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Furthermore, when those audiences who were cheering for Cheng Yu a moment ago saw the scene, they were baffled. We had already given you so much moral support. You should at least fight it out like a man! This is contrary to what is supposed to be!

“Haha! Just a false bravado!” Yuan Yangzi laughed coldly. At first, he still thought what kind of a technique would Cheng Yu be using.

Whoosh! Cheng Yu didn’t seem to be bothered by the disappointment and disdain everyone had for him. While evading all Yu Fu attacks, Cheng Yu brought the battle back into the sky.

Suddenly, just when everyone had no idea what Cheng Yu was trying to achieve, he revealed a scene which caused everyone to be in shock! All of a sudden, Cheng Yu body erupted in golden rays and six golden circles appeared around Cheng Yu surroundings.

“That… that’s golden… golden… 6 Golden Cores!”

“It’s really 6 Golden Cores!”

“Wasn’t it rumored that Cheng Yu only had 3 Golden Cores? Why are there 6 of them?” When the audiences saw the 6 brightly lit Golden Cores hovering around Cheng Yu, they were rendered speechless.

“6 Golden Cores! Why does Yu’er have 6 Golden Cores?” This time, even Qing Xu and the others were in shock. This was truly too strange. Over ten thousand years never had there been anyone who possesses more than one golden cores. Yet Cheng Yu alone, he possesses 6 of it. No wonder he was able to fight against Nascent Soul expert. This was simply too inconceivable.

Qing Xu and the others might not know this but as the sect master, Qing Yuanzi had started frowning. This was the first time he had witnessed someone possessing so many golden cores but he had heard of such a thing before.

There were also a few other sect masters who heard of this before. In their secret vault, there had been such a matter being mentioned before. But when such a person appeared before them, they felt this was somewhat unbelievable.

“How can this happen!” Guang Ning shouted out in shock. Even though Yuan Yangzi had told him that Cheng Yu possesses 6 Golden Cores, now that he saw it with his own eyes, he was in for a shock.

“This……” Yu Fu stood on the ground and stared at the deity-like Cheng Yu. He was stunned for a moment. Is he still a human? How can he have 6 Golden cores?!

“Not good!” Just when Yu Fu was shocked, the aura on Cheng Yu rose drastically.

Howl~ Howl~ Howl! Dragons after dragons started flying out from Cheng Yu body. Compared to the previous time, the power contained within the dragons were on another level.

The dragon mirage was a lot bigger and even more realistic. Even the dragon scales on the dragon mirage could be vividly scened. Compared to the previous dragon mirage, this time looked a lot more realistic.

When all the dragon mirage raved, the voice resonated out the dome. An incomparable invisible suppression could be felt in the whole Kunlun. Some of those cultivators who were below the Nascent Soul Realm were even forced to lie onto the floor.

“Wall of the Descending Red Cloud!” Yu Fu was in shock. The aura had caused him to feel a sense of danger. This was the first time he had felt such a dangerous aura ever since he advanced into the Nascent Soul Realm.

When he saw the dragons charging towards him, Yu Fu immediately circulated his nascent energy. A small Yu Fu congealed above him as he brandished out his sword, forming a red spiritual qi shield.

Boom~! A dragon rammed over.

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Bang~! Yu Fu was immediately sent flying back.

The second dragon mirage had arrived.

Bang! Yu Fu has exploded off again for meters!

Pu! When the 3rd dragon mirage had rammed its way over, Yu Fu finally felt that it was very hard for him to withstand against the explosive might. Instantly, he spurted out the first drop of blood ever since his advancement into the Nascent Soul Realm.

Pu~ Pu~ Pu! Subsequently, the rest of the dragon mirage exploded over. Yu Fu finally felt that he was actually weren’t invincible as he thought to be. He had truly been injured by his opponent!

As expected from the Middle Stage Nascent Soul Realm. During then, when Yu Xie and Yu Fan had received this attack, they were inflicted with serious injuries, almost losing all of their fighting strength.

But even though Yu Fu was injured by it, he clearly still possessed the power to continue fighting!

“Haha! Very good, only through this way would we be able to fight honorably!” Cheng Yu knew that this move of his wouldn’t be able to kill him. However, when he saw Yu Fu was injured, the battle went back into equilibrium. Now that both of them was injured, there was no longer a need for him to keep on being apprehensive of Yu Fu.

After all, Cheng Yu possessed an extremely strong recovering ability. Although the burst he just executed a moment ago had caused him to become somewhat weak, his opponent also wouldn’t be able to take much of an advantage over him.
“Damn it!” Yu Fu was gravely injured and his heart was in for a shock. Unexpectedly, he would still be gravely injured by the other party even after he had become a Middle Stage Nascent Soul Realm expert. This was simply too humiliating.

He ignored his injuries and swallowed some pills. Lifting up his sword, he killed his way towards Cheng Yu. Yu Fu had also realized now was the optimal time for him to get rid of Cheng Yu. Else, when would be getting another chance to?

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