Chapter 617: Blue Sea Divine Soul (1)

A white light flashed and Long Yi appeared 100 meters away, but he was still surrounded by ferocious zombies and specters. The space magic scroll had teleported him amidst the zombies. Although he was already prepared for this result to some extent in his heart, he still couldn’t help but shiver.

“Bang, bang!” The demonic specters and divine zombies around reacted quickly. A few of them attacked Long Yi, bringing along sharp whistling sounds as well as boundless and dense death qi.

However, Long Yi’s body was enveloped by a defense barrier, thereby those attacks were only able to make the barrier around him fluctuate and his qi and blood churn, but he was still able to withstand those attacks.

Then, the figure of Long Yi flashed again, and just after he disappeared from that place, the second wave of demonic specters and divine zombies’ onslaught arrived.

If Long Yi hadn’t teleported again, then this second wave of attacks would have been enough to smash his defensive barrier. In the first wave of attacks, there were only some demonic specters and divine zombies in the surroundings, but in the second wave of attacks, over a hundred demonic specters and divine zombies had gathered. Such a powerful attack, even if he had completely inherited the power of one Main God, he would still be unable to take them head-on.

Long Yi flashed all around in the midst of demonic specters and divine zombies like a phantom. As a matter of fact, if he used Great Cosmos Shift, then he could also achieve teleportation effect, but Great Cosmos Shift consumed his internal force and that would cause the strength of the defensive barrier around him to diminish by a lot. In addition, the usage of space magic scroll was much easier.

Once again, Long Yi faced a group of undead creatures. Although they had a certain level of intelligence, they couldn’t think of cooperating with their companions to secure the space, otherwise, with such huge power and numbers, it would be very difficult for Long Yi to break out even if he wanted. Even if he was able to break out successfully, he wouldn’t escape unscathed. He would still lose at least a layer of his skin.

Death Impasse, this cave was very long and narrow. Only after using five space magic scrolls did he finally leave behind the place where demonic specters and divine zombies were concentrated the most. The remaining scattered demonic specters and divine zombies were not a big threat to him. The demonic specters and divine zombies behind him were still chasing him, following his aura.

Upon seeing this, Long Yi hardened his heart. After using an additional ten space magic scrolls, he finally got rid of that terrifying group of undead creatures, entering an empty area. He then retracted his aura and stayed there for a good while to calm down. After he calmed down, he suppressed his churning qi and blood while thanking his good luck. Although his defensive barrier was not broken, the impact his body received made him feel extremely unwell.

After a while, Long Yi gingerly walked forward. But, just after a few steps, he discovered that the more he advanced forward, the narrower the cave became, and in the end, there was only a head-sized hole.

Long Yi scanned inside the hole and discovered that this head-sized cave was unexpectedly curved. He didn’t know what kind of situation was in the front.

“F**k, is this making fun of others?” Long Yi cursed and moved a step back.

“Fortunately, this Young Master, I have Bone Shrinking Technique, otherwise I would have been truly trapped in this awful place.” Long Yi thought aloud. Then, along with crackling sounds, he began to shrink and then crawled into that head-sized cave.

This small cave was filled with so many twists and turns that it made Long Yi nauseous. In addition, although Bone Shrinking Technique seemed mystical, it was very troublesome to use. If the time exceeded the endurance limit of the body, then he would revert back into his original form with deformity. If external factors prevented him from reverting back into original form after the endurance limit of his body was reached, then he would experience a violent death with the explosion of his internal organs.

When Long Yi thought of these possibilities, his heart tightened a little. But, his spirit power had always been obstructed by a kind of strange energy in the front.

“This Young Master will never die in this hole.” Long Yi felt his body was somewhat sore, so he sped up.

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If this cave was surrounded by ordinary rocks, then he would have leveled this cave in once second, but the rocks around were 100 times harder than a diamond. The attack power of those demonic specters and divine zombies was extremely terrifying, but they were still unable to leave behind a single scratch on the walls. One could well imagine the consequences of Long Yi being trapped here. Although Long Yi had space magic scrolls that could teleport him within the distance he could see with his eyes, in this very narrow and winding cave, their usage was very limited.

The time slowly passed and Long Yi began to feel tingling pain, which was increasing along with the passage of time. He gritted his teeth and moved forward, sparing no effort.

“Add effort, my husband.” A familiar yet unfamiliar voice faintly reverberated in the ears of Long Yi. Long Yi who was already dizzy thought that he was having an auditory hallucination, but he felt a warm current flowing inside his body which eased him a lot.

