Chapter 67 – Dragon-Claw Hand

Blacklight Mantis, Rank 2 Elite

Their shining black carapace provided it with a relatively strong defense and when combined with the attack power of its scythes, it made the Blacklight Mantis very formidable.

A pity they were only Rank 2.

Both of Yang Tian’s arms instantly turned into two black scythes that were even larger and sharper than the Blacklight Mantises’.


The Blacklight Mantises screeched and hack at Yang Tian using their sharp scythes.

The Blacklight Mantises attacked Yang Tian from both flanks, they wanted to use their formation to take down the latter.

Just as their scythes were about to shred Yang Tian into pieces, Yang Tian suddenly unleashed an explosive spin.

“Ding Ding.”

Yang Tian’s scythe arms quickly shattered the scythes of the Blacklight Mantises.

The scythe arms became longer, their target this time was the bodies of the Blacklight Mantises.

“Rip Rip”

The Blacklight Mantises’ hard carapace could not even block that strike and was pierced through, this also signified that the lives of the Blacklight Mantises have reached an end.

The bodies of the Blacklight Mantises split into two halves without any resistance.

“Go, block him for me.”

Guo Gang was shocked at the terrifying display of Yang Tian’s fighting ability, the two Blacklight Mantises were his core fighting strength and most Rank 2 Metahumans would not be able to win them, yet they were instantly killed this time.

Xu San was also astonished. Since the Blacklight Mantises were killed, it will also be the same outcome for him. However, Guo Gang told him to go, was that not telling him to die?

“What are you hesitating for?”

Guo Gang’s dissatisfied voice reached Xu San’s ears.

Xu San had no choice but to follow the order because he knew that Guo Gang still possessed a few more insects.


Xu San shouted as he charged towards Yang Tian.

“I initially wanted to keep you, but it looks like I can’t anymore.”

Yang Tian lifted his scythes and aimed towards the charging Xu San.

Flame Tackle? Not right.

Xu San used Flame Tackle, but the target was not Yang Tian.

Running away?

Indeed Xu San was running away. Using the additional charging speed gained from Flame Tackle, Xu San made a quick escape for his life. Xu San was not an idiot and knew that he will turn out like the Blacklight Mantises if he charges towards Yang Tian.

“F*** you.”

Guo Gang cursed loudly.

Yang Tian did not chase after Xu San, his target was Guo Gang in front of him.

“Who the heck are you?”

Guo Gang managed to calm his emotions and looked at Yang Tian solemnly. Entomancers are Metahumans that relied on Mental Power as well, Guo Gang was able to sense that the creature in from of him possessed intelligence.

“Hahahaha! You must always be prepared for death when living in the Post-Apocalyptic Era, your question is such a joke.”

Yang Tian slowly approached Guo Gang, when Yang Tian was only five meters away from Guo Gang, the black scythe slashed forward.


A black “crystal” blocked Yang Tian’s attack.

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Obsidian Roach, Early-Stage Rank 3 Mutated Beast

So Guo Gang still has a trump card but it was only a Common-Tier, Yang Tian will not even break out a sweat. Venom was only able to display the power of an Early-Stage Rank 3 due to its injuries, but it was an Elite-Tier creature.

The black crystals on the Obsidian Roach’s back provided it with terrifying defense and even a Commander-Tier might find it challenging to shatter those black crystals. The black crystals were also rather valuable materials for making protective equipment if it was taken to a Smith.

“Get me out of here.”

There’s one more?

Two Blacklight Mantis, one Obsidian Roach to delay Yang Tian, and another Obsidian Roach to burrow underground to help Guo Gang escape.

Yang Tian must admit, this Guo Gang must be quite capable to be able to obtain two Obsidian Roaches.

“You can die first!”

“Ding Ding Ding”

Yang Tian continuously hacked at the Obsidian Roach, the outstanding defenses of the black crystals were indeed hard to break, even after Yang Tian threw over a dozen attacks, black crystals do not even have a scratch.

The black crystals remained intact but the shockwave produced from the colliding forces had started to cause the Obsidian Roach to vomit blood.

Yang Tian changed his scythes into hammers.

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Unable to slash through the black crystals? Then let’s try smashing.

Yang Tian jumped and swung his black war hammers, forming a crescent arc and smashed viciously onto the Obsidian Roach’s body.


The black crystals were still intact, but the Obsidian Roach has turned into mincemeat.

Guo Gang has already escaped for some time, it would be hard to chase after him now. However, Yang Tian could not let Guo Gang off. Guo Gang is an enemy with high potential, Yang Tian must get rid of Guo Gang.

Yang Tian extracted the energy crystals from the three creatures he killed, but the Blacklight Mantises’ carapace and the black crystal of the Obsidian Roach are all pretty good smithing materials; Yang Tian would not waste them.

“Merchants wandering the universe…”

Yang Tian summoned a Planes Merchant to perform a trade.

It’s Lotsa Money again?

“Hello Young Man, we meet again.”

Lotsa Money greeted warmly the moment he saw Yang Tian. A Planes Merchant is a mysterious profession; no one knew how powerful they are, Lotsa Money was still able to identify Yang Tian despite his Venom form.

“What do you wish to trade this time?”

“These insects on the ground, I want to exchange for an offensive skill.”

Yang Tian currently has a myriad of attacking methods due to Venom, but he lacks an effective attacking method to support this advantage.

“Black Crystals, a pretty good smithing material.”

“Young Man, this is your exchanged item.”

A snow-white crystal slowly flew from Lotsa Money and floated in front of Yang Tian.

Skill Crystal.

The color of Skill Crystals varies, the one in front of Yang Tian was snow-white. Different skills could be recorded inside a Skill Crystal and could range from offensive to support skills; after a person absorb a Skill Crystal, they would have a 100% success of learning the recorded skill.

The Skill Crystal that Lotsa Money gave to Yang Tian was what the latter requested, an offensive skill.

“The transaction is complete, I am leaving.”

The rune disappeared along with Lotsa Money. Yang Tian’s Mental Power instantly reduced by more than half but now that his Mental Power has reached Elite-Tier, he would not collapse onto the ground like last time.

“I am curious about what skill is this.”

Yang Tian exposed his head and placed the crystal on his head.

The absorption was successful.

Dragon-Claw Hand

“So it is Shaolin’s Dragon-Claw Hand, pity there are only seven forms.”

Shaolin Dragon-Claw Hands has thirty-six forms, but only seven was recorded inside this Skill Crystal. This was also normal as Planes Merchants would never conduct a transaction that would yield a loss. Yang Tian was already satisfied that he was able to obtain seven forms of the Shaolin Dragon-Claw Hand by trading the insect materials.

Shaolin Thirty-Six Dragon-Claw Hand was actually a Rank 5 Skill; even with only seven forms, Yang Tian would still be able to display a destructive power up to the level of a Peak Rank 3.

Venom could also imitate the form of a dragon claw, this would allow the skill to display a much stronger force when Yang Tian uses the skill.

“Time to return to the Manor.”

Yang Tian disappeared from the spot and moved like black color lightning, his explosive movement speed was several times faster than Dark Crimson Fire Wolf.

When morning arrives, Yang Tian will instruct Xu Dafu and the rest to remain and defend the Manor, as well as protect Xiao Xiao.

Yang Tian plans to head to Cloud Town alone and remove the threat called Guo Gang by the roots.

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