Chapter 815 – Cousin Save Me!

However, the Sandman twisted its body and evaded her attack; it even copied Bai Li Zi Xi and sent an exact palm strike attack at her as well.

Shock appeared in Bai Li Zi Xi’s eyes.

The way the Sandman twisted its body was the same move that she had just used but the Sandman had mirrored her actions and shifted its body to attack her using the same method.

Bai Li Zi Xi initially thought that she had managed to avoid the attack, but the quick movements of the Sandman meant that she had only prevented a critical injury; the attack landed on her elbow causing burning pain.

She had been poisoned during the battle with the Oyster King and had encountered the demons when she was in the Earth Layer as well, all the injuries she had received so far were not completely healed yet.

had it not been for those things, the Sandman’s attack would not have landed on her.

What made her startled even more was that the attack power of the Sandman was not weaker than hers had her body been at prime condition.

This was not a Sandman, it was an exact replica of herself.

As Bai Li Zi Xi was feeling shocked, the Sandman continued to rain attacks on her. No matter what moves she used, the Sandman will immediately copy it. After exchanging several blows, the Sandman’s attack speed had increased to a point that she was unable to react, causing her to be in a sorry state.

Due to a moment of error, the Sandman’s attack landed on her chest; Bai Li Zi Xi saw black and tasted blood in her mouth…

At the same time, cries were heard within the Sand City.

Countless Sandmen had suddenly come out from the ground.

As the Sand Drawings suddenly disappeared, one Sandman after another appeared and charged towards the nearest person, dealing lethal attacks with every strike.

What was even weirder was once a Sandman found a target, it only attacked that person. Moreover, the strength of the Sandman would precisely match the one who they attacked; even the techniques used were the same as their targets.

It was as though the people were attacking their own shadows, a shadow that knew itself the best.

Many people were either caught unprepared or were unable to react in time, and they vomited blood after they had to receive a replicated move from a Sandman.

Huan Qing Yan and Ji Mo Ya’s location were not very secluded from the main area, but everyone was prudent enough to stay away from their area.

Everyone was here to seek out opportunities and unless they were intellectually incapacitated, they would not want to offend the number one person of the new generation and his woman just because they were unable to comprehend some sand drawings.

For the same reason, forces and individuals like the Snow Girl and the Shang Qiu Clan were also generally avoided by others.

The pair woke up from their next enlightenment and heard cries coming from everywhere.

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Ji Mo Ya frowned before hugging Huan Qing Yan, just as the former wanted to call out his Dragon Spirit Treasure, someone suddenly ran towards them. It was unknown if the person was too caught up in fear of being chased or deliberately approached them.

However, the person had brought along a Sandman and was running towards Ji Mo Ya; on top of that, the person’s speed was also quite fast.

Ji Mo Ya gathered spirit energy in his hands, preparing to unleash it anytime.

When the approaching person got close, it was actually Mu Rong Xin Nuo, panic colored her face while her hair was in disarray, making her look extremely battered and exhausted.

When she lifted her face and saw Ji Mo Ya, she immediately looked happy, “Cousin, cousin save me!”

She dashed directly to him, aiming to fall into Ji Mo Ya’s arms.

Huan Qing Yan was very annoyed, Handsome Ya’s arms could only hold a cute chick like her; other foxy bitches can forget about it!

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Just as Huan Qing Yan was about to stop Mu Rong Xin Nuo, Ji Mo Ya had acted already. With a light flick of his hand, Mu Rong Xin Nuo was pushed to one side, at least Ji Mo Ya still had some conscience.

At the same time that he pushed away Mu Rong Xin Nuo, he blocked the Sandman chasing after her too.

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