Chapter 241: Divine Whip Devil Lady

In certain aspects, Luo Qingyun was even more humiliated than Hu Ming and Xin Wuyuan.

Hu Ming was the first to challenge Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist, hence he could say that he didn’t know Li Fuchen’s ability and that he was overly confident and ignorant.

Xin Wuyuan was an extremely humiliating example.

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But Luo Qingyun suffered much more, so much that even his grandmother would be ashamed of him.

Since a young age, he has never suffered such a shameful defeat.


Another mouthful of fresh blood spurted out, while Luo Qingyun was pale and his eyes were lifeless.

Everyone present on the peak of Mt. Autumn Rain were struck dumb.

Even the Clearsky Swordsman, Luo Qingyun has been defeated and it was clear cut. Before this match, they were all favoring Luo Qingyun and assumed that he wouldn’t need much of an effort to defeat Li Fuchen.

Instead, he was effortlessly defeated.

“Am I dreaming? Hit me one time.”

“This is incomprehensible. Who exactly is this Li Fuchen? He is only at the 5th level of the Earth Realm, right? How did he exceed three levels and defeat the Clearsky Swordsman Luo Qingyun?”

“The Azure Water Sect only has Sword Maniac and Sword Tiger that are famed. Where did this Li Fuchen come from?”

“Damn it, is there no one that can stop his arrogance?”

Everyone could feel that burning sensation on their faces as Li Fuchen used the facts to tell them again and again and again, three times over about the meaning of face slapping. Be it Hu Ming, Xin Wuyuan, or Luo Qingyun, all of them were overconfident in the beginning but suffered a miserable defeat.

“Victory!” Fan Qiansong and Fan Qianyu let out a surprised tone.

Previously they weren’t surprised as they knew that Li Fuchen was certainly able to defeat Hu Ming and Xin Wuyuan.

Now that Li Fuchen even defeated Luo Qingyun, there was bound to be some surprise in their hearts.

But, on the side, Huang Yuxiang had on this complex expression.

“This Li Fuchen, where in the world did he come from?” Huang Yuxiang muttered to himself.

He admitted that he had judged wrongly for three occasions.

This Li Fuchen must not be viewed with normal conventional reasoning. His combat awareness was far superior to Luo Qingyun’s, even the Star Rankers on the Stars Ranking might not surpass him in terms of combat awareness. Perhaps only a Star Ranker on the Stars Ranking could defeat him.

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Of course, even if he saw the key to the problem, Li Fuchen’s impression was already fixed in Huang Yuxiang’s mind. Li Fuchen humiliated him multiple times and he couldn’t treat it as though nothing happened. He buried all the hatred within his heart.


Teacups were smashed from tight clenches in the host and Xiao Bai’s pavilion.

The ones who clenched their teacups were Ruan Qianqi and Xiao Bai.

Ruan Qianqiu felt that he had been utterly humiliated, especially in front of Qin Keshi.

He couldn’t even lift his head up and felt that Qin Keshi was mocking him in the dark.

But how would he have known that even Qin Keshi felt ashamed herself?

When Luo Qingyun entered the stage, Qin Keshi similarly thought lowly of Li Fuchen, even though she didn’t mention it.


Qin Keshi shook her head and returned to her seat to take a sip of tea, trying to calm her emotions.

Ruan Qianqiu let out an awkward smile and spoke, “This Li Fuchen sure knows how to protect himself from losing his face by concealing his ability, but he has yet to encounter a true expert. If he encounters a true expert, he will only die faster if he continues to conceal his ability.”

Qin Keshi declined to comment because she didn’t think like that in her heart.

‘Combat awareness wasn’t just for combat, it was also very useful for analyzing the opponent’s ability. Perhaps his combat awareness already sensed that he was competent enough to clash with Xiao Bai!’ Qin Keshi thought to herself.

As the tea dripped from his fingers, Xiao Bai was expressionless. Following which, he glanced at Qin Keshi in the host pavilion.

A few breaths had passed, but Xiao Bai ultimately didn’t step in.

In this situation, if he were to step in and kill Li Fuchen, he would probably not draw any resentment from the crowd. But if Qin Keshi were to obstruct him, he would definitely lose his face. Furthermore, everyone would doubt his gentlemanly spirit and think that he had a very deep scheme and was constantly looking for ways to benefit himself. If this happened, no one would dare to get involved with him as they didn’t know if he would just suddenly flip out and disregard them.

