Chapter 242: Blaze Devil Sword Art

Xiao Bai’s ability was actually rather formidable, as Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist did catch a glimpse of it when they exchanged that one move earlier.

But Li Fuchen had yet to go all out yet.

There was still a large portion of his combat ability that he had reserved.

He had yet to even activate the Black Iron Sword Essence.

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A palm that was like black clouds shrouded Li Fuchen. There was a heavy qi flow on the martial arts stage as the domineering palm intent pressured the area.

Xiao Bai obviously activated a hand part secret technique for this palm strike, causing his palm strength to increase to more than two folds. If a regular 5th level Earth Realm martial artist were to receive this palm strike, they would have been immediately turned into a pile of blood goop without any bones left.

Qin Keshi was currently busy fighting it out with Tang Shiqi and didn’t have any time to bother with Li Fuchen.


A flaming sword light rotated into a lump before Li Fuchen blasted it towards the qi palm.


This sword might seem to be massive in power, but it had soft touches in the rough move. The angle and timing were extremely accurate as the Rotating Sword light instead melted a huge hole in the qi palm.

But this qi palm was too condensed and even after a hole appeared, its strength had yet to completely dissipate and continued on its path towards Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen retreated as the qi palm slammed onto the martial arts stage.

The stage shook and appeared to have some cracks on it.

“He actually dodged this palm.”

“He will not be able to hold on for a prolonged period of time. This is just the first palm.”

Everyone was surprised but still able to accept this outcome, Li Fuchen’s ability was indeed quite competent and it was impossible for him to be instantly killed.

“Worthy of being a Stars Ranker!” Li Fuchen’s eyes narrowed.

Xiao Bai might be a gold class direct disciple of the Heaven Fiend Sect which had feuds with the Azure Water Sect, but his ability wasn’t for show and was indeed formidable. If Sword Maniac were to step in, he might not even be Xiao Bai’s opponent.

“Since this is the case.”

Li Fuchen took a deep breath while the Black Iron Sword Patterns began to glow brightly on his bones. A massive amount of Mystical Dragon qi was poured in, transmuting it into Black Iron Sword qi.

The Black Iron Sword qi was actually a type of qi which could be used directly for attacks or poured into the artifact swords to for a two-step enhancement.


A swirling flaming sword light appeared from a lava crack in midair, rotating towards Xiao Bai.

Xiao Bai frowned and sent a palm strike against this flaming sword light.


There was a horrific qi explosion on stage which caused a qi shockwave that dissipated and shook the surrounding pavilion, as though it might collapse at any time.

“Such a formidable ability to actually go head on against Xiao Bai.”

“What is going on? Why did his ability drastically increase by so much?”

“Could it be that he hasn’t used all of his abilities earlier?”

Everyone was stunned and speechless.

Tang Shiqi and Qin Keshi’s fight was even more intense but a majority of the people had their eyes on Li Fuchen and Xiao Bai.

“So strong!” Huang Yuxiang took in a deep cold breath.

His ability was around the same level as Luo Qingyun and might even be slightly inferior, hence he knew that for people of their class, it was very hard to increase their ability.

Li Fuchen was only at the 5th level of the Earth Realm and he didn’t give any regards to Li Fuchen, but now, all of his assumptions had been broken.

The appearance of Li Fuchen completely shattered his vision of this world.

It began from Xin Wuyuan and had been shattered over and over again until now.

Boom, Boom, Boom…

The two continued to clash unceasingly.

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Xiao Bai was superior in cultivation level and had an unfathomable mystic class mid-tier technique intent, while Li Fuchen was superior with a powerful secret technique and combat awareness.

“Spirit Claw Layering!”

Withdrawing his palm stance, Xiao Bai forsook the palm art and changed into a claw art.

This claw art was named the Netherworld Spirit Claw.

The Heaven Fiend Sect had another claw art named the Netherworld Ghost Claw. Among all the Heaven Fiend Sect disciples, only three of them were able to achieve the trance stage and had control of the Netherworld Claw intent. Apart from Ghost Claw Zheng Xuan, Xiao Bai was one of the other two.

But the Netherworld Ghost Claw was just a mystic class low-tier claw art and wasn’t fitting for Xiao Bai’s status, hence he cultivated another mystic class mid-tier claw art, Netherworld Spirit Claw.

This Netherworld Spirit Claw was developed by a senior in the Heaven Fiend Sect using the Netherworld Ghost Claw as a reference.

