Chapter 618: Blue Sea Divine Soul (2)

These demonic specters and divine zombies were the elites of the highest tier during the war of God and Demon 100,000 years ago. Among them, there was no lack of Archfiends and First-Tier Gods. In this Smelting Death Cave, they had transformed into eternal undying undead. In the beginning, because they maintained their consciousness, they fought against each other day and night for several thousand years. But, they were already eternal undying undead in this space. No matter how severe the injuries were, they completely recovered after hundreds of years.

After repeating the same cycle for several thousand years, both sides were tired. Moreover, because they were too lonely, they slowly began to communicate with each other, and gradually, the hatred between them slowly faded away. In the end, they became spiritually dependent on each other.

For 100,000 years, other than researching various cultivation methods, they chatted, laughed, and fought against each other after becoming undead.

When Long Yi had entered, these demonic specters and divine zombies were moving about their bodies.

“You mean to say that you all were trapped in such a small space?” Long Yi pointed at this space that was just a hundred or so meters long and fifty or so meters wide and asked in disbelief. Forced to stay in such a small space for 100,000 years without the salvation of death – was there anything more painful than this?

“Yes, so kid, now do you know why we were so happy to see you? After 100,000 years, we finally saw a new face, kaka…” That demonic specter laughed wildly.

“Isn’t there an exit? Why didn’t you all leave this place?” Long Yi pointed at that head-sized hole he had come from and questioned.

“Kid, take a look, can you enter that hole again now?” The divine zombie gloated.

The heart of Long Yi was filled with ominous premonition. He immediately rushed over to the front of that head-sized hole but discovered that although he could still see the hole, it was sealed by a layer of strange energy which blocked him from entering the hole. Moreover, all his efforts to enter was futile.

“Kid, you cannot leave even if you die. You can only enter this space, but you can never leave. Now, be obedient and accompany us. With all of us here, it will be difficult to die even if you want to die.” The demonic specter roared with laughter.

Long Yi gnashed his teeth and sat down on the ground. He didn’t want to be trapped in this godd*mned place throughout his life. His loved ones were still waiting for him outside. If he had to stay here like these demonic specters and divine zombies, then he might as well die.

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“Hey, kid, everything is useless now. In any case, we are bored, how about talking about what is going on outside with us?” That demonic specter walked forward and stared at Long Yi with its four big eyes.

“Go, go, go, now, this Young Master is not in the mood.” Long Yi waved his hand like he was shooing away flies. He wouldn’t give up so easily. He didn’t believe that this small space could imprison him.

Thinking so, Long Yi sprang to his feet and began to carefully examine everything in this space. He didn’t miss even an inch. He didn’t believe that he wouldn’t find any flaw.

“Don’t waste your effort. If there was a flaw in this godd*mned space, we would have already left. Would we have waited until you came here?” That divine zombie said.

Long Yi, however, ignored them and concentrated on his own matter with single-hearted devotion. Merely, the fact was the fact. This space truly was invulnerable. Long Yi repeatedly inspected more than a dozen times, but he didn’t discover even a hint of a flaw.

“F**k.” Long Yi kicked the solid wall and his glabella flashed with silverish purple radiance. He put on the Lightning God Armor, and the huge Lightning God Hammer appeared in his hand. He then used the Lightning God Hammer to smash the wall. His anger made these demonic specters and divine zombies feel chills down their spines.

After smashing the walls for a long time, Lightning God Armor was retracted into his body. He then vomited a mouthful of blood and sat on the ground in exhaustion.

“I can’t be trapped here, absolutely can’t!” Long Yi muttered. Then, divine marks on his body illuminated and six spirit tablets shot out from his glabella and spun rapidly in the air. The energy within his body surged and a subtle connection appeared between the various kinds of energy within his body. Then, his gaze slowly became firm. At this moment, even those demonic specters and divine zombies actually felt a hint of fear.

The divine zombie leader looked at Long Yi dazedly for a long time. The illumination of spirit tablets made his eyes flash with a hint of pain. In the past, it sustained his belief.

The demonic specter leader was also in a daze for a long time. Finally, he and divine zombie leader looked at each other, then leading the remaining demonic specters and divine zombies to one side, they discussed something.

The seven colored radiance around Long Yi faded, the sprits tablets entered his body, and his expression reverted back to normal. He knew, the more anxious he was, the more he wouldn’t be able to think of a good way. At this stage, it was already useless to be anxious, but he didn’t believe that he, Long Yi, would be trapped in this godd*mned place forever.

At that time, those more than ten demonic specters and divine zombies seemed to have already finished their discussion and gathered around Long Yi.

“Kid, in any case, since you have nothing else to do, how about talking about the outside world?” The divine zombie leader asked again.

This time, Long Yi didn’t refuse. He talked about the current state of the outside world. He didn’t hide anything.

