Chapter 247: Sword Tiger

There were rumors that the abilities of the eight Mystic Martial Experts were at least belonging to that of the top twenty in the continent, if not, top eight. Had they not been secluding themselves in the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain and ignoring the worldly matters, they would definitely have taken up one of the prominent roles in the East Unicorn Continent. If they were to join any sects, they would be able to turn that sect into an extreme powerhouse.

As such, the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain became a place where various prodigies came to strive for.

Be it a write-in disciple or a personal disciple of the Mystic Martial Experts, it was already a remarkable feat.

With a Mystic Martial Expert as your master, it would provide you a smoother journey on the road of the martial dao. At the same time, the expert would also be your backer.

These Mystic Martial Experts might never leave the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain, as it was rumored that they had to pay a certain price in order to leave the domain. But several decades ago, one of the Mystic Martial Expert bursted out of the hidden domain and eliminated a Reincarnation Realm and more than a dozen Heaven Realm martial artists of a sect. All because his favorite personal disciple was murdered.

Back then, the entire East Unicorn Continent was shocked and gradually the personal disciples of the Mystic Martial Experts became a taboo. Unless absolutely necessary, no one would dare touch a personal disciple of a Mystic Martial Expert.

As for becoming a personal disciple, it didn’t mean that you had to pass the fifth mystic martial door.

More importantly, was whether the Mystic Martial Expert had any high regards for you. If those experts had high regards of you, even if you were to pass only the first door of the mystic martial, they would still take you in as a personal disciple. But if they didn’t have any regards for you, even if you passed the fifth door of the mystic martial, they might not even accept you as a personal disciple.

Of course, if you could pass the sixth door of the mystic martial, it was certain that you would become a personal disciple under one of the Mystic Martial Experts.

For the past decade, less than ten individuals passed the fifth mystic martial door and only three have passed the sixth mystic martial door.

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From what Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist knew, in order to attempt the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain, not only did you need to have innate talents and potential, you had to see if you had the aptitude. There were some astounding prodigies who weren’t suited to be in the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain. Hence they couldn’t produce any significant results, which made them fail the test to become a personal disciple.

In short, the reason why the Hundred Battle region was a significant location of the East Unicorn Continent and also the location where prodigies gathered, wasn’t just became it was a place where prodigies could temper themselves, but mainly due to the many opportunities here. If one could grab hold of those opportunities, they might have a smoother and faster journey on the road of martial dao.

‘Mystic Martial Hidden Domain. This place is worth visiting.’

Hence Li Fuchen’s destination after leaving Autumn Rain City was the Mystic Martial Hidden Realm.

He didn’t want to host the Autumn Rain Tea Party was because of his disinterest, but it didn’t mean that he wasn’t aware of his impending danger. Becoming a personal disciple of a Mystic Martial Expert was undoubtedly the best way to resolve this danger.

It wasn’t desirable to rely on others on the path of the martial dao, but it didn’t mean that one should not seize the opportunities.

Those that did not seize any opportunities would either hide in some secluded place and wait until they were invincible, otherwise, they would die sooner or later.

But even if one hid in the secluded mountains for an entire lifetime, would they be truly be unparalleled after they exited from seclusion?

Not necessarily.

Those who didn’t go through any tempering wouldn’t be able to feel any oppression, which allowed them to grow faster and stronger.

Unless one had an innate potential so outstanding that it was heaven defying, so outstanding that even the heavens were filled with envy; otherwise, no one would be able to be invincible in the world.

Not even the current Li Fuchen fulfilled that condition.

Perhaps in the future, but the future was filled with unknown factors and Li Fuchen couldn’t continue waiting.

After taking a sip of wine, Li Fuchen continued to listen to the conversation.

“The Hundred Battle region has too many mystical places, but the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain is undoubtedly the most important place, even more so that the Star Road Hidden Domain. It will be best if I can become a write-in disciple under the Mystic Martial Experts.”

“I do not agree with your statements. In terms of importance, the Star Road Hidden Domain is still ranked no.1, but the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain can be ranked no.2.”

“I think so too. When you venture into the Star Road Hidden Domain, you will obtain the enhancement from the Star Road energy, allowing you to cultivate at a much faster pace. Even the ability to circulate your qi faster too. This is something the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain can never offer.”