‘The victorious would be the dictator, while the defeated will have to listen to the victor’, this saying was always applicable at all times.

It was the same actions, but the results were different, giving people a different mindset.

If Xiao Bai were to make a move, he had to make sure that he could kill Li Fuchen. If not, he shouldn’t even make a move. There must not be any surprises.

“I will let you continue living for a while longer.” Xiao Bai tried his best to restrain his own emotions.

“Who else wants to challenge me!”

After defeating Luo Qingyun, Li Fuchen decided to go all the way. He would like to see if anyone else wanted to distinguish themselves.

“Too arrogant. Isn’t he taking advantage that this is the tea party and that Xiao Bai cannot step in?”

“Do you have any other ways? Apart from the Star Rankers on the Stars Ranking, no one else is his opponent.”

“Sigh, this is surely the case.”

While everyone had their own heated discussions, they were both anguished and helpless at the same time.

“It’s better to stop while you’re ahead.” Fan Qiansong used his qi to send a message to Li Fuchen, asking him to not offend too many people.

“Qin Keshi, you sure are in a leisure mood for enjoyment, huh? Actually hosting the Autumn Rain Tea Party. A pity that with me, Tang Shiqi here, you better stop hosting this Autumn Rain Tea Party right now.”

An alluring and beautiful image of a lady skimmed up the peak of the mountain.

Like a smear of a black shadow, someone lightly landed on the roof of the pavilion.

This lady was around the same age as Qin Keshi who was around the age of 20. Her looks were slightly inferior to Qin Keshi’s, but her figure was alluring and extremely sexy.

Wearing a black pelt dress, her breasts were towering while her white thighs were exposed, dazzling everyone.

“She is the Divine Whip Devil Lady, Tang Shiqi. Ranked 89 on the Stars Ranking.”

“She is the arch-enemy of Qin Keshi. Every time they meet, they would exchange a few hundred moves before stopping.”

“I heard that Tang Shiqi was injured by Qin Keshi previously. She must be here to exact revenge.”

“There is going to be a good show.” When everyone heard Tang Shiqi announcing her identity, they immediately recognized this lady.

Qin Keshi stood up and spoke indifferently, “Tang Shiqi, if you have any matters, we will settle it after the tea party. There is no need to stir up trouble here.”

“Hmph. I am here to stir up trouble. What can you do?”

A white bone whip appeared in Tang Shiqi’s hand. As the white bone whip was brandished, a powerful whip shadow was flung towards the host pavilion. In midair, it was exploding with the sound of a thunderbolt, as there was a rippling effect in the air.

“Hundred Flower Seal!”

A giant fresh flower blossomed in midair, blocking the whip’s shadow.

“Tang Shiqi, don’t you take this too far.” Qin Keshi spoke coldly.

“Limitless Manifestation!”

Tang Shiqi didn’t even want to have a superfluous conversation with Qin Keshi as her white bone whip brandished through the air. Multiple whip shadows formed as an inescapable net entrapped Qin Keshi.

In an instant, everyone began to crack and split apart from the martial arts stage.

The moment Divine Whip Devil Lady, Tang Shiqi appeared, Xiao Bai was excited. He rose from his seat and sprinted towards Li Fuchen.

“Li Fuchen, let see who can save you now. Die!”

He had been waiting for this moment for a long time and the opportunity had finally arrived.

As long as Tang Shiqi could hold Qin Keshi, he would have the chance to kill Li Fuchen.

He wasn’t worried at all if Qin Keshi would blame him later on. Would Qin Keshi kill him because of Li Fuchen? Li Fuchen probably wasn’t so highly regarded right?

What’s more, he wasn’t afraid of Qin Keshi either.

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“Li Fuchen is out of luck this time. Xiao Bai is going to kill now that he is making a move.”

“Who asked him to be so arrogant earlier. He couldn’t have known that the Divine Whip Devil Lady, Tang Shiqi would appear!”

“Xiao Bai, kill him!” Everyone exclaimed.

Ignoring those people that were rejoicing in his misfortune, Li Fuchen lifted his head and said, “Xiao Bai, I too have been waiting for this opportunity for a long time.”

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