Chapter 64 – Rage Boost

Rage Boost: Able to increase the strength of any part of your body, the more robust the physique is, the higher the strength increases.

Eight-Arm Irascible Zombie activated Rage Boost, its arms immediately got larger and one could quickly notice the massive amount of power hiding within the arms.


Other than the two arms on its back, the Eight-Arm Irascible Zombie used its remaining arms to block the Wilderness Wolfman’s Flame Tackle.

The Eight-Arm Irascible Zombie was pushed back ten steps before it successfully blocked the Wilderness Wolfman.

The Wilderness Wolfman did not expect the strength of the Eight-Arm Irascible Zombie to be so high that it could easily block its Flame Tackle.


Seeing that Flame Tackle was not effective, Wilderness Wolfman used its other skill immediately. However, how can two arms be stronger than eight?


An injury for an injury.

Wilderness Wolfman’s Smash struck the body of Eight-Arm Irascible Zombie, but the eight arms of Eight-Arm Irascible Zombie had attacked Wilderness Wolfman as well.

The Eight-Arm Irascible Zombie only retreated a few steps with two white marks on its chest. However, the Wilderness Wolfman was sent flying by the attack, vomiting blood.

They were both Rank 2 Combined forms, but the strength of the Eight-Arm Irascible Zombie was more than double than that of the Wilderness Wolfman.

After landing, the Wilderness Wolfman also understood the gap between them. The two Violent Corpse Worms in its heart started bestowing more power to the Wilderness Wolfman.

The size of the Wilderness Wolfman increased once again, exceeding the size of the Eight-Arm Irascible Zombie. Fiery-red hair appeared on its body, while two bull horns appeared on the head of the Wilderness Wolfman.

The Violent Corpse Worms gave twice the amount of power bestowed to an individual, causing the Wilderness Wolfman to possess a form closer to a Flame Yak.

Dual Flame Tackle

The charging power of the skill was no longer on the body but gathered on the horns of the Wilderness Wolfman.

A faint red pulse encased the bull horns, it is phenomenon would only appear when one’s power had reached a certain degree.

This time, can you still block it?

The horns were aimed at the white marks on the Eight-Arm Irascible Zombie’s body where Smash struck. Eight arms tried to grab the bull horns but failed due to the powerful charging force.

The eight arms were pushed apart, the blow by flaming bull horns caused the Eight-Arm Irascible Zombie to fly away.

On its chest, those white marks replaced by two bleeding holes.

The hands that tried to grab the bull horns were also covered in scorch marks.

The Eight-Arm Irascible Zombie fell onto the ground but the Wilderness Wolfman was not complacent. It gathered power on its legs and prepared to deal another blow on the Eight-Arm Irascible Zombie.

The legs covered in flames steps down onto the Eight-Arm Irascible Zombie.


Just as the Wilderness Wolfman was about to succeed, another huge zombie appeared and pushed it away.

Six-Arm Irascible Zombie

When the remaining three Irascible Zombies saw that the Eight-Arm Irascible Zombie was at a disadvantage position, they quickly combined and went to assist the latter.

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The Six-Arm Irascible Zombie has two pair of arms, one on its chest and the other on its back. It does not have a higher strength than the Wilderness Wolfman so it only managed to push the Wilderness Wolfman away because of inattention.

“Boss, we are unable to help in a fight between such body sizes!”

Xu Dafu said with some worry, they might all be Rank 2, but with an apparent gap between them. The fighting power of the Wilderness Wolfman and Irascible Zombies was equivalent to a Rank 3, their large bodies were their advantage.

“Clean up the zombie horde first.”

Without the Irascible Zombies, it was literally a one-sided battle for them now.

When the size expands, weaknesses will also expand; so Yang Tian did not think that having a larger body was a good thing.

For a Beast Tamer or a Summoner, between a giant enemy and an ambusher in the night, they were more unwilling to face an ambusher in the night.


The Wilderness Wolfman roared in anger when it saw that the Six-Arm Irascible Zombie sneaked an attack on it.

The Eight-Arm Irascible Zombie and Six-Arm Irascible Zombie both acknowledged the power of the Wilderness Wolfman; six eyes exchanged a glance with eight eyes.

They combined once again.

Fourteen-Arm Irascible Zombie

Rank 2 Combined Zombie, possessing a fighting power that was equivalent to a Mid-Stage Rank 3. It has three arms on each side of its body, four arms on its back and another four on its chest. Fourteen eyeballs densely encircled its head.


After combining, the Fourteen-Arm Irascible Zombie also roared in anger. A Fourteen-Arm Irascible Zombie; it was no longer weaker than the Wilderness Wolfman.

“It is time.”

Yang Tian controlled the three Violent Corpse Worms inside the Fourteen-Arm Irascible Zombie, but the latter only felt a faint discomfort, nothing else appeared on its body.

“It won’t work, it is impossible to control a Combined Zombie of this level, even if you planted fourteen Violent Corpse Worms inside it.”

The Violent Corpse Worm Queen was unable to get the Violent Corpse Worms to control the Fourteen-Arm Irascible Zombie.

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A red mark appeared on Yang Tian’s finger.

“What are you doing me, I am feeling so much pain!”

“Stop, stop quickly!”

Not only the Violent Corpse Worm Queen, but the Violent Corpse Worms were also feeling the pain and were screaming. However, the target of Yang Tian’s mark was directed at the three Violent Corpse Worm inside the Fourteen-Arm Irascible Zombie.

As expected, the body of the Fourteen-Arm Irascible Zombie started to become abnormal; six of its arms became larger and were covered in flames.


The six flaming arms started to attack, their target was not the Wilderness Wolfman but their own body instead. The Irascible Zombie quickly used its remaining eight arms to stop the six arms.

Rage Boost

The eight arms managed to stop the six arms, which also created an opportunity for the Wilderness Wolfman to attack.

Dual Smash

The skill struck on the Irascible Zombie’s body.

No effect?

The attack power of Dual Smash was not enough to break through the defenses of the Irascible Zombie even when its body was experiencing an anomaly so the damage dealt was insufficient.

The Wilderness Wolfman was shocked for a moment and it then tried to use Flame Tackle but the results were the same. It was still unable to damage the Irascible Zombie.

On the contrary, the injuries that appeared on the Irascible Zombie’s body were all ‘self-inflicted’.

“You guys focus on attacking the eyes and nose of that huge zombie.”

“Roger Boss”




Those parts of the Irascible Zombie did not have much of a defense; the fourteen eyeballs were cleanly destroyed, none of the delicate parts escaped.


The Irascible Zombie roared with unwillingness, it knew not why it was unable to control its body. The six arms covered in flames were also much stronger than its original strength.

“I really want to see how long you can last.”

The mark on Yang Tian’s fingertip suddenly exploded and the six arms of the Irascible Zombie also blew up. The explosive force created caused the Irascible Zombie to be in tatters; six of its eight remaining arms broke off, while the last two arms were bleeding profusely.

After the mark exploded, the Violent Corpse Worm Queen also recovered.

“Where did you learn that secret technique from?” the Violent Corpse Worm Queen weakly asked.

“What do you think?” Yang Tian replied the Violent Corpse Worm Queen, his tone strange.

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