Chapter 339: 3rd Checkpoint

Everyone above Kunlun mountain was guessing where had Cheng Yu went. Could he really be exploded into dregs?

“Luckily I had hidden inside the Jewel Cauldron. Otherwise, my chastity would be destroyed here.” Seeing how his skin had been burnt but Yu Fan, Cheng Yu felt that he had almost been turned into roasted meat.

He consumed a bottle of god water. His countenance immediately recovered to its originality, his blood and qi had also become a lot more smooth. When he recalled the sword move, he was still somewhat terrified of it. Fortunately, he had hidden in time. Otherwise, he would have been seriously injured.

When Cheng Yu saw his pathetic appearance, with his body been filled with dirt, Cheng Yu simply went into the lake that was inside the Mountain River Diagram and had a shower.

“What’s going on? Why is he not appearing after so long? Could something really had happened to him!” Qing Xu commented nervously.

Everyone was waiting for Cheng Yu to reappear. They were all hoping for Cheng Yu to recreate another miracle. However, a joss stick of time had already pasted and the battlefield had already returned back to its serenity. Yu Fan had also consumed a pile of pills and was currently recovering.

Although Cheng Yu had yet to reappear, there was still a bad premonition pounding his heart. He felt that Cheng Yu would not die so easily. Therefore, the only thing he could do now was to recover a portion of his strength as quickly as possible. Otherwise, if Cheng Yu were to really appear, he would no longer have any more fighting ability.

“Should not be. We should believe in Yu’er. His strength might be a bit weaker than his opponent but the number of treasures he had should be able to make up to the deficiency. Perhaps, he had hidden somewhere to recover.” Qing Yuanzi was feeling too optimistic either. That sword move just now wasn’t something that could be blocked by any ordinary Nascent Soul cultivator.

Besides, Cheng Yu was only an extraordinary Golden Core cultivator. If he were to be hit, he would never be able to recover anytime soon. He could only hope Cheng Yu had managed to evade this catastrophe.

“He should have died this time right?” Yuan Yangzi was also searching for Cheng Yu traces. However, he could not sense any life around. Finally, his heart could be at peace.

“He should have died. This Intensive Explosion Red Cloud Sword technique is our Kunlun heritage. Although the move being executed wasn’t the most powerful one, it was pretty decent for Yu Fan to be able to execute it. Cheng Yu must have died under this attack.” Elder Cheng commented satisfyingly.

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Although he couldn’t take revenge for his disciple personally, for Cheng Yu to die in the hands of Kunlun disciples could also be counted as his well sought for the wish.

Whoosh! Just when everyone felt that the possibility of Cheng Yu surviving was surmounted to almost none, a big cauldron suddenly dropped from the sky.

“Look! A big cauldron! Cheng Yu’s big cauldron!” Those with vivid vision immediately pointed to the sky and shouted.

“What!” This sound immediately got everyone’s attention. All of them lifted their head to look towards the battlefield. Sure enough, a big cauldron had appeared before them.

“Great!” Qing Xu cheered.

“Damn it! Couldn’t he just die?” Meanwhile, on the Yunxiao Peak, Yuan Yangzi expression had turned extremely ugly.

On the battlefield, the Jewel Cauldron flew above Yu Fan’s head, smashing itself down ruthlessly.

The moment Yu Fan saw the jewel cauldron, he was extremely shocked. When he saw the cauldron came crashing down, he immediately evaded.

Boom! The Jewel Cauldron came crashing down but Yu Fan had already escaped.

Swoosh! A person came out from the Jewel Cauldron. It was exactly the person everyone was waiting for, Cheng Yu.

“I’m so sorry to have kept everyone waiting! Just now, my shirt is in somewhat disheveled. Hence, I took some time for a shower. Hope everyone wouldn’t mind it!” Cheng Yu flung his hair around and spoke alluringly to everyone. Followingly, he beckoned his hand around to the few mountain tops.

“It’s ok! We are all supporting you! Good luck!”

“That’s right! We are all supporting you. I even bet 10 spiritual stones on you winning! You must do your best!”

“Good luck!”

“Good luck!”

“Haha. Unexpectedly, the crowd is actually so passionate. This had truly caused me to feel extremely warm. However, you seem to not welcome me!” Cheng Yu continued to wave his hand around. However, Yu Fan expression was somewhat pale and extremely ugly.

When Cheng Yu saw the backlash Yu Fan received from the attack, he felt a lot better.

“Hmph! You are truly hard to die spirit!” Yu Fan commented coldly.

“Haha. Even such a hateful Kunlun had already lasted for so long, why should I be anxious in departing from this world? I can tell that there is not much fighting strength left in you. Hand over the flag, I can let you off!” Cheng Yu laughed.

“……” Yu Fan didn’t speak but from what he saw, Cheng Yu seemed to not be injured. This caused him to feel very unexpected.

Although he wasn’t sure what happened during the time Cheng Yu had disappeared, he was sure that Cheng Yu had truly been injured after receiving the attack of his. However, when he saw how energize Cheng Yu had become after a few moments as if he weren’t injured in the slightest, this caused him to feel outrageous.

