Chapter 244: One Against Two

“Do you think you are certainly going to defeat me?”

Up till now, the combat awareness that Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist displayed wasn’t too exaggerating and it was only at the bottom tier of the Stars Ranking, but in fact, his combat awareness had already surpassed all the Stars Rankers. Although it didn’t mean that his ability also surpassed the entire Stars Ranking, at least it meant that he wasn’t at his upper limit yet.

“You are very boastful. Do you truly believe that no one can stop you? You are truly unaware of the immensity of heaven and earth, get lost!” The golden truncheon in Ruan Qianqiu’s hand was brandished, as it turned into patches of golden astral wind which blasted at Li Fuchen.

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Li Fuchen’s awareness instantly scanned and found the flaw in his opponent’s attack. With a single thrust, the Blaze Devil Sword qi burst forth.

(TL note: Previously I had been translating 意识 as consciousness, as it literally meant consciousness/awareness. I will change it to awareness to make it flow with combat awareness instead)


Li Fuchen’s body shook a little, while Ruan Qianqiu took three steps back.

‘A pity?’

Li Fuchen felt that it was a pity as his awareness was far more superior to his bodily limits. When his awareness found the flaw in the opponent’s move, his bodily reactions were a little late, hence he didn’t strike at the flaw with pinpoint precision and was slightly off by the gap of a strand of hair.

Never underestimate this small gap, as the reason a flaw was called a flaw was precisely because of the slight differences in execution. The stronger the martial arts, the smaller the flaw, and in order to strike at the flaw without any error, one had to control the margin of error within a single hair strand or even be more meticulous.

If Li Fuchen’s cultivation level was at the 7th or 8th level of the Earth Realm, he would be able to instantly kill people like Ruan Qianqi and Xiao Bai, even if his other attributes didn’t improve.

Because, the higher one’s cultivation level, the faster one’s body reaction. When coupled with the lethal power from one’s awareness, it was equivalent to several folds of increase in ability.

“He struck at the flaw of my move?” Ruan Qianqiu had on this surprised expression.

His cultivation was one level lower than Xiao Bai’s, he was at the 7th level of the Earth Realm, but his ability was definitely above Xiao Bai’s.

This was mainly because his perception was stronger than Xiao Bai’s and so was his combat awareness.

Two individuals might have comprehended the same mystic class mid-tier martial arts intent, but when executed by two separated martial artists, there would be differences. The stronger the intent and awareness, the more perfect the martial arts form. If the opponent wanted to find the flaw, they must possess an even stronger awareness. If the awareness was only one notch stronger, the opponent wouldn’t be able to neutralize the attack.

‘His awareness is more than one notch superior than mine.’ Ruan Qianqiu came out with an absurd conclusion.

“Xiao Bai, are you not going to make a move? What are you idling there for?” Ruan Qianqiu chided Xiao Bai.

The Silver Cloth Sect and Heaven Fiend Sect had many collaborations, when the disciples from both sects were out on a trip to temper themselves, they would have many collaborations as well. Especially when they had a unanimous decision to defeat the same foe.

Before today, Xiao Bai had worked together with Ruan Qianqiu several times and were always successful, benefiting from those collaborations.

“Netherworld Spirit Claw!”

Xiao Bai right hand extended out, while layers of claw shadows turned into a spiraling storm, drilling towards Li Fuchen.

“Wind Divine Break!”

Ruan Qianqiu wielded the golden truncheon that was brandished in the air, forming a golden snake like wind force, that rushed at Li Fuchen.

Qi force taking shape. Only people who had reached a certain level in their martial arts intent could achieve this.

Once the qi force took shape, the flaws became miserably small.

Of course, this also depended on the type of martial arts.

There were some martial arts that didn’t require the shaping of qi force, while some required the practitioner to do so.

Two kill moves assaulted violently, which was much more formidable than Xiao Bai executing two different martial arts at the same time. Under the pressure of these qi forces, the air at where Li Fuchen was standing at had a very chaotic qi flow, which had a terrifying restricting power. If it were any other regular martial artists, they would probably be immobilized and could only look on helplessly as they got slaughtered.

