Chapter 79 – Scout


The Rank 3 Metahuman had gotten injured when dealing with the Mutated Armadillos? Or was there a Commander-Tier Mutated Beast behind the Mutated Armadillos.

“Yes, but the injury on him is not serious, the combat power he displayed is absolutely terrifying.”

A Rank 3 could easily defeat a Rank 2, but Yang Tian also believed that Chen An did not use all his strength, Multi-Element Warriors are not ordinary Elemental Warriors as they possessed a more powerful combat power.

Even when Yang Tian was in Venom-Form, he will still be a little afraid of Chen An, this shows the might of the Multi-Element Warrior.

“Station Chief Chen, what are you planning to do next?”

“I plan to form a new rescue squad, will you be interested in joining us Little Bro?”

“I must decline.”

Yang Tian rejected Chen An’s invitation. Yang Tian is confident in killing, but he had no interest in saving others.

“If that’s the case, I shall not force Little Bro.”

Chen An was prepared to leave with the team. After all, they need time to simulate the plan.

“Hold on.”

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“Is there anything else?”

“It is better for you to occupy a clinic or pharmacy as your base first. As for the hospital, you should not go.”

What was coming soon will be a large-scale zombie horde, and drugs are indispensable. Clinics and pharmacies are good choices as the hospital was full of instability.

There are a lot of viruses within the hospital, and many powerful mutant beasts were born after the Apocalypse. Ghost-Face Spiders, Eight-Head Centipedes, and Vampiric Flies would thrive in a hospital’s environment, and they are challenging to deal with. Moreover, many were Rank 3 Mutated Beasts. Yang Tianming knew that there would be Rank 3 Mutated Beasts in the hospital, but he did not dare to go to the hospital to tame any.

“Okay, thank you Little Bro.”

“These food is my gift to you.”

Yang Tian took out five large bags of food from his Archaic Bronze Ring and passed them to Chen An; just Chen An’s character was worth Yang Tian’s aid.


Chen An did not expect Yang Tian to give himself so much food despite only meeting a few times. It was indeed surprising that Yang Tian brought out five bags of food out of thin air, but everyone has their own secrets, Chen An will not ask questions. He will remember that he has received the help of Yang Tian.

“I will repay this kindness on another day.”

Chen An expressed his gratitude to Yang Tian.

Yang Tian waved his hand at Chen An before entering Venom-Form. Yang Tian chose to leave.

Moreover, Yang Tian learned from Chen An that the army was still in the garbage dump. It seems that the injured Rank 3 Metahuman needed to recover.

Let me see how you got hurt.”

Yang Tian has not encountered another Rank 3 Metahuman yet so he should be the first one Yang Tian would meet. With the strength of the military, a lot of Rank 3 Metahumans should have been nurtured.

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When Yang Tian approached the garbage dump, he saw seven armored vehicles. In the past, there were ten vehicles. The missing three should have been lost when they were dealing with the Mutated Armadillos.

The ordinary people within the garbage dump have all been driven away by the army, only military personnel were left within the garbage dump.

Yang Tian silently infiltrated the garbage dump.

“Big cities are truly dangerous, even the captain is injured.”

“That group of Armadillos is still easy to deal with, the problem is that Green-Haired Monster. It actually fought the captain into a draw. Fortunately, it left, or even we will have to…”

“This time, three armored vehicles are ruined. I am afraid that after we return, the captain will be disciplined again.”

The two soldiers were conversing, not knowing that there was a pair of ears in the dark.

“And that Chen An who fought with the captain today is also very powerful. He almost defeated the captain.”

“That was because the captain was injured, or Chen An would have already lost to the captain.”

“True! The captain is Rank 3, and only a few in the army has reached Rank 3.”

As they discussed, Yang Tian slowly moved to the underground warehouse of the garbage dump. Zhuang Zheng and his group were all in the underground warehouse, with the Rank 3 Metahuman also resting in the underground warehouse.

“Daughter, Captain Wu is currently resting, deliver some food to him so that we can establish a closer relationship.”

“Dad, there is no need to speak further. Daughter knows what needs to be done.”

The fighting power displayed by a Rank 3 Metahuman made Zhuang want to ingratiate. If his daughter can establish a relationship with Captain Wu, it would be even better.

A Compressed Ham, two boxes of tacks plus a bottle of cola. In the Civilized Era, this was just very ordinary snacks, that most people would just glance at passing. However, in the Post-Apocalyptic Era, their value was no less than gold and silver.

As Zhuang Ru was taking the food to visit Captain Wu with, Yang Tian was following closely behind her. Two soldiers were guarding the place where Captain Wu was resting.

“Miss Zhuang, thank you…”

“Who is it? How dare you sneak in here.”

The two soldiers discovered Yang Tian when they were receiving the food from Zhuang Ru.


Yang Tian went into Venom-Form and immediately ran out of the underground warehouse.

One of the soldiers chased after Yang Tian while the other went to wake up Captain Wu.

“Shoot that black monster.”

With the order, the soldiers within the garbage dump all raised their guns and shot at Yang Tian.

Tat Tat Tat

The bullets were unable to pierce through Venom and were stuck on the surface of Venom’s skin.

The Post-Apocalyptic World is an era for cold weaponry, hot weaponry has basically lost their uses.

“It’s you again.”

Zhuang Zheng ran out of the underground warehouse and saw the black monster, his expression was of grievance and hatred.

“Mayor Zhuang, you know that person?”

“Squad Leader Fan Wu, that person used my daughter to threaten me earlier and forced me to give up my family heirloom. If the squad leader is willing to help me get back my heirloom, this old man is willing to offer any price you want to express my thanks.”

“Rest assured Mayor Zhuang, now that my guys have surrounded it, a Rank 3 monster will not be able to escape.”

When Yang Tian saw Fan Wu, he could not help but check him out.

A Scout? No wonder I am discovered.

The army was undoubtedly powerful, to have thought of nurturing soldiers in this direction. Fan Wu was a Rank 2 Metahuman, his body was only slightly stronger than an ordinary person’s, but he possessed an extremely outstanding trait: Scout.

Don’t say that Yang Tian was only Early-Stage Rank 3, even if he is Early-Stage Rank 4, he would still be discovered by them. As for the other soldier in the underground warehouse, if Yang Tian’s guess was correct, that soldier was likely a Giant Strength Soldier.

Giant Strength Soldiers also have a unique trait – Giant Strength.

“Taste your bullets!”

The bullets that were on Venom’s skin were turned around. Fan Wu guessed Yang Tian’s action and shouted:

“Hide, all of you hide!”

The soldiers were very obedient and immediately moved when they heard Fan Wu’s shout.

“Not as fast as me.”

Swoosh Swoosh Swoosh

The bullets flew back with the same force they came, how many of the several hundred soldiers would be able to survive the rain of bullets?

The soldiers were mostly a mix of Rank 1 Metahumans and ordinary people. The Metahumans might be able to evade some of the shots, but it was much more difficult for regular soldiers to do so.

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