Chapter 329: I Don’t Want to be With You Anymore (07)

She looks up and reads the name on the gate, ‘Di Hao High.’

Even in the darkness, the beautiful school compound looks beautiful and intimidating.

A couple more buildings have been added during the 5 years, but some of the landmark buildings are still there.

There is not a single person in the school at this time of the night.  Even the lights are off.

She walks towards the gate.  The guard’s station is empty and the gate is locked.

She ponders for a while, before walking towards the side-fence of the school.  She climbs up the fence in three smooth climbs.

Si Zheng Ting, who is watching from the corner gets off his car and watches her from the dark.

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Everything feels so familiar that he feels as though he has just travelled through time.

He watches her climb the fence from a dark corner.  Her tiny body seems like it is going to fall from the climb.  Just as he is about to rush towards her, she manages to climb the fence.

Her two legs dangle from the fence as she measures the fall.  Gritting her teeth, she jumps off the fence and into the ground below.

Si Zheng Ting’s heart almost jumps out of his chest.

The fence is at least 2 meters high, what if she breaks her legs?

The moment she jumps down, he can hear her making a shocked gasp followed with the sound of fabric tearing.

Turns out that when she was jumping off, her shirt got caught in a protruding screw on the fence, causing a great tear to form on her nightdress.

From afar, Si Zheng Ting can see her skirt getting hiked up, revealing a pair of slender fair legs, and even the pink undergarment.

His face immediately darkens.  His first reaction is to look around and see if anyone else is around.  When there isn’t, his expression relaxes a little.

Her movement alerts the security guard.  The door to the security guard’s booth is suddenly yanked open and a guard steps out, turning on his flash light.

The streetlights are on, and though the lights are faint, it is enough to let him see a strange figure on the playground.

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The security guard looks at her in shock.  Just as he is about to speak into his walkie-talkie, someone grabs the walkie talkie from him.

 The guard is stunned when he sees the man in front of him, “Mr. Si?”


Zhuang Nai Nai sits on the ground.  There is a huge tear on her skirt, which fortunately can be covered with her long outer robe.

Ignoring the condition of her clothes, she gets up and walks to the sports building, as though in a trance.

Di Hao High is a private school that mostly accommodates to the super rich.  One year worth of school fee is worth 500,000 to 600,000 yuan.  Not many people get to attend this school.

The only reason Zhuang Nai Nai managed to enter this school was because she won a drawing competition back then and was especially recruited.

She originally learned drawing from her mother.  She could be considered as a natural talent when it comes to designing, just, because of Si Zheng Ting, she chose to become the committee member of the Sports Department instead.  She had a pretty deep bond with this building.

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