It was more domineering and intensive than the Netherworld Ghost Claw.

The enemy could only see an endless amount of claw shadows recklessly clawing in the air, like an assault from countless vicious spirits.

“Starfire Burst.”

Li Fuchen didn’t back down for even a single step and executed the Starfire Sword art, bursting the sky with starfires.

Pitter, Patter!

When the claw shadows and starfires made contact, there was a continuous qi explosion.

“Actually blocking against so many of my moves?”

Xiao Bai was very displeased. He had already activated a 3-star secret technique and still wasn’t able to settle Li Fuchen in a few moves.

“Let’s see how you block this. Asura Ghost Palm, Netherworld Spirit Claw!”

Xiao Bai executed the Asura Ghost Palm in his left hand, while his right hand executed the Netherworld Spirit Claw. Assaulting Li Fuchen from the left and right.

Li Fuchen didn’t step back or back down as he executed the Nine Revolution Sword Art. Xiao Bai’s move was indeed hard to neutralize, but it wasn’t beyond Li Fuchen’s limit yet.

The sword light twisted and distorted, spreading out layers and layers of a sword net.

Xiao Bai’s palm art and claw art were like moths to a flame, disappearing and engulfed without a trace.

“Go back!”

As the sword net burst apart, Li Fuchen brandished his sword.

Pfff, Pfff, Pfff, Pfff…

There was a violent explosion of qi currents, causing Xiao Bai to retreat in defeat.

Li Fuchen’s sword arts were too comprehensive.

The Starfire Sword Art was his main form of offense, the Nine Revolution Sword Art was for defense and countering, and the Rotating Flow Sword Art was for frontal assaults. There were no shortcomings.

If Li Fuchen had only mastered one kind of mystic class mid-tier sword intent, he wouldn’t be able to withstand Xiao Bai’s moves.

On the other side of the peak of Mt. Autumn Rain, Qin Keshi and Tang Shiqi had an even more exciting match than the two of them, but Qin Keshi was actually paying some attention to Li Fuchen’s side.

When she saw how Li Fuchen was on par with Xiao Bai and not at any disadvantage, she had this indescribable shock in her heart.

No matter what, Xiao Bai was one of the ranked 101 Star Rankers on the Stars Ranking. Even if she wanted to defeat Xiao Bai, she would need to put in quite an effort to do so. But Li Fuchen was just at the 5th level of the Earth Realm and was still able to put up a fight and make it such an even battle so far.

How was this not shocking to her?

“Qin Keshi, if you have any distractions, then get ready to be defeated!”

Tang Shiqi’s whip art was both hard and soft while having many variations. The long whip interweaved, knitting a giant net, entrapping Qin Keshi.

“Tang Shiqi, since this is the case, then don’t blame me.” Forming a seal with both her hands, Qin Keshi suddenly launched it.

In that instant, there was shadows of fresh flowers blooming in the sky, bursting the whip net apart.

The more Xiao Bai fought, the more he felt fearful.

He didn’t know when such a demon appeared in the Azure Water Sect.

Sword Maniac might be strong, but he was already at the 8th level of the Earth Realm, while Li Fuchen was just at the 5th level of the Earth Realm.

With eyes burning with killing intent, Xiao Bai scattered his secret technique on his hands and activated the 3-star secret technique, Asura Battle Qi. There was a steady rise of qi presence, while there were black qi around his body.


Breaking out of the sword qi lock, Xiao Bai outrageously attacked at Li Fuchen with a palm and a claw.

Seeing that he had tough qi protection and Asura Battle Qi, Xiao Bai intended to have a close combat battle with Li Fuchen.

This method of fighting was indeed more effective, as Li Fuchen began to step back.

“Block! Why aren’t you blocking!” It seemed as though Xiao Bai went insane.

“Blaze Devil Sword Art! Back off!”

Li Fuchen let out a bellow, while there was a surge was intensively hot sword presence that rose into the sky. The blazing sword presence swept across, forcibly pushing Xiao Bai away by several meters, forcing him into a miserable state.

The Blaze Devil Sword Art was a mystic class high-tier sword art. Li Fuchen might not be able to cultivate it to the trance stage and comprehend the Blaze Devil Sword intent, but it was already at the perfection stage and it was least 30% more powerful than the Starfire Sword Art.

“Xiao Bai has been repelled?”

There was an uproar on the peak of Mt. Autumn Rain.

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