Chapter 814 – Hatred

Two-Faced Venerate Emperor, Give Me A Hug: Chapter 814 – Hatred

Two sand drawings disappeared after they completed their purpose. A gust of wind started blowing and two new sand drawings appeared in the next moment.

The pair exchanged a gaze and smiled; they must grab hold of as many opportunities like this as possible and so they returned to focus their attention on the sand drawings.

At other places, the people who were able to comprehend the sand drawings were also increasing. However, those who were able to understand much were few.

Of those who manage to comprehend, there were some who expressed their joy outwardly while some who hid their satisfaction; secretly, there were also some who were expressionless and tried to learn as quickly and as much as possible.

Even more were unable to comprehend anything and could only blankly stare at the sand drawings.

Gusts would appear suddenly and cause some sand drawings to disappear and reappear at another location.

Those who just manage to understand something had their comprehension broken when the sand drawings disappeared.

Those who were unable to comprehend anything would sometime touch the sand drawings by accident, their touch causing the sand drawing to fall onto the ground, and no longer be able to form sand drawings.

Those who were shrewd schemed to disrupt the opportunities of others since they were unable to learn anything.

And did their best to touch the sand drawings in front of others.

Many who were at a critical stage of their enlightenment were disrupted and were caught in a bottleneck.

These people would never let things slide just like that and immediately fought with those shrewd individuals.

The fights in turn affected even more people. Many started to fear being affected, but there were also others who were confident about protecting the sand drawing in front of them such as Snow Girl and Shang Qiu Meng Qian. Thus so, the Sand City fell into chaos.

Bai Li Zi Xi was not far from the Snow Girl when she landed in the Sand City, and had naturally witnessed Snow Girl being the first person to start comprehending the sand drawings.

Bai Li Zi Xi felt that her talent was no weaker than the Snow Girl yet she had been losing to the latter ever since she entered the hidden realm so jealousy and hate have been festering in her heart since a long time ago.

She also saw Ji Mo Ya holding Huan Qing Yan’s hand, that sight causing her to feel more hatred.

Only her last bit of logic held her back; it was telling her that with Ji Mo Ya’s protection, she would not be able to touch Huan Qing Yan. Thus she endured with a bleeding heart.

She walked away and located a sand wall; after spending a great effort to calm her emotions, she finally managed to comprehend the sand drawing.

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She managed to learn a technique but it was rather weak, yet she knew that it was better than nothing.

Bai Li Zi Xi felt that this location might not have a good Fengshui and decided to change a place.

There was no one in the new location and after walking for a hundred meters, she finally saw a new set of sand drawing forming in front of her.

Just as she was about to approach, a shadow flashed by, it used a finger to touch the newly formed sand drawing and the drawing turned into ordinary sand.

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Bai Li Zi Xi’s anger instantly flared up, her finger twitched and she was just about to summon her spirit treasure.

When she noticed that the sand that fell had begun to slowly condense, there seemed to be something moving underneath the sand.

Bai Li Zi Xi instantly circulates her spirit energy and retreated several steps, looking at that spot in the alert.

A short moment later a yellow figure came out of the sand, it was a Sandman.

The Sandman was about the height of a person, it had a humanoid form made of yellow sand, and was floating in the air.

The Sandman did not have any facial features, but the moment it appeared, it charged towards Bai Li Zi Xi when it detected her.

The Sandman was filled with killing intent.

Bai Li Zi Xi had already been preparing for that so she moved her body to evade the charge while sending a palm strike at the Sandman. She gauged that the Sandman should scatter apart after she struck it.

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