“Ai, I had never thought that the war of God and Demon that lasted for a thousand years nearly destroyed the entire world.” The divine zombie leader sighed.

“The Heavenly Demon King is already sealed for 100,000 years, but with his nature, if the seal is broken, then that day would herald the true end of this world.” This demonic specter who once was the Destruction Army King said. He knew that the reason why the war of God and Demon broke out 100,000 years ago was truly not because God and Demon were innately incompatible, rather because demons innately had wild ambitions. Everything was because they wanted to fight against gods for the control of the entire world. And now that it had already been 100,000 years since he had stayed together with these divine zombies, he was influenced by their behaviors to some extent. Therefore, when he learned that Heavenly Demon King was about to break out of his seal and destroy the world, he couldn’t bear to see it.

Long Yi became solemn. Since this demonic specter leader said so, then the consequences of Heavenly Demon King breaking out of the seal was truly a catastrophe for the entire world. In any case, he must not be allowed to break out of the seal.

Now, under the command of Heavenly Demon King, the Shark Clan was looking all around for the descendant of the mermaid imperial family. If Liuli was discovered, then the consequences would be too dreadful to contemplate. But, the Shark Clan basically had never expected that Liuli had already returned to Undersea City, and they were searching in the wrong direction. It might be assumed that, as long as Liuli obediently stayed under the protection of Miluo Clan, she was highly unlikely to be in danger.

“Perhaps, you are the only one who can prevent this disaster.” The divine zombie leader watched Long Yi for a long time and said after a sigh.

Long Yi however just shrugged his shoulders and indifferently replied, “What can I do? Aren’t I trapped in this godd*mned place just like you all?”

“Kid, don’t speak nonsense. We have a way to send out from this space, but you have to agree to our one condition.” The demonic specter leader impatiently said.

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“What condition?” The heart of Long Yi moved, but at the same time, he was somewhat suspicious. If they truly had a way to leave this space, then why were they trapped in this space for 100,000 years?

“If you are truly destined to return, then after quelling this disaster, make all the races of this world coexist peacefully. Don’t instigate dispute easily. As for the Demon Clan, I hope you will not exterminate them.” The demon specter leader faintly said.

“That is natural, but I have a question I want to ask.” Long Yi nodded his head and replied.

The demon specter leader, however, interrupted, “I know what you want to ask, but you will know the answer when the time comes.”

Long Yi raised his eyebrows and no longer asked.

“There is one more thing I want to request you.” The divine zombie leader suddenly said.

“Say it. As long as I, Long Yi, can accomplish it, I will not decline.” Long Yi said.

“Take this bracelet, if you ran into a girl that can wear it after you leave this place, tell her… her father loves her very much.” The divine zombie leader took out an elegant silvery bracelet from who knows where and put forth his request. This bracelet had meticulous and mystical lines, emitting sparkling divine light. When he said these words, his tone had a great fluctuation. One could well imagine how deep his feelings for his daughter were.

“Is your daughter in Blue Waves Continent?” Long Yi took the bracelet and asked with the changed countenance.

“During the war of God and Demon 100,000 years ago, my daughter was just born. At that time, she was affected by the energy of the battle. In order to protect her, her mother used all her divine power to seal her, and I… I split open space and sent her away. I guess my daughter is in some corner of Blue Waves Continent. With the divine power of her mother, if no one undid her seal, then my daughter would automatically sink into a deep sleep until the seal undid automatically. According to my calculations, it should be about that time now.” The divine zombie leader sighed and said.

Long Yi solemnly nodded and promised, “I, Long Yi, take an oath here. I will look for your daughter with all my strength throughout my life.”

“Good, now use your spirit tablets to protect yourself. We will teleport you out of here.” The divine zombie leader responded with satisfaction.

“Wait a minute, I want to ask a question. Does anyone know about the Blue Sea Divine Soul?” Long Yi asked.

“Blue Sea Divine Soul? Are you talking about the divine soul condensed after the death of First-Tier Water God?” The demon specter leader at one side asked.

“Yes, I came to the Smelting Death Cave this time to find it,” Long Yi said.

“Jie jie jie… kid, that depends on this zombie in front of you.” The demon specter leader strangely laughed.

Long Yi was startled and suddenly saw the light. Could it be that First-Tier Water God was this divine zombie in front of him?

“Eh… that… can… can…” At this moment, Long Yi somewhat embarrassed. He opened his mouth to speak but was unable to speak. He couldn’t say that your divine soul is useless for you, so you might as well give it to me.

“Well, kid, we must be meeting here due to fate. Fortunately, my divine soul hasn’t dissipated yet, and it contains my water attributed divine energy. Although it is inferior to Water God in terms of attack and defense, it has a kind of special trait that Water God cannot match, that is…” When that divine zombie was just about to explain, the cave suddenly swayed and his words ceased abruptly.

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