Chapter 345: Insufficient Strength!

Cheng Yu seize the opportunity, taking the initiative to launch attacks on Yu Fu. However, in reality, it was not as what he thought out to be.

In front of the disparity between realm, everything was just transient! Cheng Yu needed to waste a large amount of qi just so to be capable of causing some pressure to his opponent. However, his opponent only needed a minor portion of his strength to avert the disaster.

“Primeval Chaos Slash! Thousand Origin Primeval Chaos Slash! Primeval Chaos Pierce!” Cheng Yu executed all of those strengtified techniques of his.

“An ant trying to shake a tree. Overestimating your own capability! If you feel that by doing so, you would be able to defeat me, wouldn’t the breakthrough of mine be all for naught!” Yu Fu saw how Cheng Yu still didn’t post much a threat to him even after executing all his signature moves, he became complacent. This was clear evidence of strength!

As long as he possessed sufficient strength, so what if others talk behind his back!

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“Sunray Sword Slash!” Yu Fu yelled as he charged towards Cheng Yu.

Cheng Yu had seen countless Kunlun disciple executing this move. But regardless of whoever had executed it, it was not comparable to the one Yu Fu had executed. Perhaps, Yu Fu had just advanced into the Middle Stage Nascent Soul Realm and had yet to adapt to his strength.

However, his strength was evidently displayed there. The whole of him turned into a sunray and shot over to Cheng Yu.

Cheng Yu frowned. He wishes to evade this move but he was in the midst of executing his technique. It was nigh impossible for him to retract back his attack. Helpless, Cheng Yu clenched his teeth as the aura on him rose, irrigating to his sword.

A green whirlpool started revolving at the tip of Cheng Yu’s sword as it slowly got quicker.

Boom! Both of their attacks collided into each other.

Pu~! As expected, Cheng Yu was immediately inflicted with serious damage and spurted out a mouth of blood. However, Yu Fu was also repelled back a few meters before coming to a stop.

Yu Fu was in shock. This brat wasn’t as simple as he appeared to be. Although he had not placed all his strength into this move, it contained at least 70% of it. Yet, Cheng Yu was still able to receive it head on.

Even so, it wasn’t to the point of Yu Fu having to fear Cheng Yu.

“You are pretty good. Will you be able to receive a few of my sword move continuously?” Yu Fu laughed coldly before launching another attack on Cheng Yu.

Cheng Yu was half lying on the ground in shock. Judging from his opponent strength, he realized he wouldn’t be able to withstand much of his moves.

Looking at the charging over Yu Fu, Cheng Yu hand clenched tightly onto his sword and a sword mirage shot out, hoping to break apart his opponent attack.

“Ha!” Yu Fu easily blocked off Cheng Yu’s sword qi. With a somersault, he lifted up the sword on hand and slashed down.

Bam! Yu Fu slashed at the spot Cheng Yu were hiding. However, Cheng Yu had already gone missing the moment the attack landed. A crack that was over meters long extended out from the ground.

It turned out that the moment Cheng Yu had slashed out his sword qi, he had already evaded away. When he saw the crack that was several times longer than his arm, cold sweats started perspiring out in his heart.

Damn it. If that move were to hit me, wouldn’t I be split apart?!

Whoosh! However, Yu Fu didn’t let Cheng Yu off just because of this. With a leap, he charged at Cheng Yu again.

When Cheng Yu saw it, he immediately retreated. Facing Middle Stage Nascent Soul Realm pressure, Cheng Yu no longer dare to initiate his attacks. Furthermore, calling out Jewel Cauldron to assist him had become an issue. The only hope that was left to win this match would be the Soul Suppressing Pagoda.

However, there was still no news from Soul Suppressor. It seemed like he was still absorbing the Nascent Soul energy. The strength disparity between them was truly too big. Helpless, Cheng Yu could only choose to wander around with Yu Fu, evading all his move. Momentarily, their battle had become a cat chasing the mouse game.

“Isn’t you very strong? Why are you running away? If you have the capability, fight me honorably!” Yu Fu might be a realm higher than Cheng Yu but the amount of battle experience he had was still insignificant when compared to Cheng Yu.

Even though Cheng Yu had spurted out a few mouthfuls of blood, Cheng Yu had God’s Awakening to aid him in recovering. In addition, he had secretly consumed a bottle of God Water. Thus, the state he was in could still be counted as optimal. Momentarily, the battle was stuck in a deadlock.

Yu FU chased after Cheng Yu around the whole battlefield. Ultimately, he could no longer endure any longer before yelling out.

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“Hah! Honorable? Your Kunlun can be so shameless, to let a Middle Stage Nascent Soul Realm fight against a Golden Core Realm. You still wanna talk about honorability! Are all of your Kunlun faces grew in the butts?” After such a long period of time, other than the time he was chased after by Kunlun’s Golden Core experts, it had been a long time since Cheng Yu was stuck in such a difficult situation.

If it wasn’t because he had a lot of treasures on him, Cheng Yu would have long been killed by Kunlun over dozen of times.

