Chapter 246: Mystic Martial Hidden Domain

Everyone looked over at Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist. They started off looking at him in disdain, but they now looked at him with reverence.

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Li Fuchen was only at the 5th level of the Earth Realm and already had the ability to suppress Ruan Qianqiu and Xiao Bai. How much more of and awe would he be if his cultivation was at the 7th or 8th level of the Earth Realm? He was at least an individual who would be on the top 50 of the Stars Ranking.

They could only admire such an existence and could only dream of catching up to him.

Even among prodigies, there was a gap.

In their respective sects, they might belong to the category of elite prodigies or top class prodigies, but once they were compared to the entire East Unicorn Continent, they truly weren’t considered much and were only geniuses.

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As for Li Fuchen, there wasn’t a need to doubt that he was an elite class prodigy in the continent.

The difference between a prodigy and an ordinary genius was too drastic and it would only just get bigger the further they went.

Among them, a majority of them would only breakthrough to the Heaven Realm at the age of 30 or 40, which was the realm they would be in for their entire life.

As for continental prodigies, they would typically breakthrough to the Heaven Realm before they reached 30 years of age and most of them would progress to the Reincarnation Realm too. There was even quite a big possibility that they would progress to the Battle Spirit Realm.

Of course, it was only a possibility and not a certainty.

Ignoring everyone’s stares and Qin Keshi’s expectations, Li Fuchen shook his head and rejected, “I have no interest in hosting the Autumn Rain Tea Party.”

He was indeed uninterested, as hosting the Autumn Rain Tea Party was just a waste of time to him.

With his cultivation pace, two years was a very long time. Perhaps two years later, the Autumn Rain Tea Party would just be child’s play to him.

Since it was child’s play, what was the point in hosting it?

“He rejected it?” Everyone was flabbergasted.

It was a glorious matter to be able to host the Autumn Rain Tea Party. Which of those people that hosted the Autumn Rain Tea Party wasn’t a famed individual?

What’s more, by hosting the Autumn Rain Tea Party, the host might be able to make some connections with the previous hosts, which would be great for their future development.

“Intriguing!” Xiang Lei revealed a trace of a smile.

Qin Keshi didn’t expect Li Fuchen to reject this opportunity as she spoke, “Since Li shidi8shidijunior brother (disciple) is not interested, then Qin Keshi shall not force him into a difficult situation. Deng shidi, would you be interested in hosting the next Autumn Rain Tea Party?”

Qin Keshi looked at another young man.

This young man was Deng Feng and he was the no.1 golden class direct disciple of the Giant Gap Sect. His ability was at the same level as Luo Qingyun’s, moreover, he was younger than Luo Qingyun. In one and a half years, he would easily break into the Stars Ranking.

(TL note: 巨阙门 is translated as Giant Gap Sect, but actually 巨阙 is the famous Juque Sword that is forged by a famed blacksmith in China along with seven other swords)

Hearing the proposal, Deng Feng wrapped his fist and bowed, “Many thanks for Qin shijie7jieelder or big sister’s kindness, Deng Feng shall accept it.”

In his heart, he was mocking Li Fuchen for being so silly as to not accept such a good opportunity.

Fan Qiansong and Fan Qianyu felt regretful for Li Fuchen as well. The Autumn Rain Tea Party was an event that had a long history, dating back to more than a century ago. All the hosts that had yet to pass away were all at least at the peak level of the Heaven Realm, and many of them were Reincarnation Realm martial artists too.

There were rumors that the Autumn Rain Tea Party had the backing from the Autumn Rain Pavilion. The members of all the Autumn Rain Pavilion were made up of the Autumn Rain Tea Party hosts and a few of floor hosts were Reincarnation Realm martial artists.

If Li Fuchen were to host the Autumn Rain Tea Party, then he naturally would be able to enter the Autumn Rain Pavilion. If that happened, his background wouldn’t just be that of an Azure Water Sect disciple, but also that of a Autumn Rain Pavilion member.

But everyone knew that prodigies like Li Fuchen were all solitary. They might seem amiable, but they actually have unwavering determination and when they have decided on something, it wouldn’t change.

Furthermore, it was too late to regret as well.