“Xiya?” The eyes of Long Yi shone as he muttered a name.

Not long after, a glimmer of light appeared in front of Long Yi. There was an exit just ten meters away.

Long Yi shot forward like an arrow, but just before he was about to pass through this exit, he slammed the brakes and blankly looked outside this exit.

Outside this small cave, there was an extremely spacious and big cave. Inside this big cave, evil qi was soaring, and ten demonic specters and divine zombies were fighting against each other, dense energy surging everywhere inside this big cave. Even if steel was thrown into there, it would instantly disintegrate into fine powders. These ten demonic specters and divine zombies were clearly created from high-leveled Gods and Demons. They were in a completely different level compared to those demonic specters and divine zombies he had encountered just a moment ago.

At this moment, Long Yi however could neither return nor go forward. It was very unwise to use space magic scroll in front of these high-leveled demonic specters and divine zombies. Moreover, no matter how powerful his defense was, it would not be able to withstand a single blow.

But, the endurance of Long Yi’s body had already reached its limit at this moment. Thus, if he didn’t go out now, then he would eat a big loss.

Since he was unable to change the actual situation, Long Yi rushed out under a cover of the rock, then along with violent crackling sounds, he felt refreshed as if he was finally able to let out after holding urine for a long time.

Long Yi stuck to the wall like a gecko, but violent energy slammed against his defense barrier.

Suddenly, a strange silence befell the cave and all those violent energies instantly calmed down.

Long Yi looked over and saw that those ten demonic specters and divine zombies had stopped attacking each other, and all of them were staring fixedly at him, making his heart shudder.

“Eh… everyone, I am just passing by, you all can continue.” Long Yi forcibly smiled and then walked past them as if he was just a passerby.

The gaze of these demonic specters and divine zombies followed the figure of Long Yi, then they turned around simultaneously and continued to follow Long Yi with their gaze until he reached far away.

“Are these undead creatures are so open to persuasion? Or, does this Young Master look too harmless?” Long Yi muttered to himself as he leisurely walked forward. He could feel tens of gazes behind him, but strangely, no one attacked him.

But, just when Long Yi was secretly pleased with his good fortune, he quickly turned away with a bitter face as there was no path in the front.

“Kid, since you have come here, don’t leave, accompany us to play here.” A sinister voice resounded in the ears of Long Yi.

Long Yi turned around and saw a head with a pair of long horns. A tall demonic specter was standing behind him and that voice had come out of its mouth.

Long Yi endured the surprise of his heart. Other than its physical body, the wisdom of this demonic specter had not degenerated at all!

“Strange, strange, how come there are so many Main God’s marks on your body? Lightning God, Water God, Wind God, and Light God. Eh, you actually have six Main God Spirit Tablets too? So, the seven Main Gods weren’t able to get rid of the divine curse in the end?” Another divine zombie wearing tattered armor came over to the side of Long Yi and sized up Long Yi with curiosity.

“Rubbish, is the curse of our Heavenly Demon God a joke? Although the seven Main Gods sealed our Heavenly Demon God, were they any better? Now that six Main God Spirit Tablets have appeared in the hands of this kid, I can see that they were unable to bear the pain of the curse and killed themselves.” That demonic specter who spoke first laughed.

The rest of the demonic specters and divine zombies also gathered in front of Long Yi in succession and unexpectedly began to discuss.

For the first time in his life, Long Yi felt that his IQ was low. What kind of situation was now? A group of demonic specters and divine zombies who were fighting ferociously just a moment ago unexpectedly surrounded him and began to nit-pick. After one said something, another one would say something; they appeared quite close to each other.

“You all… What exactly are you?” Long Yi rolled his eyes and asked.

The demonic specter and divine zombie that spoke first stopped the discussion.

“Scrap Archfiend, aren’t you a glib talker? Go, explain to this little human friend.” That divine zombie said to that demon specter.

“Kid, don’t listen to this zombie, I am one of the five Great Archfiend under Heaven Demon King, Destruction Army King. Aren’t you very surprised that we still have the intellect of our lifetime and we are coexisting peacefully?” This demon specter’s voice was very jarring, but it didn’t contain any hint of malice.

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Long Yi nodded his head. He was indeed confused about this point. Even if they were very strong and preserved the intellect of their lifetime, how could gods and demons coexist peacefully? Seeing them chat and laugh appeared somewhat inappropriate.

“Ai, for 100,000 years, I could only stay here in this narrow space without perishing. As a consequence, even hatred as big as the heavens has eventually worn off.” The demon specter sighed and said without hatred.

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