Chapter 243: Integrity and Honor

For Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist to be on even grounds with Xiao Bai was already a shocking matter, but forcing Xiao Bai to retreat was something no one even dared to imagine.

A Star Ranker wasn’t just a ranking for a show, it had to be proven in battle with one’s own ability. The Stars Ranking tournament was only held once every three years, where all the participants were prodigies, but only 108 of them could be ranked in the Stars Ranking.

A Star Ranking of 101 might be a little low, but that was only in regards to the people on the Stars Ranking, for the people not on the Stars Ranking, it was already an honor for them to even get listed as a Star Ranker. Because not every sect would have disciples capable of being listed on the Stars Ranking.

Hence, it didn’t matter what the final result of the fight was if Li Fuchen could force Xiao Bai to retreat in a single blade, it meant that he had the ability to be on the Stars Ranking.

‘A mystic class high-tier sword art is indeed worthy of its grade, it already has such power before the comprehension of the sword intent.’

After forcing Xiao Bai back in a single sword, Li Fuchen was also rather surprised of himself.

In his opinion, the Blaze Devil Sword Art was merely 30% stronger than the Starfire Sword Art, its frontal assault ability was also 30% more vigorous than the Rotating Flow Sword Art. This single sword art had a combination of two sword arts.

“Mystic class high-tier sword art?” Xiao Bai was fuming with rage while he gritted his teeth.

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He was only able to even reach the sub-perfection stage for his mystic class high-tier martial arts, and it wasn’t on the same level when compared to a mystic class mid-tier martial arts intent, in terms of power or deftness. It would only be humiliating to use it in front of everyone here.

Li Fuchen was different, his mystic class high-tier sword art was already at the perfection stage and was totally superior to a mystic class mid-tier sword intent.

“Mystic class high-tier martial arts requires a lot of qi. Let’s see who can last longer.”

With the Asura Battle Qi pervading from Xiao Bai’s body he rushed at Li Fuchen again.

“Is that so?”

Li Fuchen naturally knew that mystic class high-tier martial arts exhausted a lot of qi, and because of his low cultivation level, the speed of qi consumption would be even faster. But… against Xiao Bai, why was there a need for an extended battle?

His battle awareness coupled with the Blaze Devil Sword Art could easily oppress the opposition.

Wielding the black gold sword with two hands, Li Fuchen lifted the sword high and cleaved down.


A blinding blaze burst forth while a burning magma like sword qi was slashed out violently, launching towards Xiao Bai.

The timing and angle of this blade was at the pinnacle of brilliance, which Xiao Bai couldn’t even dodge and had no choice but to block against it.


Li Fuchen thrust at Xiao Bai again, while the burning sword qi instantly extended out.


Xiao Bai had no leeway to even counterattack as his fresh blood was vomited out.

“Impossible, I am actually not a match for him.” Xiao Bai’s eyes were bloodshot and couldn’t believe the fact in front of his eyes.

He was a Star Ranker and even if Sword Maniac were here, he still had the confidence to suppress him. How was he supposed to accept it, that this up and coming talent actually had the ability to suppress him?


There was suddenly a few flying darts in the hand of Xiao Bai as he threw them at Li Fuchen.

The extreme speed of the darts seemingly neglected the gap in between the two of them.

Li Fuchen took a glance with his peripheral vision and could see that the darts were laced with poison.

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Furthermore, in the middle of the flying dart, was an embedded crystal.

This crystal was emitting a faint glow, which gave increasing power to the flying dart. Li Fuchen felt that if he were to remain still, this flying dart would easily penetrate his qi protection, severely injuring him or even killing him.

“This flying dart doesn’t look so simple.” Li Fuchen thought to himself.

Swish, Swish!

The flying darts naturally wouldn’t be able to hit Li Fuchen.

With his formidable combat awareness, Li Fuchen was able to maintain constant high vigilance. Once the flying darts appeared, Li Fuchen’s true body had already shifted, leaving behind an afterimage.

The dart penetrated the afterimage and the pavilion behind it, before flying into the extreme distance. It was unknown where they actually flew to.

“You shall be defeated!”

Li Fuchen lifted his sword in a slanting angle, forcing Xiao Bai to fly up into the sky.

But Xiao Bai wasn’t so easily defeated as well, as Li Fuchen’s second blade didn’t hit Xiao Bai. Hitting only a shield that was held up in front of Xiao Bai instead.


Sparks burst forth like a violent rain, causing Xiao Bai to fly along with his shield while vomiting fresh blood.

