Chapter 328: I Don’t Want to be With You Anymore (06)

She shudders from the cold, there is not a single patch of skin in her body that doesn’t feel cold.  She hugs herself to protect herself from the icy wind.

Then, she suddenly runs again.

She can go to Lin Xi Er tomorrow, but tonight, she can only blow off some steam by herself.

Lin Mama has heart problem and cannot receive shock.

She runs along the street before spotting a 24-hour convenient store in front of her.

She jogs towards the store.

The shopkeeper who is sleeping lightly immediately wakes up when he hears Zhuang Nai Nai walking in.

She nods at him before browsing the store, pretending to peruse some items.

Once she does that, the shopkeeper ignores her and falls asleep again.  She sighs in relief before taking a seat in front of a huge window.

The street outside is very quiet.

She has to pass through these streets everyday in order to go to work, but she finds it hard to recognize the streets in the darkness.

The atmosphere is completely quiet, save for the song that is being played on the radio inside the shop,

Unable to guess

Whether lately, your silence is good or bad

And I don’t want to ask too much

Let the try outs lock our hearts


* Unable to guess

Getting along with each other is lonelier than breaking up

Two persons are just good enough to get through the life

Unable to feel every touch   it’s real   it’s hot



If a sudden far a sudden close escape

Is the freedom you want

Then I would rather go back to the life of being alone

If a sudden cold a sudden hot warmth

Is your excuse

Only allowed on

Then I would rather to have never been serious with you.


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She really can’t see through him.  Just a few days ago, she was under the impression that they could live happily ever after.  In the span of just a few days, his warmth turns into icy coldness and she finds out that he never really did trust her.

The tears that she has been holding back immediately streams down from her eyes.

And just like that, she weeps helplessly all by herself in front of the huge window.

She is back to being alone, back to not have anything to do with him.

How did they even come to this degree?


A Maybach is parked not far from the store, hidden under the shade of night.

Si Zheng Ting is sitting on the driver’s seat, looking at her.

She is weeping like a little child, sobbing hard while covering her mouth with her hand.

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His heart twists at that sight.

His face and body are tense.  Every single time she sob is equal to a stab in the heart for him.

He has no idea how long she cries.  Just as he is about to get off the car to grab hold of her and bury her against his chest, she suddenly stands up and runs out of the store.

He has no idea where she is going.  He slowly follows her from behind with his car.

After a while, he finally realizes where she is going when he sees those familiar streets.

Zhuang Nai Nai continues running and running using energy she did not know she has, her tears now dry from the cold wind.  When she reaches her intended destination, she stops in her steps.

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