Chapter 69 – The Army

“No need to thank me.”

A voice that made Guo Gang feel like he was in an ice cavern appeared behind him.

“How did you find this place?”

Guo Gang’s Obsidian Roach appeared beside him. After having one Rank 3 Obsidian Roach and two Rank 2 Blacklight Mantises killed, Guo Gang was currently in an extremely weak state due to the severe backlash. Just to recover from the damage would require a long time.

“Will you believe it if I say I am just lucky?”

The long slender tongue continuously swayed, stressing Guo Gang greatly. Guo Gang knew that one Obsidian Roach would not be enough to fight Yang Tian, but a person in dire straits like him would always hope for a fluke.  

“Don’t force me, even if I am to die, I will also not let you have it easy!”

“Oh? Do try.”

Yang Tian did not believe that a weakened Entomancer could amount to anything much, the former turned his fingers into ten sharp knives that released a cold glint.

Enhance Defense

Guo Gang used the skill Enhance Defense of the Obsidian Roach, but in front of Yang Tian, the enhancement was obviously pointless.

Yang Tian’s agility was much higher than the Obsidian Roach, even in this narrow space, he could easily circle around the Obsidian Roach and instantly reach Guo Gang.

Dizzy, a wave of dizziness assaulted Yang Tian, causing Yang Tian’s attack to stop in mid-air.

Frost Dragon, Abyssal Gorilla, Bone Dragon… all the powerful opponents that Yang Tian had encountered in his previous life appeared in front of him, but Yang Tian could only look at them helplessly.

“Dammit, I got hit by a skill.”

Yang Tian immediately noticed that something was wrong, he used his Rank 2 Mental Power to slice apart the images in front of him. When Yang Tian woke up, Guo Gang and the Obsidian Roach was already gone.


Guo Gang used the Terror skill, it was a very formidable skill that could cause the enemy to fall into terror. Guo Gang’s luck was truly pretty good to have also comprehended Terror.

With a strong enough Mental Power, Guo Gang will be able to cause his enemies to sink in endless terror. However, it was a pity that Guo Gang was currently too weak and Yang Tian’s Mental Power was also stronger, that was why the latter was able to shake off Terror so quickly.

“Run? It is impossible to run.”

The Obsidian Roach has burrowed underground with Guo Gang, Yang Tian combined his arms and transformed it into a massive drill.


The black drill started turning quickly, Yang Tian aimed it at the hole they disappeared into and dive into it. Yang Tian’s movement speed underground was no slower than the burrowing speed of the Obsidian Roach.

Yang Tian eventually detected Guo Gang and Obsidian Roach in front of him.

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“Time to die!”

Yang Tian increased the drill’s turning speed and instantly caught up to them; the destructive drill head was targeted at Guo Gang’s head.

Guo Gang had also noticed that Yang Tian was behind him, but he was unable to do anything underground to stop him and could only helplessly watch as the black drill pierced his body.


Under the destructive force of the drill, Guo Gang’s body was shredded into pieces and turned into mincemeat.

“A pity you encounter me, else your development will surely not be low.”

The Obsidian Roach regained its freedom upon Guo Gang’s death and immediately burrowed even deeper. As Yang Tian was unable to unleash his full attacking power underground, he was unable to kill the Obsidian Roach.

Killing Guo Gang was enough for Yang Tian, so the latter returned to the underground warehouse. The Bronze Treasure Chest was rather heavy, which was why Xu San did not bring it along when he left.

But where can he find a Bronze Key?

Yang Tian was planning to head to F City next, it was impossible for him to bring a piece of big baggage like the Bronze Treasure Chest along with him.

Yang Tian returned the Bronze Treasure Chest underneath the bed and shifted the bed to its original position. As for the body of Xu San, Yang Tian had tossed it to the ground level of the supermart.

As for those actresses in the underground warehouse, they would subconsciously open their legs when Yang Tian approached them. Similar to Wang Yu when they first found her; these women suffered under Guo Gang’s torture and were no longer thinking clearly, just that Wang Yu had been lucky and met Guan Qing Xue who was a Radiant Angel.

What to do with these women? Kill them all?

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“I might as well make them help me guard the Bronze Treasure Chest.”

Yang Tian canceled Venom-Form and used his Mental Power to slowly restore their minds.

“Wuu wuu”

The moment they recovered, the women started crying loudly. They were all famous up-and-coming actresses with a bright future ahead who only need to occasionally sacrifice their bodies. However, the arrival of the Apocalypse had caused them to meet Guo Gang, turning them into mindless flesh.

They were filled with hate, yet they were also very helpless about it because in this Post-Apocalyptic World, they were only weaklings and weaklings do not have a choice over their own lives.

“Thank you, Savior.”

A couple of the actresses did possess a stronger tolerance and knew that Yang Tian was the one who had saved them. If all of them continued to cry out loud, Yang Tian might not be able to endure and might just kill them.

“What is your name?”

“I am Fan Xiao Bing.”

Fan Xiao Bing was also the most famous amongst the group and had been the lead actress for many drama series; she also has the highest popularity amongst them. However, she was no different from any group of ordinary humans now.

“You should be familiar with this supermart, I want all of you to help me look after the underground warehouse.”

“But we…”

Yang Tian planted a Violent Corpse Worm inside Fan Xiao Bing.

After a series of pain, Fan Xiao Bing felt a power coursing through her body and she had then understood Yang Tian’s intention.

“I understand now, Savior.”

“Don’t call me Savior, I should be your Master.”

Fan Xiao Bing was only an ordinary person, after forming a symbiosis with the Violent Corpse Worm, she had inherited all the attributes and power. She also subconsciously viewed Yang Tian as her master, that was why she did not display any apprehension when she calls Yang Tian as Master.

“Yes, Master.”

“Decide for yourself about what you need to do here. I hope that all of you will still be alive when I return.”

Yang Tian did not reveal his Venom-Form in front of them because people tend to accept a human as their master more easily than a monster as their master.

F City was a large city, there would undoubtedly be a Bronze Key somewhere inside.

The existence of the Bronze Treasure Chests was similar to Devil Fruits, they were items from other planes that fell on Earth due to the unstable magnetic field that occurred during the arrival of Apocalypse.

The items within Bronze Treasure Chests were relatively much lower in grade than the other two types of treasure chests.

Several corpses littered the highway linking Cloud City to F City, not only were those human bodies, there were bodies of different creatures as well. This highway was located at the edge of F City’s zombie wave, so it was natural that it got affected as well.

“Vroom Vroom”

The sound of a car engine?

The change in Earth’s magnetic field has crippled all electronic equipment, but some vehicles and other transports that relied solely on fuel were still functional. A small portion of these vehicles was still affected, but most of them were still usable.

“That’s an armored vehicle belonging to the military police located on the borders of F City.”

When Yang Tian saw the fast-moving vehicle, he instantly recognized its origin.

The Apocalypse had caused the appearance of mutated beasts and man-eating insects in various cities, it was impossible for the army to just look on without lifting a finger.

This group was likely a rescue squad heading to F City and were armed to the teeth.

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