Chapter 213- HQ Under Attack

Weise opened his eyes to a darkened stuper. His last remaining memory was being shoved over the hand railing. His first instinct was to rub his sore head, but he found his flashlight bang against his head when he went to rub it. It took him a moment to switch hands before he shook the light some, illuminating the back stairwell. As he leaned forward with his back to the exit, his nose caught the smell of bile. He recalled the body of his colleague and closed his eyes to offer a silent prayer before getting up to leave. To his shock, bullet holes riddled the door and the wall around it. Light flooded into the room through the holes, so he quickly turned off the flashlight and walked to the door. However, he soon regretted it once he looked through one of the larger holes.

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Weise managed to keep his lunch down as rushed back up the stairs. On the first floor was a massacre of company employees. There seemed to be two entrenched positions aiming to the outside set up with automated defense turrets. If his guess is right, he figured whoever wanted to commandeer the building did not care for casualties. That means his only option is to hide.

If he had to guess what the attackers were after, it would be the supercomputer core.

Ironically, it was the most secure place in the building. As the power in the building turned back on, Weise decided that he need to get to a terminal.

Weise slowly walked up the stairs to the third floor with bated breath. He went into a nearby storage room and found it had already been forcefully cleared of those that were hiding in there. He quickly glanced at the bodies of three interns he barely remembered before heading over to the spare terminal storage.

He filled in his login information for the building and found the internal sensors were already doing full diagnostics. He guessed that’s how he wasn’t discovered. He then pondered what the safest place in the building could be and remembered an old elevator used for evacuations.

When he started at the Green Corporation, he was let on to a secret spot from the colleague that died on the stairs. That was where that individual would romance girls during breaks.

Weise shook his head for a moment before he began to plan further.

He was on the floor that had the general storage; a place where employees could find food, water, toilet containers, etc.

Weise quickly claimed a basket and filled it with whatever he may need.

He then cautiously made his way to the secret wall and opened the passage with a magnet that the previous person used. Once the elevator opened, he placed the contents of his basket inside before turning around and going back for more. After clearing out all he could, he forced the door back shut. To his surprise, the elevator started moving on it’s own after that. It lowered him over a dozen flights of stairs before coming to a stop.

From there, the door automatically opened for him to a stale-aired hall with a touchpad on the door. It was a holo display, so after a moment, the display changed into a sphere.

“Professor, come quickly! I have stalled their scans, but the elevator activation will not go unnoticed for long. (LAAW)

Weise hurriedly grabbed all he could carry as the door automatically opened for him.

After several trips, the contents of the elevator was empty.

“Professor, this problem is serious!” (LAAW)

Weise couldn’t help but sigh at the supercomputer’s understatement of the century.  

“Is help coming?”

At his question, LAAW displayed an overhead map of the compound.

“Military forces are already in position, but the attackers are well prepared. This is not some random terrorist attack, four other supercomputer AI facilities have been attacked as well.

Sadly, my main external communications have been severed. I can receive, but not send. Luckily, I was able to monitor the situation before my ability to send requests had been cut. In addition, I do have that secret line.” (LAAW)

Weise hesitated before he heard the elevator moving.

Only allowed on

“Quickly, Professor! I can seal the passage after the door is closed.” (LAAW)

Weise sighed as he passed through the door to the heart of the company; the housing room for the supercomputer, LAAW.

Once the door closed, he heard explosions on the other side as metallic foam filled the hall and flooded the elevator shaft.

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