Chapter 78 – Meeting Chen An Again

The Storm Eagle’s battlefield is the sky, but Yang Tian was on the ground. The Storm Eagle could attack Yang Tian, but Yang Tian could only counterattack.

He must try to find an opportunity to tie down the Storm Eagle, or he would constantly be in a passive position.

The Storm Eagle in the sky had been constantly showering Yang Tian with Wind Blades, but Yang Tian managed to avoid each and every one of its attacks. Yang Tian even made sure to give a taunting display in return to the Storm Eagle.


The Storm Eagle released an angry cry before diving down, charging at Yang Tian.

Rolling Storm

From the beak of the Storm Eagle as the focal point, a powerful shredding storm covered the body of the Storm Eagle. The target of its attack was Yang Tian.

“I need to avoid that attack.”

Rolling Storm’s attack was focused on its front while the back of the Storm Eagle would be defenseless. Yang Tian has an opportunity to tie down the Storm Eagle if he could evade the attacking from the front.

Here it comes.

As the Storm Eagle charges, the power of Rolling Storm becomes more and more terrifying. When it nearly reaching the ground, Yang Tian could even sense a powerful ripping feel.

Mental Disruption

The Storm Eagle discovered that the enemy in front of it had suddenly appeared on the side, so it adjusted the direction of its attack and charged.

And struck at an empty space.

The Storm Eagle noticed that its attack had not reached Yang Tian and so wanted to fly up, which was when it discovered that a black monster had attached itself to its back.

After using Mental Disruption to change the direction of the Storm Eagle, Yang Tian used that opportunity to climb onto the Storm Eagle’s back.


The Storm Eagle started to swing left and right, wanting to throw off Yang Tian from its back. Unfortunately, Yang Tian glued tightly to its back and did not fall off no matter how it tried to shake him away.

“My turn to attack.”

Black War Hammer

Yang Tian’s arms turned into two war hammers that continuously struck the back of the Storm Eagle. The defense of the Storm Eagle was not high and naturally, it will be unable to take the constant blows.

However, would a Rank 3 Creature admit defeat so quickly?

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The feathers on the back of the Storm Eagle stood upwards, turning extremely sharp.

Swoosh Swoosh Swoosh

The feathers turned into sharp swords and shot towards Yang Tian.

Yang Tian combined his war hammers and turned it into a black shield to block the shooting feathers.

Dang Dang Dang

The Storm Eagle was unwilling to admit defeat, as it launched its feather attack, it also constantly rammed itself against buildings, hoping to knock Yang Tian off its back.

“This cannot continue.”

At this rate, Yang Tian will suffer a defeat.


Yang Tian viciously rammed his shield onto the back of the Storm Eagle while ignoring the feather attacks, he needs to make the Storm Eagle submit as soon as possible.

Bang Bang

Each strike on the Storm Eagle’s back would cause it to fly slightly lower. The constant barrage had caused blood to flow out of the Storm Eagle’s mouth.

The Storm Eagle still has many powerful moves, but it was unable to display those moves with Yang Tian stuck onto its back.

The Storm Eagle felt weaker and weaker as time went by.

Yang Tian had undoubtedly noticed the state of the Storm Eagle and using the moment when it lost focus, a taming halo appeared on Yang Tian’s arm.

Dark Taming

A dark halo condensed on Yang Tian’s hand and entered the back of the Storm Eagle.

A black lotus appeared on the Storm Eagle’s head while its feathers started to dye black as well.

Dark Storm Eagle

Skill: Rolling Storm, Wind Blade, Dark Pierce

The Dark Attribute Skill that the Dark Storm Eagle obtained was Dark Pierce.

Dark Pierce: Form an incorporeal sharp blade that ignores physical defense.

Yang Tian thought if it as a decent skill. Moreover, the Dark Storm Eagle is a flying creature, it might be able to create unexpected results when using the skill.

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As for Wind Blade and Rolling Storm, Yang Tian had witnessed their power, barely adequate.

After successfully taming Dark Storm Eagle, the creature became much more obedient. Yang Tian removed Venom-form and rode Dark Storm Eagle and roam the skies of F City; Yang Tian wanted to find out the current situation of F City by using aerial surveillance.

“That is…”

Yang Tian saw a team formed with over a dozen Metahumans, they were currently roaming the streets, and one of them was someone Yang Tian was familiar with.

Police Station Chief Chen An, he has likely fallen out with Zhuang Zheng and parted ways. Chen An originally had over thirty Metahumans in his team, but now, only less than twenty was following him. The rest of the group had chosen to follow Zhuang Zheng; once the army arrives, they would be able to safely leave F City.

Maybe, with their abilities, they would be able to obtain a decent position within the military.

“Actually, you guys could just follow Zhuang Zheng and obtained a decent post within the army. There is no need to follow me.”

“Station Chief, you must be joking. F City is our home, it is impossible for us to watch F City turn into a home for monsters while we run away to survive.”

“Station Chief, we are not people who are craven and cowardly. We do not regret following Station Chief to save F City together.”

When Chen An saw that there were still so many people willing to follow him, he felt gratified.

Chen An was born and raised in F City, although they were few in number, Chen An would also do his best to save every citizen of F City.

Yang Tian rode Dark Storm Eagle and arrived right above Chen An’s location in the sky.

“Act alone for now.”

Yang Tian allowed Dark Storm Eagle to move freely, he will summon it again when he needs it. Yang Tian turned into Venom form and jumped down from mid-air, appearing directly in front of Chen An and his group.

“Station Chief Chen, do you still remember me?”

After landing, Yang Tian withdrew Venom, turning back into his human form.

“So it’s you, Little Bro.”

Chen An spoke with a slight joy when he saw Yang Tian. After all, the latter had helped him by exposing Zhuang Zheng’s lies, allowing him to quickly return to F City.

“Station Chief Chen, you only have over ten people?”

“Even if there are only over ten of us, we will still do our best to contribute our meager power for F City.”

Chen An was a Rank 2 Multi-Elemental Warrior of Fire and Earth. During a battle, he can wield both Fire Elements and Earth Elements.

And the combination of fire and earth was lava; just that the current Chen An was not high rank enough to use that power.

As for the Metahumans behind Chen An, they were a mix of Rank 1s and Rank 2s.

“I see that Little Bro’s power is not ordinary, you were able to easily defeat the Vice Station Chief at the garbage dump.”

“Still alright, Station Chief Chen’s fighting power is not weaker than his.”

“Little Bro is cracking a joke.”

Yang Tian and Chen An continued to converse for a while.

So, what happened was that there was a Rank 3 Metahuman within the armored vehicle convoy. When the convoy arrived, that Rank 3 Metahuman displayed his power and easily defeated Chen An.

Yang Tian also learned from Chen An that the Rank 3 Metahuman was already injured before the fight; it seemed like they had undergone a big battle before they arrived.

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