Chapter 248: Creating a Kill Move

He Lianbao’s saber was extremely quick, causing the saber light to look like shattered mirror pieces which extended towards Chen Yuanhu.

Chen Yuanhu’s sword was extremely dominating too, while his sword presence was extremely ferocious, like a fierce tiger roaring towards the sky.

Hundreds of exchanges later, both sides were still evenly matched.

“Haha! Chen Yuanhu, it seems like your improvement isn’t as much as mine. You shall be defeated by my next move!” He Lianbao had a complete grasp of Chen Yuanhu’s attack patterns. His saber presence flourished with powerful saber light, like a snow white lightning dragon, which flashed towards Chen Yuanhu.

Chen Yuanhu snorted and thrust out with his sword. His sword light crisscrossed like claws and fangs, tearing at He Lianbao’s saber light.

“He Lianbao. One year ago I had defeated you, one year later I will do the same.”

As he spoke, he stepped forward as streaks of ferocious sword lights acted like a hungry tiger pouncing on its prey towards He Lianbao.

“Violent Dragon Cleave!”

He Lianbao released his kill move, which was a blend of two sinister saber lights. They were protruding with spikes, like a giant dragon growing talons and fangs.


The ground below was plowed open, while shards of stones flew in all directions.

“Element Tiger Kill!”

Chen Yuanhu had released his kill move too.

This kill move was named after his name.

(TL note: As mentioned in the previous chapter, Yuanhu literally means Element Tiger)

Once the sword move was executed, the heaven and earth changed in color, while sand and stone shards flew around. Everyone could subtly see a giant tiger shadow appearing above Chen Yuanhu, which had more presence than He Lianbao’s kill move.


The ground shook so much that He Lianbao was sent flying while vomiting blood.

In terms of fundamental abilities, He Lianhu was on the same level as Chen Yuanhu. But in terms of kill moves, he was much inferior.

“Such a powerful kill move.”

Many eyes lit up, while Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist nodded in silence.

He Lianbao’s kill move was roughly the same in strength as Ruan Qianqiu’s, but Chen Yuanhu’s kill move obviously surpassed Ruan Qianqiu’s.

‘There is always a higher mountain and there is always a superior individual. I reckon that apart from the top 50 Stars Rankers, the other Stars Rankers that want to be ranked in the Stars Ranking again will probably be at risk!’ Li Fuchen was in deep thought.

The Mystic Martial Hidden Domain would only open once every three months and only one month had passed. There was still two more months before the next opening.

Li Fuchen had been residing in the Green Cloud City and had his meal at the Green Cloud Inn while collecting information on various prodigies from different sects.

After listening to many gossips, Li Fuchen naturally knew about the different ability level of the various prodigies.

In everyone’s opinions, the top three Stars Rankers belonged to the first class.

The top ten belonged to the second class.

Top twenty belonged to the third class.

Top fifty belonged to the fourth class.

The rest belonged to the fifth class.

The difference between the classes were extremely drastic and it was effortless for a first class to instant kill a second class, such as a second class instant killing the third class, and so on.

Even among the same class, there were differences as well, as Li Fuchen witnessed that the 52nd ranked Stars Ranker, defeating the 91st ranked Stars Ranker in a single move.

Most of the people had similar fundamental abilities, but once the kill move was revealed, the victor would be decided.

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‘Kill moves… Perhaps I shall also research them a little.’

The Blaze Devil Sword Art might be powerful, but the comprehension of the Blaze Devil Sword intent wasn’t something that could be achieved overnight.

If he could develop a mystic class mid-tier kill move first, it might be able to assist him in comprehending the Blaze Devil Sword intent.

Taking action as soon as he had the intention. Li Fuchen immediately began the development of his mystic class mid-tier kill move.

A mystic class mid-tier kill move had to be inspired by a mystic class sword art.

Li Fuchen had cultivated a total of three mystic class mid-tier sword arts, which were the Starfire Sword Art, the Rotating Flow Sword Art, and the Nine Revolution Sword Art.

This three sword arts each had their own traits, but it didn’t mean that they weren’t related.

A few days later, Li Fuchen gradually had some initial signs and he felt that the development of kill moves was actually an interesting task.

It was like producing a work of art and this work was entirely according to his own will, that was most suitable for his own battle style.

Li Fuchen still had his meal on the fifth floor of the Green Cloud Inn.

