Chapter 326: I Don’t Want to be With You Anymore (04)

Zhuang Nai Nai’s sentence causes Si Zheng Ting to halt in his step.

She walks past him to the door, resolutely.  She is only wearing her nightgown, covered by a thin robe due to her haste earlier on.  Those are the very nightwear that he had bought for her. 

The edge of her skirt and robe flutter as she walks past him, giving him the illusion as though she is flying away.

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Her slender body is like a butterfly that is very eager to fly free.  Her pale skin is made even paler by the white nightgown; it is as though she is about to disappear into thin air.

Si Zheng Ting suddenly lifts his hand to stop her, but he only manages to catch the edge of her robe before that too, slips away.

His heart shudders.

He follows her with his eyes.  Her back profile looks so resolute that everything suddenly feels like 5 years ago.  He just has this feeling that she will leave him again.

While he is in a daze, she runs downstairs, puts on her shoes and runs out of the house.

When her silhouette disappears from the doorway, he clenches his fists tightly.

All the anger, all the hatred dissipates just like that.  Right now, he only feels empty.

He stands there soullessly.

The housekeeper who hears the ruckus walks out of his room again.  When he sees the silhouette of someone standing on the second floor, he automatically says, “Madam, did you anger Sir until he left again…..”

But then, once he takes a good look and realizes that the silhouette belongs to Si Zheng Ting, he becomes stumped.  He looks at the main door that is left ajar, and then back at Si Zheng Ting, his face full of shock, “Sir, did Madam just left?”

Si Zheng Ting does not reply him.

He walks out of the door, “It is currently so late, let me ask Da Zhuang to send her wherever she wants to go.”

Si Zheng Ting remains silent.  He turns around and returns to the study.  He sits on the couch and stares into who knows what.

She left.  He feels as though his heart has left as well.

He does not know what he should do.

Did she also feel this way everytime he left after a fight?

He lowers his head, myriads of thoughts filling his brain.  Even if she wanted to lie about the 300,000 yuan, couldn’t she at least try to come up with something believable; something that can actually make him hesitate over everything and choose to trust her?

He had been so excited when she said that she did not break up with him over money.

No matter how unique her excuses were to be, he would have chosen to believe her.

She just had to come up with that excuse…..

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Si Zheng Ting closes his eyes.

The day their results were announced, Lady Ding had spent the entire evening with him.

Such unbelievable words, so many loopholes, couldn’t she at least try harder?

How could she be so half-hearted even when she was lying to him?

He sinks into the couch, unable to calm himself down.

Someone knocks on the door.  When the door opens, Si Zheng Ting tries to spot her behind the housekeeper who is walking in, but she is nowhere to be seen.

He lowers his eyes, disappointed.

“Sir, Madam has gone missing,” says the housekeeper.

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