Chapter 327: I Don’t Want to be With You Anymore (05)

Si Zheng Ting who has already been tense to begin with, turns even rigid.  He looks up at the housekeeper.  Perhaps due to the fragility that he feels right now, he does not even bother to mask his horror-stricken face, “What do you mean ’gone missing’?”  His voice carries traces of fear that even he fails to notice.

“I asked Da Zhuang to follow her, but she refused to get on the car.  She ran into a small alley and the car couldn’t fit, so Da Zhuang had to get off the car to chase after her.  She is gone, he has no idea where she is.  I already sent more people to look for her, but we have no idea where she is so far,” says the housekeeper urgently.

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Si Zheng Ting’s heart clenches.  He stands up and just as he is about to take the first step, he halts; he goes and search for her, and then what?

He clenches his fists.

The housekeeper lowers his eyes upon seeing that, before purposely sighing and saying, “Madam is young and beautiful, it is not safe for her to be outside at this time of the night.  I heard a convicted murderer has come to hide in Beijing.  Our residential area is so quiet and deserted, what if—–“

Before he even finishes speaking, Si Zheng Ting already rushes out of the study.

The housekeeper sighs as he looks at Si Zheng Tings back profile, “Youngsters are so temperamental.  One fight and they will immediately leave.  What is the point, even?”

But then again, whenever Sir left in the past, Madam tried her best to look for him.  For Madam to be the one who actually left this time—–  It probably means that she is really hurt by something.  Sir is a gentleman, it is only right for him to fetch her back.

He slowly walks out of the study with his hands tuck behind him.  Then, he takes out a walkie-talkie and says, “Just continue trailing after Madam.  Do not let her see you.  Make sure she is safe.  Once Sir gets to her, your job is done.”


By the time Zhuang Nai Nai slows down, she has already ran a couple of kilometres away from the mansion.

The street is not completely dark, courtesy of the lamp posts lining the road.

Other than a couple of cars occasionally passing by, the road is completely deserted.

She stands at her spot, breathing heavily.  Her chest hurts from the run, but her heart somehow feels better.

In the past, home was wherever her mother was.

But now…..  She has no idea where to go after leaving Si Residence.  She feels like there is no place that can accommodate her out there.

Her eyes become watery again.  She can still see the ridiculing way Si Zheng Ting had sent her way, the look of distrust on his face.  Her wounds seem to bleed again, rendering her completely weak.

She forces herself to be strong, to not to cry:  Don’t cry, Zhuang Nai Nai.

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He does not believe her because he does not love her.  And since so, there is no need for her to waste her tears for him.

She smiles mockingly before selecting a road at the junction.

She has left the house in such a hurry that she did not manage to take anything with her.

Cold wind blows over, drying the sweat that she gained from the run.

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