In the pavilions, everyone had already been utterly numbed.

Li Fuchen’s strength couldn’t be described verbally.

Be it Xin Wuyuan, Luo Qingyun, or Xiao Bai, all of them went on the stage to be oppressed by Li Fuchen without any exception.

They were suspicious if the current Li Fuchen had actually gone all out yet? He couldn’t still be withholding his strength right?

“Li Fuchen is too overwhelming.”

Fan Qiansong and Fan Qianyu thought they were in a dream and had this surreal feeling.

They realized that since the first day they met Li Fuchen, they were completely unable to follow his pace.

“We have all underestimated him. He might not be on the Stars Ranking, but it is needless to say that he is a generational prodigy. If he is given some time to develop, only a few can actually go head on with him.” Qin Keshi thought to herself while she was locked in an intense battle with Tang Shiqi.

Immediately pursuing after Xiao Bai, Li Fuchen brandished his sword again.


The shield flew out from Xiao Bai’s hand, his entire arm couldn’t even be lifted as it was sore and numb.

The shield might be indestructible, but the force from the Blaze Devil Sword Art was still transmitted over.

Xiao Bai was astonished as he quickly skimmed towards the host pavilion, which had someone who could aid him.

“Where are you going to run to!”

Li Fuchen executed the killer move of the Blaze Devil Sword Art. Once his blade was brandished, a scarlet red shadow enveloped Xiao Bai.

Pfff, Pfff, Pfff, Pfff!

Multiple shallow sword scars appeared on Xiao Bai’s body.

“Ruan xiong, are you not going to help me?!”

Xiao Bai roared at Ruan Qianqiu.

Ruan Qianqiu had on this gloomy expression, which revealed his killing intent.

Li Fuchen’s heart had this sudden thud, as he retrieved a third of his sword move’s original strength.


The host pavilion shook while Ruan Qianqiu’s figure leaped high like a Roc extending its wings. There was a pale golden truncheon that he was using to swing viciously.

With his sword move neutralized, Li Fuchen took three steps back.

Ruan Qianqiu appeared in front of Xiao Bai and spoke indifferently, “How dare you behave so rampantly at the Autumn Rain Tea Party. Do you truly not put us in your eyes? Since that is the case, don’t blame me, Ruan Qianqiu for breaking the rules.”

A killing intent erupted from Ruan Qianqiu’s body, letting out a frightening qi presence that was much superior when compared to Xiao Bai’s.

Xiao Bai’s injuries weren’t considered severe since he didn’t suffer the full brunt of Li Fuchen’s attack. But if Ruan Qianqiu didn’t step in, he was certainly a dead man.

Seeing Ruan Qianqiu making a move, Xiao Bai felt a huge relief as he looked at Li Fuchen and spoke with bitter resentment, “Li Fuchen, you shall die today.”

If Li Fuchen didn’t die, he wouldn’t be able to rest peacefully, as this demon would constantly torment him in his heart.

“Let’s go assist Li Fuchen!” Seeing Ruan Qianqiu making a move, Fan Qiansong and Fan Qianyu quickly responded.

“The two of you better stay and watch the show!”

Xin Wuyuan and the other gold class direct disciples from the Long Saber Sect obstructed Fan Qiansong and Fan Qianyu, while the Cloud Creek Sword Sect were also eyeing covetously at them from the side.

“The two of you don’t have to interfere.” Li Fuchen could sense the commotion by the side.

“You dog like trash, you better take care of yourself first. I have allowed you to be so rampant for such a long time, it is time for you to pay the price.” Ruan Qianqiu was already unhappy with Li Fuchen. He would have gone on stage to teach Li Fuchen a lesson if it wasn’t for the fear of being blamed by Qin Keshi.

It was the perfect timing now that Xiao Bai was begging him for his assistance, if Qin Keshi wanted to put the offense on him, he could easily explain that it was to help Xiao Bai. Qin Keshi wouldn’t make things difficult for him over a person she didn’t even know right?

“Hehe, later on, I am going to make you beg for death and you will not be granted one. Li Fuchen, your future is only going to be filled with despair.” Xiao Bai let out an evil grin. Right now, he wasn’t even behaving all high and mighty like earlier, he was acting more like a devil now.

He had forsaken all integrity and honor.

What he wanted was to torment Li Fuchen, as it would be too convenient for Li Fuchen to receive death. Xiao Bai wanted to torture Li Fuchen for three to five days before killing him.

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