Thump, Thump, Thump…

The sound of footsteps came from the staircases.

Two figures went past the fifth floor and was preparing to head to the sixth floor.


One of the individuals unintentionally noticed Li Fuchen seated by the window and had this flash of surprise.

“Han shidi8shidijunior brother (disciple), what’s wrong?” The other individual asked.

Han Feng asked, “Xu shixiong1shixiongsenior brother (disciple), this person’s qi presence feels familiar, it’s  like I have seen him somewhere?”

Xu Xiong let out a light laugh, “There are too many people with familiar qi presences. There is no meaning in bothering about such unimportant people. Come, let’s go up!”

“Alright then.”

Han Feng nodded and followed Xu Xiong to the sixth floor.

As he was climbing up the stairs, he took another glance at Li Fuchen while trying to recall in his memory.

His intuition told him that Li Fuchen was somehow related to him and it wasn’t just a quick encounter.

“It’s him!”

After Han Feng went up to the sixth floor, Li Fuchen frowned.

This person was that Han Feng that Li Fuchen had met in the Star Road Hidden Domain, one of the Celestial Seven of the Celestial Star Sect.

“Seems like this Green Cloud City is where all the prominent figures are gathered. A simple disguise isn’t much of a guarantee.” Li Fuchen smiled bitterly.

Disguising one’s qi presence wasn’t something regular people was capable of. He was able to conceal his qi presence, but he couldn’t do it for the entire day. After all, the concealing of qi presence was his spirit soul’s talent and it exhausted a lot of his spirit.

“Forget it. With my current cultivation, there are some things that I do not have to bother with.”

Li Fuchen had confidence in himself. During this period of time, his mystic class mid-tier sword intent had a lot of progress. The three main mystic class mid-tier sword arts’ power and exquisite level were already on par with the Blaze Devil Sword Art’s perfection stage.

Li Fuchen would only come over for a meal at the Green Cloud Inn every few days.

He would spend the rest of his time developing mystic class mid-tier kill moves.


One month before the opening of the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain, Li Fuchen had developed the framework of his kill move.

This kill move was a combination of the special traits of the Starfire Sword art and Nine Revolution Sword Art, containing both sword intents at the same time.

In the courtyard…

Li Fuchen stood quietly, while his body was emitting with the Starfire and Nine Revolution Sword intents.

After a long time!

There was a blow of violent winds.


Li Fuchen moved. With a flash, Li Fuchen slashed and thrust in midair.

Swish, swish, swish, swish, swish, swish, swish…

In midair, seven sword lights launched out from a single point. Each of them attacked from different angles and were immensely powerful, just the repercussions created streaks of cracks on the surface of the ground.

“Blending the Starfire Sword Art’s burst strength and the toughness of the Nine Revolution Sword Art. It is only at the development stage but it isn’t inferior to any mystic class mid-tier sword art.”

Li Fuchen was satisfied with this kill move.

After another week, Li Fuchen finally pushed this kill move towards perfection.

With a single blade, ten sword lights burst forth from a single point. Each of the sword lights contained an immense burst strength, toughness, and jolting power.

In terms of fatal strength, it was around 30% stronger than the Blaze Devil Sword Art.

After all, it contained both the sword intents of the Starfire Sword Art and the Nine Revolution Sword Art.

‘With this kill move, I will just need one move to defeat someone at the same level as Ruan Qianqiu.’ Li Fuchen was silently analyzing.

As time ticked by, the timing for the opening of the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain was getting closer.

On this day, Li Fuchen happened to saw Xiahou Shi at the Green Cloud Inn.

Xiahou Shi might not be ranked on the Stars Ranking, but it was because he was much younger than Xiahou Chuan. Back at the Star Road Hidden Domain, Xiahou Shi was only at the 6th level of the Earth Realm, but had suddenly advanced to the 7th level. His ability was far superior to Ruan Qianqiu’s, after all, he was a heaven-defying 5-star bone frame.

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After a period of time, Li Fuchen spotted Su Muyu.

Su Muyu had obviously ventured into the Star Road Hidden Domain and increased her cultivation from the 4th level to the 6th level of the Earth Realm.

But these two individuals didn’t notice Li Fuchen, mainly due to him maintaining a low profile. As for Han Feng spotting Li Fuchen, that was merely a coincidental encounter.

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