Chapter 807 – Happy

Ji Mo Ya accepted it and used a Cleansing Spell on it before placing it in his mouth, “Sweet.”

His long eyelashes slightly trembled, unable to hide the joy in his eyes.

After he ate it, Ji Mo Ya said, “Yan Lass, your fortunate encounters have gone over the top this time. You manage to harvest Attribute Pearls and increase your attributes, while both your spirit treasures have picked up Corpse Pearls and managed to rank up quickly. However, ranking up rapidly is also not really good, you need to enter your dimension and stabilize your foundation for a period.

If the foundation was not stable, the person might easily turn mad from the energy backlash.

Many people envy talented individuals who could cultivate quickly, but being able to improve rapidly might not be a good thing as well.

Taking one proper step at a time during cultivation was the King’s Way.

“Ok, I understand. I will stabilize it after we leave the hidden realm.”

Ji Mo Ya did not agree with that, “You should enter now. This is the Fire Layer, a desert region that is vast and wide. Moreover, people who can enter the Fire Layer may not be many, we might not encounter anyone else even after walking for half a month. Ten days will be equal to two hundred and forty days inside your dimension, it will be enough for you to stabilize.”

Huan Qing Yan was shocked, “Eh? This desert is so huge? Can’t we fly like when we were in the Wood Layer? Why did you say there won’t be many people in the Fire Layer? I saw quite a number of people being sucked into the whirlpool.”

“Most of them who are sucked in would be pushed out of the hidden realm and only a small number of people would be sucked into the Fire Layer. I do not know what is the reason behind this is but this is what happens.”

Fine, Huan Qing Yan did not ask further. The Blood Moon Hidden Realm was shrouded in mystery, not knowing how it works was very reasonable.

Knowing how it works would be abnormal instead.

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“Then I will go in and train, I will make some nice food for you later.”

“No need, focus on stabilizing your cultivation. I have collected many edible spirit plants along the way, moreover, didn’t you give me a large number of spirit dishes before we set off?”

Spirit Buns, Spirit Biscuits, Spirit Bread, Spirit Egg Tarts, Spirit Cakes… etc.

A large variety of them.

Ji Mo Ya was a Mystic Spirit Master, it was no longer possible to rank up just by eating ordinary spirit dishes.

Only by eating rare spirit dishes that possessed high spirit energy and only by eating daily would Ji Mo Ya experience an effect.

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However, Huan Qing Yan has yet to learn any recipes to cook Rare Spirit Plants. She only used the Ink Jade Lingzhi as bun fillings and steam the buns to add some taste, but the food itself did not possess any additional spirit energy value. On the contrary, the spirit energy value even dropped after cooking.

Eating the spirit plant raw was better, but it would also not be as appetizing.

It would be good if she managed to learn any recipes that involved Rare Spirit Plants, she could double the amount of spirit energy value of the spirit plant through cooking; this was the wonder of recipes.

Up to this point, Huan Qing Yan has collected several Rare Spirit Plants inside her dimension but she has yet to find a place to use them.

Huan Qing Yan did not overthink about it so she entered the dimension to stabilise her foundation first.

Huan Qing Yan disappeared in an instant, her place replaced by a small bowl on the desert ground.

Ji Mo Ya carefully picked it up and kept it inside his sleeve pocket.

The lass was performing well; not only did she have many fortuitous encounters, but she had also ranked up quickly. He had been worried for nothing, but she has done well, truly a woman he has sight his sights on.


Yellow sand was everywhere.

The scorching heat could even cause Ji Mo Ya, a Mid-Stage Mystic Spirit Master, to start sweating mildly as he has been walking for nearly eight days.

Ji Mo Ya had yet to encounter anyone so far, all he had seen was yellow sand, the occasional Sand Bug that appeared on the sand and the occasional vultures flying in the sky hunting for the Sand Bugs.

The environment was abnormally foul.

Ji Mo Ya’s Dragon Spirit Treasure was unwilling to appear and absorb the spirit energy, displaying an indifferent mood instead.

Suddenly, the Dragon Spirit Treasure flew out of Ji Mo Ya’s wrist, looking happy. Like a fast wind, it flew towards the front…

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