Chapter 319: Please Believe Me (17)

Zhuang Nai Nai toss and turn on her bed, unable to sleep.  She is originally impatient to begin with.  Now that she is thrust under such a circumstances, she becomes even more impatient.

She sits up on the bed before pacing inside the room.

She can hear some noise from the study; is Si Zheng Ting still awake?

She runs up to the balcony and can see that the light inside the study is still on.  Her eyes light up.  She jogs back into the room and puts on a thin coat before quickly making her way towards the study.

The moment she reaches the door, she stops, remembering that Gu Xing Shan’s arrival has made him unhappy today.

She sighs, lowering her head.  Some things need to be said clearly in order for things to get better.

But still, will Si Zheng Ting bother to listen to her explanation?  Will he believe her if she tells him that his mother hired someone to run over her mother and that was why she took the money on the first place?

She purses her lips, a little dejected.  She turns around; perhaps they should talk tomorrow.

Just as she intends to walk away, the door cracks open.  She turns around in surprise and can smell the thick smoke of cigarette from inside the room.

He is standing there, holding his coat, definitely not expecting to see her there judging from the slight surprise on his face.

The dim light on the ceiling cast a golden shadow upon them.

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For a second, everything is quiet.

She looks at him, while he, her.

His eyes look pained for a moment before that look is replaced by icy frostiness.

Zhuang Nai Nai struggles with herself, not knowing what to say.

His eyes become colder the longer the silence passes.

She clears her throat, “Uh, this….. Are you going out, Si Zheng Ting?”

“En,” he merely says before looking away.  Is she that eager to help Gu Enterprise and have her mother back?

His heart becomes even more irritable at that.  Just as Zhuang Nai Nai is about to speak, he walks past her.

Zhuang Nai Nai: ……………

She looks at him in surprise as he reaches the staircase.

The dim hallway light casts him a long shadow.

Although his back looks relaxed and despite him being way taller than her, she does not know why he looks so lonely at that moment.

She has no idea what she thinks too, as she runs up to him and hugs him from behind.

She can feel him stiffening.  Just as he is about to forcibly push her away, she tightens her arms around him, “Don’t go, Si Zheng Ting!”

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