Chapter 7: Healing Success

After successfully using magic, Xavior was ecstatic. Sure, the outcome wasn’t what he wanted, but it was an outcome. Anything was better than nothing, and besides, even though he didn’t use his healing, he did use a power that’s equally as great. The power over Death is nothing to scoff at. In fact, Xavior had just as many plans for using his Death powers as his Healing powers, if not more.

Both of them are amazing alone, the fact that he had the potential to use both astonished him. The moment that leaf withered, millions of ideas formed in his head. What if he could somehow mold the energy inside of him to come out as a beam or ball in the physical world and shoot it at his opponents? What if he could master the power enough to solidify and make a weapon with it? And don’t forget the one he’s most excited for, what if he ends up being able to control the dead? Becoming a successful necromancer is on Xavior’s Top 10 List of Badassery after all. One day, he wants to have an army of the dead to do his bidding. It’ll definitely be useful in his goals to conquer the world.

Regardless, he still needed to figure out his power to Heal. The power is severely underrated and Xavior was a man with a broad mind. He knew how to think outside the box and use his Healing offensively. In fact, the potential to kill his enemies with it is more prominent than his actual Death attribute. While probably not going to be used a lot, if there is ever an enemy that cannot lay a scratch on, if there is ever a enemy so strong that all of his magic and powers are useless, Healing will be his secret weapon.

All that protection is good and all, but that won’t protect you from cancer will it? The rapid multiplication of cells, essentially the body healing itself but going into overdrive. A wise man once said that too much of a good thing becomes a bad thing. Xavior finds this true in most if not all cases. He begins searching the fern for another dead leaf and it doesn’t take him long to find one. After finding another he closed his eyes and breathed.

Although he was highly satisfied with just discovering how to use his Death powers for today, he’s nowhere near content. Power means nothing if it cannot be controlled and mistakenly using Death when he meant to use Heal puts a knot in his stomach. If he tried to use that on his Mother and Father or a friend, they’d be dead. Control is necessary before he can progress. That being said, he needed to figure out how.

Touching the dead leaf, he feels it again. That dark and cold feeling that spreads through his body. Without a doubt, it’s the feeling of Death. He can recognise it now without any hesitation or doubt. It travelled throughout him in a weird way.

Like it was slimy or gooey, but for some reason instead of feeling disgusted, it only made him feel comfy. It felt natural, like it should have been there in his body all along but never was until now. ‘I suppose that makes sense. We’re dying, all of us, at every moment. From the moment we are born we are to die, it’s always with us. I guess that’s why it feels so natural, now if only I could say such things without sounding like a Edgelord. To be honest, it could also just be because of who my god is. Yea, let’s go with that one.’

Now that the feeling of Death was flowing through him, he just needed a way to switch the energy he was using. The first idea that went through his head was thinking happy thoughts. That maybe, if he was filled with positive emotions the energy would change itself into a positive energy.

‘Puppies, kittens, the knowledge of the next lottery numbers~’ he thought with a hum. ‘No? Nothing at all? Oh Phewy, and of course I don’t remember the next lottery numbers either so I no doubt have to take that L as well. No Healing or money, fate is a cruel mistress. Besides, I didn’t have to think negatively for my Death powers to form in the first place. Why would positivity unlock Healing. All I needed to do was touch a dead leaf…A dead leaf……A dead leaf!’ With that thought, he went to his next idea, touching one of the alive leaves.

While none of them were in perfect health, there were still some hanging strong. Or at least, hanging on the edge of Death. This was perfect for Xavior’s plans as he let go of the dying leaf and touched the alive one. After breathing in and out and sending a small prayer to Odin for success, he closed his eye again and looked deep within. A smile couldn’t help but form on his face as he felt something new. Without a doubt, the slimy Death energy was still there, it was just a lot less prominent.

This new energy felt completely different, the contrast was like night and day. While Death felt cold, the Healing felt warm. Not quite hot, but not cold either. Death was slow and sluggish, like slime. Healing however, flowed through him without problem.

Trying to direct the power, it appeared where he wanted in a instant. The only problem was, that there was so little of it. Touching the Dead leaf made him feel abundant with it. It was everywhere, flowing throughout his body slowly. Touching the alive one though felt different.

The amount of Death was high and the amount of Healing energy was extremely low, however Death was nowhere near amount he felt when touching the Dead leaf. It seemed to be fighting for its life, trying to heal and recover…it was failing. There was something else also. He didn’t feel any other type of power inside him yet, he felt with every cell in body that something was there. He just couldn’t sense it nor control it. It was there, he knew it was, it just also wasn’t.

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‘But that doesn’t make sense, it’s my body damnit. I should be able to control all energy or whatever the hell it is inside.’ he said before a realisation hit him. ‘Unless it’s not my energy! What if what I’m doing right now isn’t controlling any energy inside of my body, but yet projecting the energy of the leaf inside of me! Then that would mean the one mysterious force I feel, or rather don’t feel, isn’t part of my domains. That’s it! It must be its Life force!’

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With a explanation finally in mind, Xavior does what he set out to do from the very beginning. Moving the Healing force throughout his body and into his fingers touching the fern, he finally succeeds. The leaf straightens out immediately and turns so green it feels like it’s naturally grown in the wild. “Yes! Now I…..huh?” It was then, that everything went black.

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