“Not only so. No one knows how many stages the Star Road Hidden Domain has. Because under the Earth Realm, no one has truly been able to pass through the entire Star Road Hidden Domain, the seventh stage being the best result. In ancient scriptures, a predecessor speculated that if anyone could pass the entire Star Road Hidden Domain, they would be able to obtain an enormous inheritance.”

“That is only a speculation and how can a speculation be put into consideration? The Mystic Martial Hidden Domain is still more practical. You can obtain both a massive martial dao impartation from the Mystic Martial Experts and their support as a backer.”

After a few arguments, they began to have a heated debate.

Li Fuchen laughed. If he was to take it seriously, he felt that the Star Road Hidden Domain was the no.1 most important hidden domain.

The stages of the Star Road Hidden Domain had always been a mystery and from the magnificent traits of the Star Road Hidden Domain, there would most likely be an enormous surprise once anyone were to complete the entire Star Road Hidden Domain.

Perhaps there wasn’t even a need to complete the entire Star Road Hidden Domain. As long as one was able to pass the eighth or ninth stage, there should be a considerable surprise. Even though no one has had the capability to uncover this surprise, it didn’t mean that it was non-existent.

Of course, it didn’t mean that the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain wasn’t sufficiently important either.

For the current situation, the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain was actually much more important than the Star Road Hidden Domain and more practical as well.

“Chen Yuanhu, come out and fight!”

A thunderous voice echoed from the main street.

On the seventh floor of the Green Cloud Inn, a figure was standing by the window, looking down from above and replying, “He Lianbao, you were defeated by me one year ago. Do you still want to be defeated by me again today?”

“Chen Yuanhu? He Lianbao?” Li Fuchen was astonished.

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Chen Yuanhu was that Sword Tiger who was on par with the Azure Water Sect’s Sword Maniac.

(TL note: Chen Yuanhu’s name is literally Chen Element Tiger)

Sword Tiger Chen Yuanhu was already one of the leading figures among the Azure Water Sect’s direct disciples.

As for He Lianbao, he was the Violent Saber Sect’s Grand Elder, He Lianhu’s son,= and was also one of the leading figures among the direct disciples of the Violent Saber Sect.

Li Fuchen didn’t expect that he was able to meet these two individuals here in Green Cloud City.

“Stop all your nonsense and accept my challenge. Or are you afraid?”  On the main street, He Lianbao who was eight feet tall stood there and sneered.

“Afraid!? I can be afraid of anyone, but not you!”

Sword Tiger Chen Yuanhu was someone who always favored a battle. Why would he have any fear in accepting He Lianbao’s challenge? He instantly leaped off the Green Cloud Inn and landed on the main street.

“This is the Green Cloud City. You and me shall exit the city and fight.”

He Lianbao didn’t dare to fight within the Green Cloud City, as he executed his maneuvers and sprinted for the east gates of the Green Cloud City.

Chen Yuanhu followed closely at the back.

“Let’s go over and have a look. These two individuals look to be rather formidable.”

“They must be formidable as both their cultivation levels are at the 9th level of the Earth Realm.”

Plenty of people followed along and so did Li Fuchen.

He wanted to know what level Sword Tiger’s Chen Yuanhu’s abilities were at.

Once He Lianbao and Chen Yuanhu left the east gates, they were immediately locked in an intense battle.

Both of them were eight feet tall and had muscular builds. One of them wielded a sword, while the other wielded a saber. Both their sword and saber lights were clashing at rapid speeds, while neither of them were backing down from the highly skilled exchanges, causing chills in everyone’s spine.

“Such strength! This level of ability is seemingly even stronger than the bottom Star Rankers in the Stars Ranking!”

“We nearly missed a great show. With such abilities, they will certainly take up spots in the Stars Ranking.”

The spectators were having heated discussions.

“Indeed very strong.” Li Fuchen was observing both their combat skills and he was shocked to realize that both their abilities had surpassed Ruan Qianqiu and Xiao Bai.

But Li Fuchen understood that the Stars Ranking was actually tabulated more than a year ago and since then, many things had changed.

Although Ruan Qianqiu was ranked 98 and Xiao Bai was ranked 101, were the two of them currently ranked the same among all the Earth Realm prodigies?

It was definitely hard to say.

After more than a year, there were so many rising stars that appeared recently.

Most of them had a faster development speed in the later stages and had gradually surpassed their seniors.

The true ranking would only be revealed when the next Stars Ranking Tournament was held.

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