Chapter 62 – Irascible Zombie

There are thousands of different cultivation techniques that Martialists can train in. If a Martialist wants to promote their rank, they need to absorb energy crystals to enhance their physiques and to also cultivate their Inner Energy to the same level before they can promote. The Martialists that Yang Tian encountered did not cultivate Inner Energy, and could only be considered as Pseudo Martialists as they could not be compared to the real deal.

Yang Tian was acquainted with a power Martialist in his previous life, the latter’s development could be said to be awe-inspiring and unbelievable.

When that Martialist reached Rank 2, he chose to destroy his cultivation and train from the beginning. When he reached Rank 3, he repeated and destroyed his Inner Energy again. However, he did not reset his physique along with his cultivation. Every time he restarted his cultivation, his training speed was also several times faster than before. When that Martialist reached Epic Rank and was about to destroy his cultivation again, he lacked the determination and did not proceed.

Having attained such a high level, the Martialist was unable to guarantee that he would successfully reach Legendary Rank if he repeated the cycle. However, he had once told Yang Tian this:

“If I reset my physique along with my cultivation, becoming Legendary Rank will only be a matter of time.”

However, who will have the resolve to do that in the Post-Apocalyptic World? Becoming an ordinary person again will mean that they will become even weaker than the lowest rank insect, the threat of death will loom over them at every moment.

Yang Tian’s Purple Sun Divine Art would only allow him to reach up to a Rank 2 Martialist, but to those Pseudo Martialists, the Purple Sun Divine Art was still a precious cultivation technique.

Like the Spear Martialist who was with Hu Jun, he was a Pseudo Martialist. He only possessed the physique of a Martialist of that rank, but without the support of a cultivation technique, he was unable to display the true might of a Martialist.

The Apocalypse had caused Earth to descend into chaos; for people who wanted to find a place of peace, the only likely places possible would be the holy lands of martial art such as Shaolin Temple or Wudang, etc.

Especially those elders who were already cultivating since the Civilized Age, it was not an exaggeration to use the term ‘Achieving heaven in a single bound’ to describe those individuals.

However, these people would only reveal themselves one year later and what Yang Tian did not understand was why these group of people chose to appear only after a year into the Post-Apocalyptic Era.

“Those bald donkeys are also up to no good.”

When Yang Tian became the Number One Wanted Man of the Celestial Empire in his previous life, those bald donkeys from Shaolin Temple had surrounded and attacked him countless times. However, the Wudang Sect had often assisted Yang Tian as well.

“Big Brother, you are awake.”

When Yang Tian opened his eyes, he saw Xiao Xiao looking at him.

“Big Brother, I want to go out with you this time.”


Yang Tian placed Xiao Xiao on his shoulders and walked out of the house. It was currently dusk, and the temperature was also much lower than average.

“Boss, I saw three groups of people roaming in the vicinity today.”

Xu Dafu came to Yang Tian’s side with a worried expression.

The three groups did not approach the Manor, but they were obviously running away from some trouble. As the walls of the Manor was now covered in Crazy Vines, it no longer looked like a Manor but more like a huge green rock.

“Ignore them as long as they did not come to us.”

Running away from trouble? Now was the time where many small scale zombie waves would be happening, it was already hard for Metahumans to survive, let alone the ordinary folks.

Of the three groups of people, the ordinary people within the groups were likely used as baits that would be discarded the moment the group encounters danger. Else the Metahumans in those groups would not have brought along ‘baggage’ that would slow down their traveling speed.

“Boss, a group of Metahumans who went into the back mountain earlier on has exited.”

The back mountain was the territory of the Zombie King and Wolf King, to enter that place with a team formed by humans and Metahumans was no different from seeking death. The ones running towards the Manor at that moment were the Metahumans as the ordinary people that were with them had likely become food for the Mutated Wolves and Zombies.

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“Wang Yu, bring Xiao Xiao inside the house.”

Yang Tian passed Xiao Xiao to Wang Yu, Wang Yu understood what Yang Tian wanted and brought Xiao Xiao inside the small house.

Eight Rank 1 Metahumans

“Kill them.”

Yang Tian gave the order to Crazy Vines; eight vines suddenly shot out from the walls, heading towards the eight Metahumans. Before the Metahumans could even notice what object was coming towards them, the vines had already bound onto their bodies.

“What is this darn thing?”

“Dammit, I am unable to free myself.”

As the bind of the vines increased in strength, the faces of the eight Metahumans had turned the same color as pork liver.


Eventually, the thorns on the vines pierced their hearts, and those dead bodies were turned into Crazy Vine’s fertilizers.

“Boss, over there.”

Xu Dafu pointed at the direction of Cloud Town and there was a group of zombies charging towards the Manor.

Hmm? There’s a Zombie King around, yet there were zombies who still dared to approach the Manor?

On closer look, seven Irascible Zombies were leading the group.

Rank 2 Elite Zombie Irascible Zombies

They possessed a unique trait that was similar to the Devilhounds, the ability to merge without a limit. If the seven Irascible Zombies were to combine, their combined form would be able to produce power that was equivalent to a Rank 3 Zombie.

One important thing to note was that Irascible Zombies do not fear Zombie Kings. The Irascible Zombies acted like a unique entity that are able to lead zombies but will not accept orders.

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No wonder they dared to launch a zombie wave at this area.

“This is not good. You guys should take caution.”

In an individual fight, both Dark Crimson Fire Wolf and Charmander would not fear the Irascible Zombies, but the crucial point was when the Irascible Zombies combines. The Two-Head Devilhound from before had caused Yang Tian to fall into a state of no solution. If the seven Irascible Zombies combines, they would likely become extremely terrifying.

Even the Zombie King were to appear, it might not be able to fight against the combined form of the seven Irascible Zombies.

Crazy Vine might be enough to handle the Zombie Wave, but the seven Irascible Zombies would be extremely troublesome.

“Let’s block the Zombie Wave first.”

Countless vines extended out, forming an emerald green tide that clashed with the zombies. Zombies do not fear pain, even when the vines have destroyed the legs of the zombies, the latter would still continue to attack. On the contrary, if the Crazy Vine were struck by an attack, the vine would break.

Their lack of pain receptors was what made it so difficult to deal with zombies. Unless their brains were destroyed, else the zombies would still continue to be a threat even if only their head is left intact.

“Let’s go help.”

The Crazy Vine was undoubtedly in a disadvantage against the zombies, the reproduction rate of the vines might be very high, but it also consumes a lot of energy. The Crazy Vine Matrix found that it lacked the capabilities to handle the situation the way it desired.

The Wilderness Wolfmen were the first to enter the battlefield, even the Shepherd Dog had joined the fight as well. When Dark Crimson Fire Wolf, Brain-Eating Terror Hog and Xu Dafu joined the battle, they helped to relieve quite the pressure on the Crazy Vines.

However the seven Irascible Zombies did not allow Xu Dafu and the rest to attack the Zombie Horde with ease and so they too joined the battle, creating pressure on Xu Dafu and his group.

After being targeted by the Irascible Zombies, Xu Dafu’s group could not help but divert half of their attention to deal with the Irascible Zombies.

“Don’t go out Wang Yu, just remain inside the Manor.”

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