Chapter 325: I Don’t Want to be With You Anymore (03)

Since she already said it, might as well finish it.  “I am not lying.  She was sitting inside the taxi, ordering the driver to run over my mother.  She almost caused me to lose my mother.  Si Zheng Ting, I know that you will not believe me, but I just want to tell you something; I hate your mother.  I will never forgive her, not in this lifetime!”  Her voice is not as furious as it was before; in fact, she sounds rather helpless.  The hatred part though, has been said in an earnest manner, as though the anger can be sensed from her words alone.

Si Zheng Ting does not know if he should trust her.  Then, he suddenly remembers something.  He narrows his eyes, “Does this happened during the time when our result was announced?”

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“Yes.”  That was why she was so eager to call him back then.  To find out what his result was.  Unfortunately, Ding Mengya was the one who answered the phone call.  On the evening after their little rendezvous in that coffee shop, her mother got into the accident.

The expression on Si Zheng Ting’s face changes. 

Before she could even grasp the situation, he suddenly steps forward and wraps his hand around her neck. 

She is shocked by his sudden move.  The hand around her neck slowly tightens and she suddenly has a hard time breathing.

She looks up at him and finds his phoenix eyes staring back in fury.

“Zhuang Nai Nai, do you know what I want to do to you, right now?” she can hear his cold voice saying.

She cannot breathe.  She tries to push his hand away but his wrist barely budged. 

“I really want to kill you,” he says without waiting for her reply.

When he sees her reddening face, a trace of regret can be seen flashing in his eyes.  He lets go of her neck and pushes her to the couch behind her. 

Zhuang Nai Nai heaves for air as he continues speaking, “Do you think I am so stupid to believe all your lies?  Defaming TZ is not enough, so now you want to defame my mother?  Is there anything you couldn’t do for your Zhuang Mama?”

After saying that, he picks up his coat and turns around to leave.

Zhuang Nai Nai’s heart clenches painfully.  She had known he would never trust her and had known his reaction wouldn’t be good.  She had expected him to ignore her, to divorce her, to fight with her, but never had she imagine that his reaction would be this. 

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His distrust is giving her a certain kind of pain, of loneliness; the ones that she felt when she waited for her mother outside the operating theatre.  She feels hopeless, as though she knows that everyone will leave her in the end. 

She bites her lips, swallowing heavily before saying, “Si Zheng Ting!”

Si Zheng Ting does not stop.

She runs to the doorway and pulls him by the wrist, “Don’t go.  The one who should leave is me.”

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