Chapter 619: Returning to Undersea City

“What happened?” Long Yi urgently enquired.

“Kid, there is no time. The Sea Race outside has already begun to open the space. We have to send you out immediately, or else, once the entrance to space is closed, you have to wait another one hundred years for the Sea Race to open this space.” The divine zombie leader hastily replied. Then, with a wave of his hand, a fist-sized blue light ball floated towards Long Yi.

“Take this Blue Sea Divine Soul. Don’t let it fall into the hands of another person.” The divine zombie leader added.

“Kid, take care, I admire you very much, unfortunately…” The demon specter leader sighed. Seeing that the divine zombie leader was already emitting white light, he closed his mouth and rushed over to one side, he also emitted a large amount of energy.

“Hey, hey, you have yet to tell me the unique trait of Blue Sea Divine Soul.” Long Yi shouted. But, all the demon specters and divine zombies were already emitting their energy, and their clear faces had already become indistinct at this moment.

Slowly, the energy emitted by demon specters and divine zombies combined into one, forming an energy whirlpool in the air.

Long Yi suddenly realized something. His entire body shook and he shouted loudly, “Wait a minute, you all, wait a minute……”

However, that energy whirlpool suddenly became strong and the body of demon specters and divine zombies completely dissipated. Long Yi was unable to control his body and was sucked into this energy whirlpool.


Today was the day when the warriors of all the clans that participate in Treasure Seizing Conference return from Smelting Death Cave. Outside Smelting Death Cave, various clans of the Sea Race were already waiting, all of them were watching that pitch-black entrance to Smelting Death Cave.

An hour passed, two hours passed, but there was still no movement in the entrance. Unexpectedly, not a single one walked out.

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It was dead silence in this place. Not a single one uttered a word, all of them were waiting.

Even after three hours passed, there was still no movement. Many people began to panic. Among them was the Sea Emperor and the patriarch of Miluo Clan. This kind of situation had never occurred from the inception of Treasure Seizing Conference. In the past, the lowest number of people that had returned alive from Smelting Death Cave was ten, but most of the time, more than one hundred warriors would return alive. Now, however, even after such a long period of time, not a single one had returned.

Now, there was just one more hour left. After an hour, the entrance of this Smelting Death Cave would close. The heart of everyone tightened and, let alone speak, no one dared to even breathe heavily.

“Came out, someone came out.” Suddenly, a loud voice resounded. The heart of everyone shook and all of them rubbed their eyes and looked over.

Sure enough, a figure could be seen in that pitch black entrance. After that warrior got closer, they saw that he was wearing sea cloak. All the people cheered loudly. This was the first person to return alive, there might be other warriors behind him.

This sea warrior was greeted by a beautiful girl of the imperial palace and was led to the front of the Sea Emperor. Then, the warrior took off the sea cloak, and a green face appeared in front of everyone. He was wearing an extremely thin sea stone armor and holding Miluo Divine Bow. He was none other than Karl.

“It turned out to be Prince Karl. He is the first person to walk out of Smelting Death Cave, proving his extraordinary intelligence and strength. Let’s wait and see who will be the next warrior to walk out.” After that imperial etiquette officer finished speaking, everyone cheered.

Karl nevertheless was somewhat dumbfounded. But, he was pulled to one side by his father, the patriarch of Miluo Clan.

“What about Long Yi? How come you came out alone?” Miluo Patriarch urgently asked.

“Long Yi, he hasn’t come out? Impossible. He didn’t have an accident, did he?” Karl shook his head, then his dejected expression became firm. He believed in Long Yi, that human is omnipotent, would Death Impasse be able to trap him?

Afterward, he didn’t utter a word no matter what Miluo Patriarch asked. He just stared at the entrance of Smelting Death Cave, waiting for the appearance of that familiar figure.

Time passed second after second, but the entrance to Smelting Death Cave was still quiet without any movement. The surrounding became dead silent again.

“Only ten minutes left.” The imperial etiquette officer announced, shocking everyone. Could it be that only one warrior survived the Treasure Seizing Conference this time? Were all those warriors wiped out?

No one dared to believe this. As a matter of fact, all the warriors that participated in this Treasure Seizing Conference were strong. Moreover, they were large in number, but what did they encounter to have this kind of miserable result? This was something no one could accept.

