Chapter 184: Aftermath

After hanging up with Liu Fei Hong, Su Ke2Su KeMain Character finally calmed down.

Only then did he realize that his head was covered in sweat, dripping down his forehead and painfully flowing into the corner of his eyes.

The man in front of him was lying silently on the ground, eyes open and staring at the starry sky, looking like he had died with grievances.

“You can’t blame me; you wanted to kill me!”

Su Ke had to keep convincing himself that it was self-defense.

When he finally calmed down, he pulled off the man’s mask.

“Wu Ao Ran?”

Su Ke was momentarily shocked when he confirmed who it was.

No wonder he felt like the voice was so familiar.

He didn’t expect it would be the Wu Ao Ran he had a conflict with at Jin Se Hua Nian though.

The second time Su Ke met him, he went to Fang Fei Yi Ren1Fang Fei Yi RenThe beauty parlour Su Ke works at and the one Luo Fei Yan owns to find Lang Ming.

He actually came to kill him!

Su Ke could confirm that Wu Ao Ran wanted his life, if not, his killing intent wouldn’t be so obvious. Additionally, he also felt like he was about to die, especially that black dagger, which looked like a military knife that had a very strong destructive power.

However, they didn’t have any irreconcilable grievances, so he was rather confused.

Thinking until here, Su Ke sobered up. He glanced at his bicycle a few feet away and his eyes fell on the large suitcase. It was stuffed with a large amount of money, becoming his death sentence.

Wu Yi Ren!    

Wu Yi Ren is currently the most likely suspect. Su Ke had blackmailed him for four million, after all. Also, since he was able to find Lang Ming to cause trouble at Fang Fei Yi Ren, then he would also naturally know Wu Ao Ran.

Once he put two and two together, the fog in his head lifted as he thought about next steps, “What exactly should I do?”

His mind started to swirl as he thought about what to do with the body. Even though Liu Fei Hong told him not to worry and that she would send people over to settle things, how should he deal with the 4 million?


Liu Fei Hong was the only person he could trust at the moment. but what should he do if she finds out how he got the four million? Su Ke was at a loss as he thought about it.

Money can move people’s hearts, but it can also cost you your life!

He continuously took in deep breaths and clenched his fists tightly.

Su Ke then suddenly stood up and rushed towards the suitcase.

He carried it with great effort and ran towards the white birch trees next to the plaza.

He dug a dirt hole and hid the suitcase inside before heading back and picking up Wu Ao Ran’s corpse. If he didn’t have Jeet Kune Do (Expert), Su Ke wouldn’t have been able to move Wu Ao Ran. Upon death, a person becomes inexplicably heavier.

People say that this is what “deadweight (1)” means.


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In the same way, he brought the corpse to the white birch forest, exerting a lot of effort to arrange it well. He then leaned him against the tree, so if someone saw, they would just assume that he’s cooling off. Time passed slowly asWu Ao Ran’s corpse became colder and colder.

Su Ke checked his phone and saw that it was almost 10:40 pm.

He would usually be home by now, so he called his parents to tell them that he was safe to ease their worries. The cars on the street were pitifully few. Su Ke sat to one side as he anxiously waited, like a fishbone stuck in the throat, feeling at a loss of what to do.

At this moment, a black SUV slowly stopped outside the plaza.

Su Ke’s eyes immediately brightened once he recognized Ma Meng’s car.

However, he stayed cautious and observant as he stared coldly at the car.

Bang! From the driver’s side, a tall and sturdy figure alighted, followed by the sound of the car door slamming closed. Under the streetlamp, the person’s face slowly became clear.

Crew-cut hair, army green shirt, matching pants, and combat boots like when they first met; forever in this outfit.

Su Ke quickly ran over and exclaimed, “Brother Meng!”

“En! What happened?” Ma Meng’s face was very grim.

After he got out of the car, he carefully surveyed their surroundings, even observing the streetlamp above them, making sure that there were no monitoring devices.

“It’s Wu Ao Ran!”

Su Ke didn’t see Liu Fei Hong, but with Ma Meng there, his nerves began to relax

As Su Ke spoke, he pointed towards the figure leaning against the tree, “I don’t know why, but when I was heading home, he suddenly rushed at me with a dagger in his hand!”

Only after he said that did he realize that he didn’t know where the dagger had dropped.

He quickly glanced around before locating the black metal and running over to pick it up.

Once he did so, he ran back over to Ma Meng and handed it to him.

Ma Meng narrowed his eyes as he looked at the dagger in his hands and said, “M9 military knife?” The black carbon knife shone with a dangerous gleam; it’s a sharp blade with serrated edges.

Before Su Ke could continue, Me Mang directly walked into the white birch forest.

He looked down, and as expected, there’s no mistake it was Wu Ao Ran.

He didn’t say much as he placed the corpse over his shoulder.

Biii! The trunk of the SUV opened before he carelessly tossed the person inside.

Only then did he speak, “You don’t have to be so afraid; Sister Fei Hong will settle this for you!”

“Then I -!”

Su Ke hesitated as Ma Meng cut him off.

Ma Meng was exceptionally severe, but his gaze was calm, “It’s fine. Just do what you normally do! However, don’t go find Sister Fei Hong within the next two days, and don’t tell anyone about today. Remember, even if it’s sleeptalking, you can’t tell anyone about this! Understand?”

He then patted Su Ke on the shoulder, “You awesome brat! Being able to kill Wu Ao Ran is quite a feat! I was scared when I got the call.”

Only then did Ma Meng give a mysterious smile before he got into the car.

Watching the black SUV slowly leave the plaza, bringing Wu Ao Ran’s corpse further and further away, Su Ke stood in his original position, unmoving.

His breathing had finally calmed as he stood there.

At this moment, he realized that he had a lot of scrapes and bruises all over his arms, blood already starting to congeal on his skin

His body felt rather weak as he weakly stumbled over to his bike.

Even after taking a fall, the bike was completely fine, bringing Su Ke all the way to the Sunshine district.

Around half an hour later, Su Ke’s figure appeared at the plaza once again.

He ran towards the white birch forest, grabbing the suitcase and bringing it to his basement.

At 12 midnight, Su Ke’s eyes were wide open as he looked at the ceiling.

His eyes were bloodshot and his breathing was erratic.

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Four million was now in his hands, but he killed Wu Ao Ran.

What exactly should he do now?


  1. Raw directly translates to “death sink”, which means that the person weighs more after death. The English equivalent would be deadweight, I think.
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