Chapter 183: I Killed Someone

Su Ke2Su KeMain Character bent his knee and swung his leg diagonally upwards, suddenly exploding in power. Coincidentally, the man in black also did the same thing as their legs met in mid-air.


The mysterious person’s body was like concrete as he felt a sharp pain in his leg as if it was fractured.  

From the impact, his other foot slipped out from under him and he fell backwards.

Once the mysterious man saw Su Ke fail a key moment, his eyes brightened. From their exchange, he knew Su Ke’s skill level, but he didn’t expect him to have such hidden talent.

He’s so young, yet their roughly the same.

He couldn’t make his move earlier, but now he had a chance once the brat fell.

Su Ke was shocked as he fell.

He placed his hands on the ground and struggled to get up, but the man lifted his leg and aimed for the spot between Su Ke’s legs. It was seriously vicious, but Su Ke’s lips curled up into a fleeting smile in response.

“Just nice!” Su Ke inwardly cried out.

He exerted some strength and drew his waist in tight as he used his heels to prop himself up, but his body didn’t rise up completely. Instead, he kicked out with his legs, bypassing the man’s outstretched leg and putting it in a scissorhold.

Su Ke’s movements were very fast and caused the man to hesitation.

That’s when he took the opportunity to suddenly shift his body and lock the man’s legs together.   Once the Jeet Kune Do locking skill was unleashed, it was like a crocodile had opened its mouth to tightly bite onto a person.   

Like a crocodile death roll, Su Ke exerted strength in his waist and suddenly rolled.

The strength in his body was transferred onto the man’s legs. The two of them were like a triangular frame as Su Ke suddenly sat up while the other man suddenly fell to the ground.

He tried to twist his body using his hands, but Su Ke purposefully fell in order to facilitate this attack. How could he let the man do what he wanted? He continued to lock the man’s legs together and stretched his hands out, grabbing the man’s neck and pulling it backward.

The man’s posture was like a boat as his two ends stuck up, his body stretched tautly.

He could feel the strength within his muscles struggling as he continuously twisted his body.

The man very quickly used all of his strength to grab Su Ke’s arms and push them apart.

His two hands were like iron pliers, but Su Ke’s Jeet Kune Do mastery also increased his strength. The two people were like a two-man saw.

Su Ke could even hear the cracking of bones when his arms grabbed onto the man’s neck.


Su Ke clenched his right hand into a fist and crazily smashed it against the man’s temple.

One hit after another, his speed was very fast and his strength was out of control.

If people saw Su Ke’s appearance, they would definitely be scared to death. His eyes were red, the muscles on his were trembling continuously as he gasped for breath. At this time, the street looked like it had been blocked off; not even half a shadow of a person could be seen.

The sound of the hits had a rhythmic beauty. Right now, Su Ke seemed to have gone crazy. His right fist was like a bullet, continuously pulling back and punching forth. The pain from his fingers had long gone numb. Red blood stained his fist and it was impossible to tell who the blood belonged to.

When Su Ke regained his mind, the man had already stopped reacting. His left arm was stilled locked around the man’s neck, pulling the head backward. The sound of the hits using his right fist was like hitting a sandbag. The man’s whole body seemed to have become limp, completely motionless.

His right fist suddenly stopped in midair and a sense of dread suddenly erupted. Su Ke was like a statue as he held his position, his body rigid.

Deathly stillness; the entire street was deserted. The streetlamps were a faint yellow and the night wind was blowing across. His entire body was covered in goosebumps. Su Ke was on the man’s back, one arm across his neck and the other was suspended in midair.

He didn’t know how long had passed. Su Ke’s right fist trembled as he opened it, slowly moving to right below the man’s nose. There was no breath and he was startled. Unconsciously, he released his other arm and rolled off the guy, his eyes stretched wide.  

Without Su Ke holding him up, this man was even more like mud as he collapsed onto the ground.


“He’s dead!” These two words suddenly appeared in Su Ke’s mind, like a hammer had struck it into his heart. His vigor was immediately snuffed out and a sense of chilliness pervaded his body like he was standing in a world of ice and snow; he shuddered unceasingly.   

“Hu!” He took deep breaths without stopping, his hands were clenched tightly into fists until his fingers turned white. But the dark red on his right fist was like plum blossoms, very eye-catching.

He moved closer, step by step, then squatted by the man. He gritted his teeth then flipped the man around. He didn’t know whether it was because of his fear or because of the fight just now that caused all his strength to dissipate. When the man was facing up, Su Ke fell to the ground, paralysed.


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The acute sound of his pounding heart and his rough breaths interwove. Su Ke once again exerted strength to reach out his hand and press against the man’s chest. It was still like stagnant water, not even a single wave.  

He gulped audibly. Su Ke pulled his body back and trembled continuously like a dried up tree in autumn.  

“He’s really dead! Really dead! I’ve killed someone!”

His mind was blank. Escape? Give himself up? What to do? Exactly what should he do?

Su Ke was stunned. Facing a slowly cooling corpse, the only thought in the 18-year-old youth’s head was that he was doomed!

At this moment, like lightning that streaked across the sky, he suddenly remembered the notification sound from the system. Su Ke unconsciously entered the space and saw that a new task had appeared on the screen.

“Task: Acquire Liu Fei Hong’s Help; Reward: RMB 100.”

“Liu Fei Hong! Liu Fei Hong!” Su Ke’s mind flashed this name. Instantly, it was like he had seen the light at the end of the tunnel, like he had grabbed onto a life buoy when he was drowning; he couldn’t stop mumbling her name as he fished out his phone, trembling.

“Beep beep,” the sound of the phone’s dial tone. Su Ke didn’t dare make a sound as he anxiously waited. In this situation, only Liu Fei Hong, who has been in this society for a few years, could help him.

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“Wei! Su Ke?”

“Sis, Sister Fei Hong, it’s me! Something happened!” Su Ke stammered out.

“Don’t panic, what happened?” Liu Fei Hong’s voice was very calm as it slowly came through like a tranquilizer. Instantly, Su Ke felt like he had found his pillar. He looked at the man who was like mud and took a deep breath, “Sister Fei Hong, I killed someone!”

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