Chapter 810 – Careful!

Huan Qing Yan added, “I will use my dimension to bring in these large size cactuses, doing so I can open a path for you while collecting the cactuses for Leafy to use. These cactus balls might not have much spirit energy, but the Needle-Attribute on them is not bad.”

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Ji Mo Ya lightly ‘en’ to express that he agreed.

Bai Li Jia Bao and the rest were still chattering at the side when Nan Gong Bei Cheng could not help but ask, “Young Master Ya, is Little Yan not with you?”

Ji Mo Ya glanced at him, causing Nan Gong Bei Cheng to stop asking.

After that, Ji Mo Ya said, “Okay, it is considered fate for us to have met. I will now pass through this area of spiky balls, just follow behind me.”

Everyone was excited. Had it been someone else who spoke these words, they would have treated the person as though he was bragging!

However, it would be different if it was Ji Mo Ya!

He’s a Great God!

Many were feeling energetic, but there was also some who were timid and mumbled, “Can we walk through that place without a high-grade magic shoe? The journey is not short…”

“Our cultivation was also not as high as you, Young Master Ya, will we…”

Ji Mo Ya started walking in front, each time he took a step forward, the spike ball in front of him would disappear.

The phenomenon kept repeating with each step he took!

With that, a sandy path was slowly created.

“Woah, Young Master Ya is genuinely remarkable! He can make such a large spike ball disappear silently…”

“Exactly, we had tried to dig one out but found that its roots went very deep, the needles also contained mild traces of poison that paralyzes for half a day if you are injured by it. After so many days, we only managed to dig up a few…”

“You guys should see who Young Master Ya is! Young Master Ya can create a path just by walking, our luck is truly great.”


The young girls lamented.

The men on the side were displaying all sort of expressions, most of them contained traces of gloominess; their limelight was just taken away by Young Master Ya.

But no matter what, the group still happily followed behind Young Master Ya.

Suddenly, a series of needles rained down on the group!

“No good, watch out!”

The group hurriedly find a place to hide, but there were just too many needles as many of them were struck by it.


“Ah! What is this thing, so hateful, it struck my butt…”

As everyone was panicking, Ji Mo Ya smiled.

A tall and thick cactus appeared in front of the group, its body swaying.

A huge spirit plant like this should be on the verge of developing consciousness, being able to shower them in needles was only common.

During the chaos, Huan Qing Yan got Leafy to charge out and tightly bind the giant cactus.

The cactus started to struggle intensely.

Ji Mo Ya flicked his hand, “Thud Thud Thud” Several large holes appeared on the cactus as green liquid flowed out of the holes.

Leafy sent its vines inside the holes, causing the giant cactus to turn dark after a while, a visible sign of being poisoned.

The needle rain of the cactus was quite powerful but now that it had lost its ability to attack, it was quickly shredded apart by the rest of the group.

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With a whoosh, Leafy grabbed the tattered Giant Cactus and disappeared into the dimension.

Leafy seems to be very happy as it wrapped itself around the cactus and started absorbing it.

Slowly… a transformation happened to it again…


Everyone sighed in relief and eventually walked out of the spikey ball area safely.

After reaching the other side safely, they all gave their thanks to Ji Mo Ya.

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