But Li Fuchen wasn’t any regular martial artist.

Scanning with his awareness, Li Fuchen could clearly sense the flaws within the two kill moves.

The Blaze Devil Sword qi swept across and severed the golden snake shaped wind force and the spiraling storm.

This time, Li Fuchen took two steps back, while Xiao Bai and Ruan Qianqiu took three steps back.

“One against two and still slightly gaining the upper hand?”

This scene shocked everyone. In their opinions, not even Qin Keshi could do this.

“Use your kill move!” Ruan Qianqiu roared out.

Li Fuchen’s ability had far exceeded his imagination and he admitted that he had underestimated Li Fuchen as well. But he was reluctant in approving Li Fuchen’s ability.

What did he mean by ‘kill move’? It was the move that they developed themselves.

The two of them were temporarily unable to comprehend mystic class high-tier martial arts, but they could use a mystic class mid-tier martial arts to develop their own kill moves. This kill move may not have any exaggerating power and was still at the level of a mystic class mid-tier, but it did possess lethal power and wasn’t easy to defend against.

“Netherworld Single Claw!”

Xiao Bai roared out furiously and extending his right hand like a beast claw, lifting it high before swinging down vigorously.

In the next moment, countless scar marks appeared in midair, like countless disorderly claw streaks which assaulted Li Fuchen.

“Wind Divine Drill!”

Ruan Qianqiu was wielding the golden truncheon, which constantly drew circles in the air. In a blink of an eye, dozens of circles were drawn which got smaller and smaller. When the final circle was drawn, it was as small as a soybean that shortly drilled towards Li Fuchen.


The sharp cone-shaped golden drill had an extreme speed that seemed to be splitting the air apart, emitting a dreadful sound.

‘Kill move, huh?’ Li Fuchen’s eyes shrank.

Once a kill move was executed, it was basically unable to defend against.

If it was a solo fight, Li Fuchen had the confidence to defend against it, but now that it was a one against two fight, he didn’t have much confidence.

After all, his bodily reaction and speed was still comparatively weaker than his awareness.

“Blaze Devil Killer Shadow!”

Since Li Fuchen didn’t have any confidence, he didn’t have any intention of defending against them.

The opponents had kill moves, so did he.

His kill move was the finishing attack in the Blaze Devil Sword Art, but with their current ability level, it was considered a top-level kill move.

The exploding scarlet red light enveloped the two of them, dying the entire space with a scarlet red color instantly.

Tsk, Tsk, Tsk, Tsk, Tsk…

Pitter, Patter…

Pfff, Pfff, Pfff…

There were sinister looking claw marks and lacerations on Li Fuchen’s body, which were spurting violently with fresh blood.

Li Fuchen’s bodily reaction was still slower than the two kill moves, and once he couldn’t defend against one of them, it was natural that the other one would also break through his defense.

His qi protection was weak like tofu and was easily ripped apart by the two of them.

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But the two of them weren’t in a great state either. Li Fuchen’s Blaze Devil Killer Shadow as a kill move of a mystic class high-tier sword art had the power that was superior to the two kill moves, which instantly left countless sword scars on their bodies. As though they were slashed into pieces, leaving them in a miserable state.

This exchange of moves resulted in losses on both sides and no one could narrowly escape.

“This is too intense!” Someone exclaimed.

“This Li Fuchen is practically a devil. Not even the combined effort of Xiao Bai and Ruan Qianqiu can defeat him. It is hard to imagine what kind of strength he will demonstrate in the next Stars Ranking tournament.”

“If he continues to improve at this rate, he has the chance to make it into the top 50 in the Stars Ranking.”

“I reckon that he can make it into the top 30. There is still more than one year before the Stars Ranking tournament and he is just at the 5th level of the Earth Realm. With every increase in cultivation level, his ability will have a significant increase.”

“Top 30 is too unrealistic. The Stars Ranking contains all those youth figureheads and all of them has an insane ability. They cannot be judged with common sense.”

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