“Five minutes left.” The imperial etiquette officer announced again.

“It seems he is dead,” Miluo Patriarch sighed.

“No, he will definitely come out. Even if all the races of this world die out, he will not die.” Karl who had not spoken a single word firmly refuted his father’s words at this moment.

Miluo Patriarch frowned and strangely stared at his son. Why did his ambitious and proud son have such unswerving faith on a human? As he saw it, this kind of faith had already become a kind of belief. The influence of that human was truly astonishing.

“Ten, nine, eight, seven, six…” All the people of the Sea Race outside Smelting Death Cave simultaneously began to countdown. They still had a glimmer of hope in their heart. They hoped to see a surviving warrior walking out at the last second.

“Five, four, three, two, one…” With the arrival of last second, everyone became silence, looking at that rapidly closing entrance of Smelting Death Cave. Now, they already had no hope. The result of this Treasure Seizing Conference was very miserable. Among over a thousand participants, only one had walked out alive.

But, just when the entrance only had a small gap, the seawater suddenly churned, and a huge amount of energy gushed out. When everyone came back to their senses, the entrance of Smelting Death Cave was already closed completely, changing into a glittering white light ball again. And just in front of that light ball, there was a tall and straight figure who wore a sea cloak. He floated in the middle of the sea holding a black sword. He made people feel as if a huge mountain was standing in front of them, and that aura made their heart beat rapidly.

“Long Yi!” Karl shouted and rushed over to the front of Long Yi and looked at him with great admiration.

“I knew, I knew that you will be fine,” Karl muttered.

Long Yi patted the shoulder of Karl as he thought of those demon specters and divine zombies who had dissipated and couldn’t help becoming dejected. He had never thought that they would combine all their energy to break out of that space of imprisonment and send him out. And their only wish was to let all the races of this world to coexist peacefully without warfare.

Long Yi suppressed this emotion in his heart and walked to the front of the Sea Emperor with Karl.

Everyone stood still for a moment and cheered loudly. They strongly requested to see who this warrior that rushed out at the final moment was.

“He is the warrior who has been secretly training under the Sea Emperor. His identity is secret, so please forgive us for not announcing his identity. After a while, the treasures obtained by these brave warriors in Smelting Death Cave will be displayed in Imperial Square.” The imperial etiquette officer said loudly with a hint of cold sweat in front of this crowd with surging emotions. As for Long Yi, he returned to Undersea City along with the Sea Emperor and Karl using the transfer array.

Undersea City was still crowded, although many people had traveled to Smelting Death Cave to see the final result, there were still many people engaging in transactions.

After returning to Undersea City, regardless of the strong request from the Sea Emperor to return to the sea imperial palace, he was determined to return to the residence of Miluo Clan to see Liuli. Seeing that he failed to persuade Long Yi, the Sea Emperor who was very eager to know whether Long Yi obtained Blue Sea Divine Soul or not decided to go with Long Yi.

And after entering the residence of Miluo Clan, Long Yi stopped the Sea Emperor and the Miluo Patriarch outside the door and rushed inside with Karl.

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“Young Master.” Liuli immediately rushed into the bosom of Long Yi.

Long Yi sighed with relief. As long as Liuli was fine, everything was fine. In the Smelting Death Cave, he was always worried about her safety. He assumed that the Heavenly Demon King might have noticed the existence of Liuli.

At that time, Bifei and Xiaomi also walked over and sized up Long Yi.

Long Yi finally relaxed and his usual bad thoughts appeared in his mind. He looked straight at the beautiful eyes of Bifei. His passionate gaze made Bifei blush and turn her head to avoid his gaze. But, she could still feel the gaze of Long Yi on the most sensitive regions of women. This made her feel hot.

“Bifei… aunt, was there any problem when I was out?” Looking at this shy appearance of Bifei, he naturally was attracted. And in the word ‘aunt’, he especially added weight to clearly show that he was teasing her.

“No… no problem, Liuli, however, was worried these several days, and I said that you are a scourge that wouldn’t die even after thousands of years, you will absolutely be fine.” When all was said and done, Bifei was an experienced person. She immediately recovered and seized the chance to speak sarcastically.

At this moment, the atmosphere was very harmonious. Karl who was standing at one side in a daze suddenly recalled dead Frank and Xueji. His mood immediately sunk, and he quietly retreated.

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