Chapter 245: Xiang Lei

Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist was rather satisfied that he could rely on his own abilities and make it to this point.

These two individuals’ awarenesses might not be comparable to his, but they were already at the Heaven Realm class.   

Especially Ruan Qianqiu whose awareness would be top notch even amongst the Heaven Realm martial artists.

Afterall, a 3 star bone frame already had the possibility of breaking through to the Heaven Realm. Most of the Heaven Realm martial artists were either 3 or 4 star bone frames, as for 5 star bone frames, they would generally progress to the Reincarnation Realm.

Hence the awareness of an elite 5 star bone frame was extremely strong in normal situations and it wasn’t even exaggerating for an Earth Realm martial artist to be comparable to a Heaven Realm martial artist.

“It is impossible for me to kill him with my own abilities, I have to use external items.”

The instance that Li Fuchen flew backwards, the earth class weapon shard appeared in Li Fuchen’s hand.

Pouring Black Iron Sword qi in and shooting it out.


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In mid air, a black light flashed across.

At the next moment, Xiao Bai’s back spurted with fresh blood.

The earth class weapon shard directly punctured his body and exited through his back.

This was a wound that was extremely fatal and belonged to one of the most severe ones.

“Damn it.”

Looking at Xiao Bai who collapsed on the ground without any more combat strength, Ruan Qianqiu’s expression changed.

He was rather regretful for getting himself involved. Before he made his move, he assumed that Li Fuchen’s ability was only at a such a level, but he didn’t expect for Li Fuchen’s awareness to be much more formidable that he had imagined.

“Blaze Devil Killer Shadow!”

After settling Xiao Bai, Li Fuchen rushed at Ruan Qianqiu and burst forth with the Blaze Devil Sword Art’s killer move.

Ruan Qianqiu struggled to resist, but there were too many sword wounds on his body. It was only now that he understood that the current him wasn’t a match for Li Fuchen,

Utter irony.

But everything was the stone cold truth.

Since the beginning of the tea party, everyone didn’t give any regards to Li Fuchen, criticizing, slandering, and mocking him.

But now, was there anyone who dared to slander and mock at him?

Everyone only had two different emotions when facing a true prodigy, jealousy or admiration.


Right at this moment, a thunderous voice echoed from the peak of Mt. Autumn Rain.

A figure appeared.

Everyone was shocked the instant this figure appeared.

Because he descended from the sky.

Even the Star Rankers didn’t have the ability to fly in the sky, at best gliding for a short period of time was tops. To be able to descend from the sky meant that this individual was a Heaven Realm martial artist.

It was a youthful figure that looked to be around the age of 30.

(TL note: The author likes to mention people as youths at the age of 30. I do not know why, but it might be related to the higher realm people who were more than 100 or 200 years old)

His eyes glowed like lightning and with a swing of his hand, Qin Keshi and Tang Shiqi involuntarily separated  as did Li Fuchen and Ruan Qianqiu, without any form of resistance.

“May I know of your distinguished name?” Tang Shiqi asked with a dignified tone.

The young man replied, “Xiang Lei.”

“So it is Xiang Lei shixiong1shixiongsenior brother (disciple)!” Tang Shiqi’s eyes lit up as she quickly replied.

Xiang Lei was one of the previous hosts of the Autumn Rain Tea Party and before he rose to the Heaven Realm, he was ranked 68 on the Stars Ranking and was famed for his impressive prowess.

Xiang Lei nodded his head and took a glance at everyone while stating, “The Autumn Rain Tea Party shall not have any killings and that is the iron rule. I do not wish for the Autumn Rain Tea Party to become a part of history from now on, thus I hope for everyone to abide to this rule.”

This was the rule set by the first host of the Autumn Rain Tea Party. Once there was a killing in the Autumn Rain Tea Party, there would be no more hostings of the Autumn Rain Tea Party.

This was also why Qin Keshi did everything she could to stop all killings, as she didn’t want to be the person who ended the Autumn Rain Tea Party.

“Xiang Lei shixiong don’t worry, we will all abide to this rule.”

Right now, at this moment, no one dared to look for trouble.

Before Xiang Lei progressed to the Heaven Realm, he was already ranked 68 on the Stars Ranking. Now that he had progressed to the Heaven Realm, a single move from him was enough to eradicate all of them. Would anyone dare to court their death?

“Very well.” Xiang Lei nodded and casted his looks onto Tang Shiqi, “You are not welcomed here, get off the mountain!”