With the Autumn Rain Tea Party officially ended, everyone went their separate ways.

“Li Fuchen, my sister and I plan to return to the Carefree Sect. If we have the opportunity in the future, we must meet again.” Fan Qiansong bidded farewell to Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen nodded, “We will definitely meet again. May the two of you have a smooth journey.”

At this moment, Li Fuchen had already treated Fan Qiansong and Fan Qianyu as friends.

When Fan Qiansong and Fan Qianyu departed, Li Fuchen had this trace of loneliness in his heart.

But soon enough, that trace of loneliness faded away.

The road of the martial dao was a lonely and silent path.

It was impossible for one to truly become a martial expert if one couldn’t even endure such a solitary.

Taking precaution, Li Fuchen didn’t return to Autumn Rain City after descending Mt. Autumn Rain.

Li Wuxue’s death wouldn’t be settled without any consequences. The arrest warrants might have been relinquished, but he wasn’t so dumb as to think that the Heaven Fiend Sect had spared him. If he were to return back to Autumn Rain City, he might encounter the experts from the Heaven Fiend Sect and it was something he didn’t desire.

The Hundred Battle Region was massive and after avoiding Autumn Rain City, Li Fuchen went pass city after city.

This time, he had specially disguised himself to look like a 25 or 26 year old. He might still look dashing and refine, but there were plenty more special features that looked very different from his original facial features.

Right now, not even Fan Qiansong and Fan Qianyu may be able to recognize Li Fuchen from his looks.

His figure and presence might expose his identity, but there were only a few individuals who knew him well and it wouldn’t be so coincidental for him to encounter another familiar face so quickly.

What Li Fuchen didn’t know was that after he left Autumn Rain City for a short moment, a group of experts from the Heaven Fiend City arrived at the city.

All of these experts from the Heaven Fiend Sect were all of the Heaven Realm.

A pity that Li Fuchen had already left Autumn Rain City for a long time, hence these people naturally couldn’t find him.


Green Cloud City.

Green Cloud Inn.

This inn went as high as nine floors and was the most famous inn in Green Cloud City.

Those prodigies from the various sects basically liked to have their meals at Green Cloud Inn whenever they visited Green Cloud City. It also gave them the opportunity to interact and observe the other prodigies from the various sects.

On the fifth floor of Green Cloud Inn, Li Fuchen found a window seat to settle down.

Once the dishes were served, Li Fuchen ate and drank in a cultured manner.

“Did you guys hear that Doulin Clan’s Xiahou Chuan has passed the fifth mystic martial door in the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain? He had been accepted as one of the personal disciples of a Mystic Martial Artist.”

“Fifth mystic martial doors? Oh damn. It is already praiseworthy to be able to pass the first mystic martial door and having the chance to be a write-in disciple for any of the Mystic Martial Experts. He must be inhuman to be able to pass fifth mystic martial door.”

“This Xiahou Chuan is indeed worthy of being a heaven defying 5 star bone frame. His quality might be slightly inferior to a 6 star bone frame, but his perception is on par or surpassing them. For the past decade, no one has been able to achieve such an impressive result like passing the fifth mystic martial door.”

“Xiahou Chuan is not of the same level as us. We better talk about someone else!”

“That’s right, it is too demoralizing to talk about Xiahou Chuan.”

On a seat by the other window, a few youths were mingling as they were drinking.

“Doulin Clan’s Xiahou Chuan?” Li Fuchen recalled about Xiahou Shi.

If he didn’t guess it wrong, no matter Xiahou Chuan or Xiahou Shi, they both were heaven defying 5 star bone frames from the Doulin Clan. Which meant that even if Xiahou Shi was slightly inferior to Xiahou Chuan, the difference wouldn’t be huge and if Li Fuchen were to make an attempt in the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain, he should be able to pass at least the fourth mystic martial door.

As for the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain, it was also a mystical domain like the Star Road Hidden Domain.

Within this hidden domain, there were eight mystic martial doors and a total of eight Mystic Martial Experts.

All eight of the Mystic Martial Experts were Reincarnation Realm martial artists with astounding abilities and they each specialized in a certain art.

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