Chapter 68 – Bronze Treasure Chest

Now that he has Venom, Yang Tian is now a Rank 3 Warrior. He would be able to solve many things alone and it would also be more convenient than traveling in a group.

After returning to the Manor, Yang Tian removed his Venom-Form.

When the first rays of light appeared in the sky, Yang Tian appeared in front of Xu Dafu.

“Bo… Boss, are you looking for me?”

“I am leaving for a few days, take care of the Manor and protect Xiao Xiao.”

“Understand, Boss.”


Yang Tian turned into Venom-form and disappeared from within the Manor.

Cloud Town had experienced a Zombie Wave and was looking like a disaster zone. Corpses filled the streets as a foul stench permeates the air.

To search for Guo Gang in a big place like Cloud Town was indeed quite challenging but it would be effortless if Yang Tian were looking for Xu San instead.

Xu San was still in Cloud Town.

The Violent Corpse Worm within Xu San allowed Yang Tian to know Xu San’s exact location.

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“Xu San, why did you let us go?”

Other than Xu San, were the three men that went to the Manor from before. Just that they were covered in injuries, anyone would know that the trio has suffered inhumane torture only by looking at them.

“If you guys remain there, you will only be tortured to death. If that’s the case, we might as well find a new place and create a new group ourselves, it is much better than suffering under Guo Gang, right?”

Xu San has betrayed Guo Gang, the former knew Guo Gang’s character well and knew that if he were to be caught, his outcome will be very miserable. As for whether Guo Gang has been killed by Yang Tian? Xu San believes that it was unlikely as only he knows how many terrifying insects were under Guo Gang’s control.

“This is medicine to heal your injuries.”

Xu San had saved the three men from their base and brought along several medicines as well.

The three men did not hesitate and immediately accepted the medicine from Xu San. Their injuries were too severe, if they were to continue being tortured, they would not last for long.

The medications that Xu San took were all used on them.

“What do you think about my suggestion?”

“Xu San, do you think with just the few of us, we will be able to survive in this Post-Apocalyptic World?”

“You guys still want to return to his side? Do you think that he will want you guys?”

The ‘he’ in Xu San’s words was Yang Tian. The trio had certainly thought about what Xu San had said, but they knew that with their abilities, forming a group with Xu San would only mean being Xu San’s underlings. When the time comes that will require them to be sent to their death, they will have no way to escape.

“If that’s the case… we…”

Before the three men could continue, a black spike appeared on each of their chests.

“All of you deserves to die.”

The three spikes lifted them up and threw them away, they landed on the ground and watched the black monster with eyes filled with unwillingness.

They initially thought that they have escaped and survived, yet little did they expect that their lives end now.

“How… how come you are here?”

Xu San trembled with terrified eyes as he looked at Yang Tian in Venom-Form.

“Tell me where is Guo Gang hiding?”

Yang Tian lifted Xu San with an arm, a slender tongue stretched out, dripping crystal liquid on Xu San’s head.

“Don’t eat me, don’t eat me! I will tell you.”

Xu San did not really know where Guo Gang is right at that moment, but he could only reply as he fears that he would be eaten.

“Then lead the way.”

Yang Tian tossed Xu San onto the ground and Xu San knew that he could no longer escape. His only hope was to try his luck by bringing Yang Tian to their base and that Guo Gang would be there.


Yang Tian’s angry tone immediately spurred Xu San to move faster, but there were still many zombies within Cloud Town. Xu San wanted to use the zombies to delay their journey so that he could think of a plan, but Yang Tian did not give Xu San the chance to do so.

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Two black axes mowed down all those zombies blocking their path.

“If you do not want to become like them, I suggest you move faster.”

“Yes… yes.”

Guo Gang’s base was a large supermart; there were no Metahumans within the supermart, but several corpses of ordinary people instead. These people were all killed by Xu San when he rescued those three men.

“No one?”

“No no, Guo Gang likely hasn’t returned, he will surely come back.”

Guo Gang was not around so Xu San could only come up with a random answer to reply Yang Tian. Xu San initially no longer want to see Guo Gang ever again, but right then Xu San wanted to see Guo Gang the most.

“Then you no longer have any value.”

Yang Tian looked at Xu San with murder in his eyes, scaring the latter witless.

“No no, I still have value. I know of Guo Gang’s secret.”


“Guo Gang has a treasury where he keeps all his treasures… don’t kill me, I can bring you there.”

Xu San’s words had stopped Yang Tian’s actions.

“It’s at…”

There’s an underground warehouse in this supermart, it had been modified by Guo Gang into his personal palace. There were several naked women within that warehouse.

On a closer look, one would even discover that one of them was a popular actress during the Civilized Era.

“It’s under his bed, there is a treasure chest. All his treasures are inside.”

Xu San lift up Guo Gang’s bed and revealed a Bronze Treasure Chest underneath it.

“This is the one, but the key is with Guo Gang. Every time he returned from outside, the first thing he would check was this chest. Guo Gang will definitely return here, all we need to do is to wait.”

“Can… can you let me… go?”

Just as Xu San was about to ask for his reward, a black flash appeared in front of him. The next moment, Xu San had turned into two halves on the ground. The Violent Corpse Worm inside Xu San had also been retrieved by Yang Tian and kept inside the Violent Corpse Worm Matrix.

“I have already given a long time extension for you, else you would have been murdered by the other three long ago.”

If Yang Tian had not planted a Violent Corpse Worm inside of Xu San, the latter would have been killed by the three men when they returned and Xu San would not even have the chance to talk to Yang Tian now.

However, Guo Gang’s luck was pretty good, to think that he managed to obtain a Bronze Treasure Chest.

It has only been more than ten days after the Apocalypse, and Guo Gang had two Rank 3 Obsidian Roaches and obtained a Bronze Treasure Chest as well. If given enough time, Guo Gang would likely become a formidable character who had control of a region.

Each Bronze Treasure Chest held a magic tool within, just that a key is required to open the chest. It was evident that Guo Gang has yet to open this Bronze Treasure Chest, which also meant that Guo Gang has yet to find a key to open it.

A Bronze Treasure Chest cannot be forced open, or the treasure inside will disappear, a key is required to open it.

“Thud thud.”


Yang Tian used Examine and discovered that Guo Gang has returned to the supermart. When the latter noticed the bodies on the floor, he immediately remembered the escaped Xu San and his expression turned ugly.

“That f****** Xu San.”

When he returned to his personal palace, Guo Gang saw the lifted bed board, his expression turned even uglier.

“Still here? Xu San is dead?”

Guo Gang walked to the side of the bed board and saw that the Bronze Treasure Chest was still there, as well as the split corpse of Xu San.

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