However, as long as he was able to stall for sufficient amount of time to allow Soul Suppressor to fully refined the two Nascent Soul energy, he would be able to go all out in the battle.

The current him was stuck in a difficult situation but he had to endure it. As the saying goes, ‘A wise man knows when to fight when the odds are against him.’ If he couldn’t win, he could always evade.

“Haha……” When the audiences heard Cheng Yu berating Kunlun, they all started laughing.

Ever since the four great sects had secluded themselves from the world, Kunlun had relied on their strength to tyrannically abuse the system as they wish to. It was unknown how many sects had suffered losses from the hands of Kunlun.

It was especially so for those Kunlun disciples who had gone out to train. Outside, they would use a Kunlun banner to act domineering in order to bully others. A lot of sects, especially those small sects, were extremely resentful towards Kunlun yet they did not dare to voice it out.

Now that they heard Cheng Yu scolding Kunlun in their own Yunxiao peak, in front of all the cultivators, such grandeur was extremely magnificent. It was to the point of the audiences feeling extremely satisfied!

Some of them had even started jeering behind the crowd.

“Well said! Kunlun is really shameless!”

“Kunlun is truly shameless!”

It was unknown how many cultivators were here. Every peak were all filled with people. No one knew who had started the jeering,

“Haha! Look, the whole cultivation world also knew that you Kunlun are very shameless.” Although Cheng Yu was being used as a shield, he didn’t mind it at all. In any case, it was impossible for Kunlun and him to reconcile.

And when Cheng Yu saw so many of the audiences are agreeing to his standpoint, this caused his heart to feel extremely satisfied. Damn it, even if I’m unable to defeat you, I should at least humiliate your Kunlun. Since you dared to capture my woman to threaten me.

As expected, those elders standing in Yunxiao Palace hall were in anger after they saw this scene. Each and every of their complexion had turned ashen. So many years, Kunlun had always been the one scolding others. Since when had they been scolded by others?

Furthermore, it was done on their doorstep; standing on their doorstep and scolding them.

Whoosh! Guang Ning suddenly flew up the sky. The aura on him immediately suppressed down onto the whole Kunlun mountain.

When the majority of them saw the scene, they knew Kunlun had gotten angry. They no longer dare to aggravate the situation as the jeering immediately stop.

“You are really looking for death! I would like to see how well you can run!” When Yu Fu saw the ancestry elder had gotten angry, he cried out before slashing over.

Pu! Cheng Yu had gotten too excited. Thus, losing his concentration. Unexpectedly, his opponent would suddenly launch his attack. He hastily brandished his sword to block the incoming attack. But because of the strength contained within the attack, he was immediately slashed back.

Your mother! I had just consumed some pills and have yet to recover myself. Instead, you continued to attack me. I…… will endure it!

Cheng Yu was angered. Although he had the god water to help him, it was only able to instantly recover his outer injuries. As for inner injuries, it still needed some time before it could fully recover.

It wasn’t beneficial if he were to continue spurting out his blood essence! However, what else could he do? Since he couldn’t defeat the other party, other than suffering in humiliation in silence, what else can he do?

‘Ten years is not too long for a nobleman to take revenge.’ If he were to continue to persevere on with another period of time, the ground would be filled with his blood.

“Soul Suppressor ah! Soul Suppressor! You have to quickly fix this s*** for me! Otherwise, before you had even fully absorbed the Nascent Soul energy, I would be fixed by that fellow!” Cheng Yu prayed in his heart.

“I shall see how many more rounds can you last!” Yu Fu continued to pursue Cheng Yu.

“Damn it! I can no longer hold on! Risk it all! Jewel Cauldron! Soul Suppressing Pagoda!” Cheng Yu knew that he could no longer withstand those attacks. Otherwise, even with the god water, it wouldn’t be able to heal him.

Thus, he called out the thin-connection Jewel Cauldron to defend the incoming attack. Followingly, he beckoned the Soul Suppressing Pagoda out. The Soul Suppressing Pagoda flew above Yu Fu head before flashing out in golden rays.

Pu! Yu Fu attack landed onto the Jewel Cauldron and got force back into Cheng Yu body. Without a doubt, Cheng Yu’s essence blood continued to flow out from his mouth. The whole of him flew out over a hundred meters, making the scene look extremely miserable.

Meanwhile, Yu Fu was somewhat baffled when he got shot at by the Soul Suppressing Pagoda. However, before he had the time to figure out what was happening, he felt his Nascent Soul being pulled up.

Yu Fu was in a shock! What kind of treasure is this! It was actually able to pull his Nascent Soul out from his body!

Cheng Yu had used these treasures numerous times for the few previous battles. However, no one understood what did treasure was capable of. They all thought the ability of it was to crush Nascent Soul Realm expert to death.

But from how the situation was progressing, it wasn’t as simple as he thought to be. Could those people before him have their Nascent Soul extracted out before dying?

Thinking of this, Yu Fu was somewhat intimidated. Fortunately, the suction power was not as very strong. He concentrated his attention on pulling his Nascent Soul back into his dantian.

“Ha!” Yu Fu cried out. With a vault, he slashed over to Soul Suppressor Pagoda!

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