As Xiang Lei spoke, he waved his hand. Tang Shiqi was then grabbed by an invisible hand as she was thrown off Mt. Autumn Rain.

From start to end, Tang Shiqi didn’t even dare to put up a resistance.

Looking over at Li Fuchen’s side, Xiang Lei frowned and finally spoke, “Ruan Qianqiu, bring Xiao Bai and leave!”

This incident wasn’t the fault of Li Fuchen as he could see everything clearly from above.

Ruan Qianqiu didn’t utter a single word as he helped Xiao Bai up and left Mt. Autumn Rain. Before he left, he glared at Li Fuchen with a blade like murderous intent.

“Xiang Lei shixiong, we still have some things to attend to. We shall take our leave.”

Xin Wuyuan and the others didn’t dare to stay and left because they were aware of what they did.

Xiang Lei didn’t pay any attention to them and smiled at the rest of the people, “One and a half years later, the new Stars Ranking Tournament will be held as scheduled. Since I am here, I shall impart some martial dao experience to all of you! I hope for everyone to be able to go further down the martial dao.”

The Autumn Rain Tea Party was generally held for a single day. It was currently only midday and so obviously was not time for it to end yet.

“Many thanks to Xiang Lei shixiong.”

Everyone was delighted to have a former Stars Ranker impart the martial dao to them. They would more or less obtain some knowledge.

Flying into the host pavilion, he poured himself a cup of tea and shouted, “At the Earth Realm, to be able to comprehend a mystic class mid-tier intent is basically the limit. From here on, the fastest way to increase your ability is to develop your own mystic class mid-tier killer move. From what I know of, ever Star Rankers will typically have their own killer move and all these killer moves will either be extremely powerful or unable to guard against. In short, it has to be of an extreme and there is no need to seek a balance, because once you choose to release the killer move, it is the time to decide the outcome of the battle. You will either win or lose.”

Everyone nodded as they listened.

When Li Fuchen was fighting against Xiao Bai and Ruan Qianqi, they released their killer moves and the moves were indeed formidable and extreme.

“Xiang Lei shixiong, will it be worth it to spend all of one’s time on developing a killer move? Will it not be better to spend all that time on comprehending a mystic class high-tier martial arts?” Someone queried.

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While Xiang Lei was at the side, Qin Keshi explained, “It is fine to spend some time on comprehending a mystic class high-tier martial arts, but it will only be useful when it attains the perfection stage, which is even more difficult than developing your own mystic class mid-tier killer move. To develop a killer move, you can totally based it off the mystic class mid-tier martial arts that you have learned. As long as the inspiration is there, there is a hope of developing a killer move. But for the comprehension of a mystic class high-tier martial arts, you need a base of fundamentals, an extremely deep and heavy base, which you will not be able to achieve in a short period of time.”

Xiang Lei nodded, “What Qin Keshi said is correct. Comparing the comprehension of a mystic class high-tier martial arts to the development of a mystic class mid-tier killer move, the latter is slightly easier. Of course, it depends on each individual’s progress. If you think that your perception is heaven defying and your cultivation could keep up, then it is fine to go comprehend a mystic class high-tier martial arts.” As Xiang Lei spoke, he took a glance at Li Fuchen.

He naturally could see that Li Fuchen has already attained the perfection stage for his mystic class high-tier sword art. When comparing the extremity of a killer move to a mystic class high-tier sword art, the latter was undoubtedly much more perfect, which was able to suppress both Xiao Bai and Ruan Qianqiu.

Hence, everything he said didn’t have any use to Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen could actually persist and comprehend the mystic class high-tier sword art to an even higher stage. If he was able to attain the trance stage, then it would be much more superior to any killer move and would ensure that he could make it into the top 50 rank on the Stars Ranking.

As for whether he could make it to the top 30, it would depend on Li Fuchen’s progress during this one and a half years time.

Afterall, when you made progress, so would others.

If one wanted to catch up or surpass another individual, one had to improve faster than the others.

As time elapsed, Xiang Lei began to explain other important matters after finishing the explanation of the importance of killer moves.

Unknowingly, the sky turned dark.

Xiang Lei indicated to Qin Keshi with an eye signal, while she responded by standing up, “Alright then. This year’s Autumn Rain Tea Party shall end here. Many thanks for everyone’s participation and the next Autumn Rain Tea Party shall be held two years later. I shall officially declare that the next host for the Autumn Rain Tea Party shall be Li Fuchen. I wonder if Li Fuchen has any opinion?”

Qin Keshi’s spoke astonishingly and looked at Li Fuchen.

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