At this very moment, Yu Fan felt that it was impossible for him to win Cheng Yu any longer. He knew what Cheng Yu said was right. With his current condition, it was impossible for him to defeat Cheng Yu.

Among the 3 Nascent Soul expert, 2 had already died. He truly didn’t wish to become the third one. After all, to be able to cultivate into Nascent Soul before the age of 200 could so-called be a genius. How could he be willing to give his life away here?

Yu Fan turned his head around and looked towards Yunxiao Peak. he had no idea what was the sect master thinking but he didn’t wish to die. Since he already knew he had no chance of winning yet he still wanted to forcefully do it, it’s just too stupid. Regardless of how Yuan Yangzi felt or whatever punishment he was going to deem Yu Fan, Yu Fan was willing to accept it. After all, it was still better than dying here.

Thus, Yu Fan had no choice but to hand over the flag willingly.

“A wise man submits to their circumstances. I believe the choice you make is right.” Cheng Yu took the 2nd flag and spoke satisfyingly.

“How did you do it?” Just when Cheng Yu was about to head over to the 3rd Checkpoint, Yu Fan suddenly enquired.

“What?” Cheng Yu turned around and replied in puzzlement.

“You were clearly injured a few moments ago. How come you look perfectly fine now?” This was something Yu Fan could not understand. He didn’t believe that there was actually such a miraculous medicine that could help a person fully recover instantly.

“Because I’m in the side of justice.” Cheng Yu replied nonchalantly.

Yu Fan face twitched. He suddenly felt like slapping this person in front of him.

While holding onto his god’s awakening, Cheng Yu heart was in peace. The almighty recovering ability continued to heal Cheng Yu’s internal injuries. He was truly in awe of the person who created this weapon. He certainly was a genius.

Now that he had made past half of the checkpoints, in another 2 more, he would be able to survive as well as to rescue his woman. Cheng Yu’s resolution became a lot more firm.

But when he remembered there was still a Middle Stage Nascent Soul realm waiting for him, he couldn’t help but turn cautious. He must not be injured but this upcoming 3rd checkpoint. Otherwise, it would still be useless even if he was able to recover quickly.

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Most importantly, it was unknown if his Soul Suppressing pagoda would be useful in dealing with Middle Stage Nascent Soul Realm. If it were to be useless, it would be over for him.

While making his way up, not even a single person could be seen. It could be assumed that they were all terrified by Cheng Yu’s strength as he made his way up swaggeringly.

Yu Lin and Yu Mu had already been waiting for a long time. They had never once felt that Cheng Yu would be able to make it here. When they saw how Cheng Yu had come up so tidily, as if he had not gone through any battle at all, they felt extremely strange. This guy didn’t even receive any injuries after the 2 checkpoints? Isn’t this just too weird!

“Don’t stare at me like this. I’m not interested in a man. Hand over the flag and I will spare your life!” Cheng Yu replied tyrannically.

“Haha! Brat, have you turned mad? Although I’m not sure how you passed the 2 checkpoints, this checkpoint marks your end!” Yu Lin laughed coldly.

“Whether I’m mad or not, receive this cauldron of mine before judging yourself!” Cheng Yu did not wish to delay any longer. After speaking, the Jewel Cauldron immediately dropped down from the sky, crashing down.

Whoosh! Both of them evaded in two different directions before stepping on a tree to cushion their landing. Like multi-colored sunlight, they charged towards Cheng Yu.

Clang~ Clang! Cheng Yu revolved around and blocked their attack. Furthermore, the spot they attacked were always different. Momentarily, Cheng Yu was impossible to fully put his technique into use as he got forced into a passive situation.

Both of them had seen the way Cheng Yu fought before. His close combat skills were extremely powerful. Furthermore, his treasures were also extraordinary. As long as they did not give Cheng Yu sufficient time, it was impossible for him to showcase his abilities as well as not able to use his treasures.

Clang~ Clang~ Clang! On the battlefield, the duo was like a shadow as they launched multiple attacks on Cheng Yu.

“Multiray of Sunset!” Both of them yelled. Two dazzling multi rays shot out. Being caught unprepared, Cheng Yu was immediately repelled out, crashing into 2 trees.

“Damn it! This two coordination is too good. It’s as if they were twins.” Cheng Yu was unable to find any moment to retaliate. He was simply in a state of being thrashed.

Cheng Yu’s conjecture was not wrong. This two duo was actually twins. Although they didn’t look alike, it was still a fact that they were twins. The duo had always fought together. Adding on the innate telepathy they had, their fighting power had increased several times.

“Ha!” Just when Cheng Yu had sat down to take a breather, a shout resonated above him. Yu Lin sword was like multi-colored sunlight as it cleaved down.

Bang! Cheng Yu lifted his sword to block as he evaded rapidly. However, it was as if the duo had anticipated all of these.

“Fallen Ray of Red Cloud!” Whoosh whoosh whoosh! Countless sword descended from the sky and their target was Cheng Yu.

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